White Horse Symbolism & Meanings (Purity & Heroism)

The white horse has been an important symbol in mythology and religion for centuries. It is known to symbolize purity, heroism, enlightenment, triumph of good over evil and serves as a holy animal for the Christian religion.

The white horse is commonly considered to be the purest animal and the only one worthy to carry a hero into battle. Throughout the years the story and mythology behind horses that are white has evolved, but the core symbols have remained the same.

Seeing a white horse in your dreams is considered to be a sign that your greater purpose and potential is out there. Take note of any dreams that include a horse and reflect on your current situation to understand why it is appearing.

White Horse Symbolism

White Horse Symbolism (Summary Table)

#White Horse SymbolismMeaning
1.PurityWhiteness is regularly a symbol of purity. The white coat of a horse is no different!
2.Triumph of Good over EvilWhite is good, black is evil. People riding a horse with a white coat are riding on the side of goodness.
3.InnocenceHorses are soft, gentle creatures. Combine this with the pure white color, and we can see how it gets the symbol of innocence.
4.HeroismHeroes are often depicted to be riding a white stallion.
5.EnlightenmentSeeing a white horse in your dreams can be a sign that you’re on the right path towards enlightenment.
6.ChristianityWhite horses are particularly relevant to Christians, who see it as the animal that will carry the righteous and faithful to glory for their God.

Explanations of White Horse Meanings

1. Purity

The white horse is widely considered to be the symbol of purity. In many myths and religions, it is considered to be the only animal pure enough to carry a God or a hero.

It is the white color of the coat that gives us this symbol of purity. Whiteness is the strongest symbol of purity (as seen in the white dove, for example).

For example, in the picture at the top of this page, the horse riding through white snow reinforces this idea that the horse is pure. Even the colors around it are pure white.

It is also a sign of the pure blood of the nobility riding it. and has been seen as a symbol for the gentle nature of a regal character.

2. Triumph of Good over Evil

In mythology the white horse meets the black horse and triumphs. This is a symbol of good defeating evil.

The battle of white and black is not restricted to horse symbolism. You can see it in chess and checkers, even. Generally, we see white as the color of goodness and purity while black is the color of deceit and darkness. So, in mythology, white always triumphs over black.

White stallions, and their heroes who ride them, consistently defeat evil and demonstrate the triumphant nature of their cause.

We can apply this to dream meanings, too.

If you see a white horse in your dreams, it could mean you have an obstacle in your path you must overcome because you’re on the side of good against evil. It would be worthwhile to reflect on what issues you are facing and how you can overcome them.

3. Innocence

Alongside purity, the horse also symbolizes innocence. The white unicorn, a mystical horse-like creature known to have healing properties and a gentle nature, is a particularly strong symbol of innocence.

Innocence and purity are symbols that are often associated with one another. For example, we also see this in baby symbolism, where babies remind us of both purity and innocence.

Horses are animals that don’t appear to have the ability to be evil. They are sweet, kind souls. Combine that with the color white and you get a very strong message of innocence from the white colored horse. 

4. Heroism

In history and religion, the white horse is commonly carrying the hero figure in or out of battle. The horse is seen as the hero’s noble steed.

A white horse as your spirit animal commonly means you have the characteristics of a brave or heroic person. Many people believe it is the only animal pure and sacred enough to carry a hero.

It is the white animal named Buraq who is described as resembling a horse who carries the prophet Mohammad into heaven, for example.

5. Enlightenment

White horses are known to symbolize spiritual enlightenment. The idea that you have reached or are in the process of reaching your full enlightened potential.

This is important to consider when seeing the horse in your dreams. This could symbolize a push from your subconscious that you need to undertake spiritual growth in order to realize your full potential, or that you are on the path to enlightenment.

Thus, it’s a good sign to see, especially if it’s standing in front of rays of light or a sunset.

White Horse Dream Meaning – Summary

When a white horse is seen in a dream it is considered to mean that you are spiritually aware. It symbolizes one’s innocence and purity of spirit. It can also be considered as a sign that good fortune and prosperity are coming your way.

When interpreting dream symbolism, we often reflect on what the animal is doing during the dream to get a better read of the symbolic message being sent your way. Below are a few examples.

#Dreaming of a White HorsePossible Dream Meaning
1.You are being chased by the horse.This can be a sign that you are having relationship issues you are avoiding. If the horse is a wild horse who is unruly in its mannerisms it can mean that you feel unworthy or inadequate in your relationship.
2.The horse is dead or dies in your dream.A dying horse is considered to symbolize the end of a friendship or a big change in your life. Many people associate this with a big move or new job.
3.The horse is pulling you.This can be a sign that you feel your life is falling apart and you do not have control. It is important for you to recognize what it is that is holding you back and making you feel this way. It symbolizes the desire to break free of the pressure that is causing the stress.
4.You are mounting the horse.This is a representation of wealth coming into your life. Ensure that when you dream of a white horse you journal and consider what is going on in your life. Along with these meanings, it also symbolizes beauty, strength, power, passion and righteousness, so a sense of self awareness is beneficial in deciphering these dreams.

White Horse Spirit Animal

Horses with white coats are often the spirit animal for people who need courage and boldness.

They may choose someone who is a courageous hero to ride by their side. We might see someone who is the leader of a moral cause or even a person who is quiet and in need of a nudge by the noble stallion.

But a quiet, shy person might have the white stallion as a spirit animal to push them into being more courageous. If you choose this as your spirit animal, keep it in your mind when you are feeling like you are lacking courage. It can bring you this confidence that you require.

Religious Significance

In Christianity the white horse is widely considered to be the carrier of the rider Conquest.

In the Book of Revelation, Christ rides a white horse out of heaven, symbolizing the purity and power of good that it is known for. The whiteness emphasizes the horse as a symbol of chastity, faith, good morale and triumph in many religions and this symbolism dates back centuries to myth and folklore.

The mythological symbolism is often linked to purity and magic. A unicorn is a white magical horse with mystical healing gifts. The Celtic Goddess Rhiannon was said to ride a white colored horse with mystical abilities.


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A white horse is a beautiful creature which is very symbolic of many positive traits. It represents purity and innocence, the triumph of good over evil, righteousness, heroism and many other traits that are brave and noble.

It has been a significant animal in many religions, cultures and mythologies for centuries and serves as a somewhat mystical create with great spiritual significance. If you see a white colored horse in your dream it could be a sign that you have obstacles to overcome before you reach your true self and enlightenment. Try to spend some time to work out what it is that is holding you back from your true potential.