Dream About Stealing Money: Meaning & 2 Interpretations

Dreaming about stealing money can symbolize desperation to succeed or be accepted. It may mean you feel like an imposter or you fear failure.

This fear of failure doesn’t necessarily mean financial (although it might). It may also mean fear of failure in relationships as well.

Another interpretation is that the dream is a warning sign from the universe that you will fail if you don’t try harder in the future.

Dream interpretation is subjective, unscientific, and highly personal. The below information is some possible symbolic interpretations people have had – but there’s no evidence that your dream determines your future and no one can say exactly what the dream means. The ultimate interpretation is up to you!

Dream About Stealing Money Meaning

What does it mean when you Dream About Stealing Money?

Money is one of the main symbols analyzed in dream interpretation, with theft or crime being another. This makes dreams about stealing money particularly meaningful and open to dream analysis.  

In classic dream interpretation, money symbolizes success, power, confidence, self-worth, and values:

  • Dreaming about having money is a subconscious reflection of your high self-esteem, and how you feel confident and successful in your endeavors. 
  • Dreaming about having money may also reflect your inner beliefs about love and romance, as money commonly represents sexuality and power. This means you may be secure and feel successful in both your romantic and professional lives. 

Dreaming about stealing money, however, is a different matter. It symbolizes:

  • a desperation to succeed and/or be accepted or loved. It can mean you may feel like an imposter or fear failing at something important to you – such as a relationship or job.
  • a warning sign, that you are in danger of future failure. 

Below are some specific meanings depending on what happened in the dream.

Meaning of Dreams about Stealing Money from your Parents

If you dream about stealing money from your parents, the symbolism isn’t as troubling as it seems on the surface.

According to dream analysis, stealing from your parents in a dream suggests you’ve had to practice self-control and abstain from saying harsh words to them to spare their feelings and keep the peace. 

This dream can also symbolize your suspicions that your parents are facing a problem. It may also reflect a future conflict with someone close to you and may serve as a warning to pay close attention to your loved ones and be wary of any signs of conflict. 

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What does it mean when you Dream about being Caught Stealing Money?

According to dream analysis, dreaming about being caught stealing money means that things are going downhill for you in your romantic or professional life.

Being chased after stealing money is symbolic of desperation, that you are failing despite your best efforts. 

What does it mean when you Dream about Someone Stealing Money from You?

When you dream about someone stealing money from you, it may strongly reflect your feeling taken advantage of in some area of your life.

Usually in these dreams you recognize the individual stealing money from you, and that person is directly affecting you in a negative way.

This could be a friend who took advantage of your kindness, or someone who hasn’t repaid a debt. Perhaps you even feel shortchanged in your romantic life, and that your partner is taking advantage of you in some way. 

What does it mean when you Dream about Shoplifting?

As strange as it sounds, if you dream about shoplifting, it has more to do with your sense of security and privacy than it does about anything attached to money. 

Unlike stealing money, which directly symbolizes desperation for those things that money symbolizes (success, power, love, confidence, etc.), stealing items from a store may mean you want more privacy in your life.

You may feel exposed or vulnerable in some way – for example, you may have recently dealt with someone hacking your computer or exposing your sensitive information. 

Other Money Dreams

Dreams involving money can vary widely in their meanings, depending on which role you or others play in obtaining or losing the money. This section highlights some more common dreams involving money.

Finding / Winning Money

Finding or winning money suggests that success is just within your reach, and may reflect the hard work you’ve done to achieve success. It is a dream that suggests you’ve finally achieved your goals, and that it is time to celebrate. 

Giving Money Away / Spending Money

Spending money or giving money away symbolizes you are seeking love and attention. Seeing people giving money away to others that aren’t you means you are feeling ignored and overlooked. This can be particularly poignant if the person overlooking you is someone close, like a partner or family member. 

Borrowing Money / Losing Money / Not Having Enough Money

In your dreams, not having money likely reflects your anxiety over finances in your waking life. You may be worried about bills or contemplating a major purchase that you aren’t sure you can afford. 

If you dream about borrowing money, it likely means you’re overextending yourself and are stretched too thin. You may be overworking yourself and need some time for self-care and self-reflection. 


Few symbols are as common or as symbolic in dream analysis as money. While some dreams involving money may be direct anxieties from your waking life – such as someone stealing from you or not having enough money – others may not be as obvious. 

In short, dreaming of stealing money is often a sign of desperation – that you are failing at something important. The best course of action after having this dream is to think about the possible root of this dream and resolve it.

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