Dead Horse Dream Meaning and Symbolism (Loss & Burden)

A dead horse is a sad sight, particularly in a dream and can cause those who see it a lot of grief or stress.

The dead horse, however, is not meant to alarm those it appears to. It is there to pass on an important message. It is a sign that you may be going through a relationship breakdown and grieving the loss of that relationship.

It is also a sign that you may be about to receive some sad news. This is not intended to alarm you, merely to make you prepared and let you know you have the skills to overcome these situations. 

It is also a sign that you may have lost your way or hurt those around you, and it is time to reflect on what is truly important to you. Let go of unnecessary burdens and allow yourself the time to align yourself and your actions to your values and beliefs.

Dead Horse Dream Meaning

 Dead Horse Dream Meaning

1. Metaphor for loss of a relationship

If you have been feeling lost or stuck after a relationship breakdown, the dead horse may appear to you in a dream.

The horse is there to remind you that it is okay to mourn a relationship, but you will be able to move on. 

You may have had to end a toxic friendship, or maybe you have been going through a divorce. Whatever it is, the horse is there to remind you that time heals all wounds, so you will be able to come out on the other side stronger and happier than before.

You will make meaningful relationships with people again, so for now it is okay to give yourself time to heal.

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2. Sad News

A dead horse in your dream, particularly a dying horse is a sign that you may be receiving some sad news in the weeks to come.

Do not be alarmed or anxious, as you cannot control what happens around you, only how you react. The horse is there as a warning so you can be prepared for what may come.

Take some time to work on your mental and physical health. Look at your finances and make sure you are on track and prepared for anything that may come up unexpectedly. Know that by being resilient and prepared for anything will ensure that you can overcome any obstacle.

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3. Loss of Direction

The saying “you’re beating a dead horse” is often used as a metaphor for trying to discuss or do something that has no purpose or has been done countless times before.

This can also be used as a metaphor for a loss of direction or going around in circles with no real outcome.

If you find yourself dreaming of a dead horse, it may be a sign that you have lost your sense of direction and are now just going around in circles.

Maybe you started a big project that you had a lot of big ideas and ambition for but have given up the original purpose of that project and feel drained and resentful. Maybe you have given up your drive and determination and fallen into bad habits or circles of friends.

Whatever it may be, take the time to think about what your morals and values truly are. Do some thinking about those you let into your life and consider whether they align with those values.

It may be difficult and confronting, but it is necessary to ensure you stay focussed on what is important to you. Know that removing negative people or situations from your life to help you stay on track does not make you a bad person, but it allows you to really put yourself first.

4. Let go of unnecessary burdens in your life

You may find yourself dreaming of a dead horse and feeling a sense of sorrow or dread. 

Perhaps you want to help the horse, or you are trying to find out why and how the horse passed away. The dead horse is there to symbolize that you are becoming more and more like it, in the sense that your dreams and aspirations may be dying in a metaphorical sense.

The dead horse is encouraging you to let go of unnecessary burdens in your life that may be causing you stress and anxiety. You may work a job where you are regularly mistreated by a co-worker or member of the management team. Maybe you have a toxic friend or partner who is always causing hurt and trouble for you.

Take some time to think about what is causing you stress and compare it to what brings you joy. Remove the unnecessary burdens from your life and allow yourself to feel happiness more often.

5. You have hurt those around you

If you dream of a dead horse, it may be a sign that you are battling with some guilt for hurting those around you.

You may not have meant to, but either way it is something causing you great distress. The dead horse will appear to you in a dream to let you know it is time to change your behaviors.

You may have found yourself becoming a more toxic or stressed person, which is causing you to lash out or act in an out-of-character way in certain situations.

It may be time to take a step back and do some work on yourself and figure out what is causing you to act out in these ways. When you are ready, work on mending those relationships with the people you have hurt.

It may take some time to build that trust and respect back. However, know that by apologizing and changing your actions you are on the way there.

Work on being a better person and friend and allow those that you hurt the time that they need to accept your apology.

You may find that these relationships are unable to be salvaged, but by accepting the responsibility and taking accountability, you are on the way to forming and maintaining healthy relationships with those around you.


Do not fret if you dream of a dead horse. Know that it is there to let you know you may have fallen off track or lost your way, but with some reflection and resilience you can overcome anything that may come your way.

Know that the dead horse is there to give you that push of encouragement or to prepare you for something that may require your emotional strength and resilience in the near future.