Dead Cardinal Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

The dead cardinal is a highly spiritual and symbolic omen in many different cultures and its interpretation has changed over the centuries.

Many people associate the dead cardinal with death, and in the early nineteenth century it was considered a sign that death was near. In more modern times however, the dead cardinal is considered a sign that a loved one is passing a message and letting you know they are still there. 

It is also a sign that you need to be open to new opportunities and embrace any new beginnings that may arise.

If you find yourself dreaming of a dead cardinal, it may be a sign to look inward and work on your root chakra and foundations, as well as embracing your own inner strength to overcome any obstacles life may throw your way.

Dead Cardinal Spiritual Meaning

Dead Cardinal Meaning

1. New Beginnings

Traditionally a dead cardinal is considered a symbol of death. However, as is often the case with death symbolism – the dead cardinal can be interpreted as a symbol of new beginnings. 

Rather than the death of a person, the cardinal can be a symbol of the death of a situation or relationship.

If you have seen a dead cardinal in your dreams or whilst going about your day, it may be a sign that new beginnings are coming your way. You may feel some apprehension about taking the leap into something new and unfamiliar, but the cardinal is there to let you know that you are fully capable of succeeding in this new chapter.

Embrace the new beginnings and say yes to new opportunities that come your way. Follow your passions and let go of anything that is no longer serving you.

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2. Omen of Death

In the nineteenth century, many Americans believed that seeing a dead cardinal was an omen of one’s impending death.

It was believed that those who saw a dead male cardinal would die within the year. This was greatly superstition however the interpretation of the symbolism of death has changed in the twenty-first century.

In recent times the dead cardinal is a symbol of death in other ways. Rather than being a sign of impending death and doom, it is a sign that you may have recently lost a loved one. 

In Native American culture it is a message from a loved one passed, and a sign that you can acknowledge any grief or sorrow you may be holding onto.

Many people believe that a dead cardinal is a visit from a loved one who has passed away, and in this sense, it is not an inherently bad omen – but instead, a message for those who may need it.

If you come across a dead cardinal, do not panic or feel a sense of dread. Instead, think of who you may have lost and consider that they may be coming to you to check-in, or let you know that they are still there.

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3. Being Open

The dead cardinal is a sign that you need to prepare for new opportunities and chances that may come your way.

Being open to new relationships and opportunities is something that seems obvious – however, many people remain in familiar settings to avoid discomfort. The dead cardinal will appear to you when it is time for you to prepare for an opportunity.

Be open to whatever comes to you. You may be approached for a new position in your company, perhaps a big move is something you have been considering, or even a potential friendship or relationship that you have been uncertain about.

By preparing for new opportunities and being open to change you will enable yourself to achieve your goals. The dead cardinal is there to remind you that change can be uncomfortable, but the best things can come from a place of discomfort.

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4. Strength

The cardinal is a symbol of strength, and the dead cardinal, by extension, is a symbol to keep pushing through.

By reaching into your inner strength, you will be able to continue tackling your goals. You may have been working towards a big goal or overcoming a big challenge in your life and feeling defeated. By showing itself to you, the dead cardinal is encouraging you to keep pushing on and working through the challenge.

By breaking down big uncomfortable tasks into smaller and more manageable ones you will be able to enjoy feelings of success more regularly which can compound into motivation. Remember, motivation is not the only key to achieving your goals and getting things done. It also requires mental strength and discipline.

Put into place some plans to achieve your goals and make sure when things get tough is the time you need to work harder and keep strong.

The dead cardinal is also a symbol that life has seasons, and that no matter how tough what you are experiencing may be, know that you have the strength to push through and this season will end soon.

Whilst things may feel tough, remaining strong will allow you to enjoy all the good that life has to offer.

5. Root Chakra

The dead cardinal appearing to you in a dream is a sign to look inwards to the foundations of your life.

The red cardinal is closely linked to the root chakra, which is the basis of your foundations and relationships. Look closely at your domestic life and put into place order and structure to help things run more smoothly.

Work on your health and wellness and place importance on your relationships with those around you.


By working on yourself and your foundations everything else will fall into place and feel easier. If you are surrounded by love and order and are a happy and healthy person, any other challenges that life may throw at you will feel a lot simpler to overcome.

If you come across a dead cardinal, do not be afraid. Instead think deeply about what message it may be trying to convey. Look inwards and work on your home life and foundations, utilise your inner strength and be open to new opportunities and embrace new beginnings.