Brown Horse Symbolism & Meaning (Work Hard & Succeed)

The brown horse symbolizes strength, control, success and freedom. It is able to overcome any obstacles it faces through strong work-ethic and connectedness with the Earth.

A brown horse in a dream is usually a message about the need to be strong and take control. Similarly, the brown horse spirit animal can bring you strength as you seek success and personal freedom.

The Symbolism of Brown Horses

1. Strength

The brown horse is widely considered as one of the most loyal and noble steeds a human could have.

They are dedicated and strong, both physically and mentally. If you have seen one in a dream or come across one in your day to day life this could be a sign from the universe that you need to exercise physical and mental strength.

As a spirit animal, it will also bring you this strength at times when you are in most need.

A vision of the horse in your dream might occur when something has been getting you down or challenging you. It has appeared to show you that your strength will pay off and your strength so far is being noticed.

Make sure to take the time to thank yourself for your hard work and strength.

2. Control

brown horse meaning animal

Brown horses are very intelligent and controlled animals. They can be easily trained to run, compete, or perform in shows. They show an exceptional amount of control in their movements and actions.

As a spirit animal, it can give you control and help you to remain calm. It may also help you have a calming effect over others. You may find that you are able to effortlessly relax a room and take charge of the conversation.

You may also find that you feel seemingly in control of your own life and to-do lists with the help of the brown horse spirit animal.

Seeing it in a dream could be a sign to take back control in a situation or relationship. Perhaps you are feeling like you have let go of yourself and your feelings.

Make sure to tap into your wants and needs and regain that control that is essential to your happiness. In saying this, be weary of becoming a controlling person, find the balance that makes you so likeable and easy to be around.

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3. Hard Work

It is no coincidence that the phrase “work horse” is used so commonly to explain a hard-working individual.

Horses have been working with and for humans for centuries, whether it was transporting people, goods, and resources, performing in shows or being ridden to battle, horses have been loyal and hard working through it all.

If you are seeing a horse, it is a sign that your hard work is going to pay off. Don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t seeing progress or change, sometimes it just takes a little while longer for noticeable results.

If it appears in your dreams during a time in your life when you’re struggling through something, it could be a sign that your hard work is going to pay off.

It shows that despite feelings of frustration or disappointment you should keep at it, because your desired outcome is on the way.

4. Success

what does the brown horse represent

The brown horse is a symbol of success coming your way. Your hard work and determination have paid off and success is coming to you. Prepare to be rewarded for your efforts.

If you are seeing it in your dreams make sure you are ready to accept any positive energy and success coming your way.

If you are seeing it repeatedly in your dreams, it is a sign to keep persevering, because you will be rewarded shortly for your efforts and your work. Do not feel discouraged and know that good things will be coming your way shortly.

5. Connection to the Earth

Brown is an earthly color, so horses with brown coats can be a symbol of a deep connection with the Earth.

Similarly, horses are known to frolic and run through fields for days at a time. The horse is one of the most connected and in-tune animals with nature. They thrive outdoors.

Therefore, if you are seeing it in your dreams, it may be a sign to embrace the outdoors and spend some more time in nature.

Perhaps it is a good time to go for a hike, enjoy a picnic outdoors or take a dip in the ocean. Enjoy the relaxation you will surely feel and the connectedness with yourself and nature. You may even have important break-throughs or realizations on your walk in nature, which is why the horse wants you to go outdoors.

6. Strong Values

meanings and symbolisms of a brown horse

The brown horse has incredible mental fortitude. It sticks to its guns and knows what it believes. If you are seeing this horse in visions, it is a sign that you need to trust your instincts and stick to your values.

If someone is making you question your values, or feel uncomfortable be sure to take a step back and stand up for what you believe in.

It could also be a symbol to reflect on your values and consider if they are truly serving you in this phase of your life. Perhaps you are straying from the values that you were raised with.

Do some reflection and remember that this horse symbolizes both values and a return to groundedness, which together symbolize the values of our parents.

7. Freedom

brown horse freedom

For centuries, the brown horse has been considered a symbol of freedom and beauty.

It was often depicted with Celtic and Norse Goddesses as a symbol of their free will. If you are seeing the horse in your dreams, it is a sign that you are free and able to make decisions and changes that serve you.

Acknowledge and accept that no matter what, you are in control of your life and have the ability to create your own path.

Brown Horse Dream Meanings

Interpreting spiritual dream meaning is very difficult because it’s subjective to each person. The message for one person might be completely different to the message for the next.

Often, we try to look at the situation in which the horse has appeared to get a closer reading of the dream. Nevertheless, it can still be very difficult. Below are some possible explanations of different times a brown horse might appear in your dreams, but none are 100% accurate. Reflect on them, journal about them, but keep an open mind to multiple possible interpretations (or, indeed, it may even be true that the dream meant nothing at all!).

DreamPossible Meaning
Seeing it in dreams regularly.This could be a sign to trust in your inner strength and mental fortitude to overcome any obstacles in your way. You have the ability to be strong, and the brown horse is there to encourage you to believe in yourself and take charge.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed.Often, it will appear in your dreams at times of overwhelm to tell you to take back control of your life.
The horse is toiling soil in the dream.You need to put in some more effort in your life. Perhaps you are leaving projects and tasks to the last minute. Make sure to plan and allow yourself the time you need to succeed in what you do.
The horse is running to the horizon.This is usually a sign that you are craving freedom in your life. Seek ways to be freed from the things weighing you down, such as debts or bad friends.

The Brown Horse Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the brown horse symbolizes control and perseverance and is said to bring success. It will bring you the perseverance and work ethic you need to achieve the successes in your life.

It’s a spirit animal that often comes to people who will need a great deal of determination through their lives. It helps people to put their heads down and work hard.

It’s also a creature that brings humility. It will help you to know the meaning of a hard day’s labor, but you’ll also be able to be in control of your life and do the work you want and need to do to achieve success.

Once you have reached success, the spirit animal will be by your side to remind you of your values so you can help others to seek the freedom you have achieved.


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The brown horse is a highly symbolic animal. It gives you the strength, work ethic, values and freedom you need to create your happiest and most fulfilling life. Take advantage of your strength and create the life of your dreams with this powerful spirit animal by your side, helping you through hardship.

Do not be concerned if it comes to you in your dreams because this is one animal who is always here to help you.