Black Horse Symbolism (Dream & Spirit Animal)

Black horses symbolize ability to overcome obstacles and come out on the other side. It is also widely known to be a symbol for death. This does not always mean death in the literal sense; in this case it means leaving behind things which no longer serve you.

If a black horse is your spirit animal, you are likely a very powerful and mature individual, who can overcome any obstacle in their way. It is a courageous and mysterious animal, who doesn’t shy away from a difficult challenge.

Black Horse Symbolism

Black Horse Symbolism

1. Power

Black horses are often considered wilder than other horses. This wild and unruly behaviour is not a bad thing however, as it symbolizes power. The wilder nature enables the horse to overcome almost anything thrown their way.

Black horses are reliable for any difficult time, and they never fear a challenge. This makes them powerful as they will stop at almost nothing to achieve their goals.

If you see a black horse in your dreams, you may be needing some reassurance that you are powerful enough to take on any challenge that comes your way.

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2. Death

Black horses have historically been considered ‘scary’ and are often associated with death.

Death as a symbol does not always mean the death of an individual, rather it can mean the death of a bad habit, toxic friendship or difficult situation.

The black horse historically is considered to be death defying but also death seeking. This symbolizes death. In this case, it is the death of a situation. The closing of one door, and the opening of a new one.

If you are seeing a horse in your dreams, it could be a sign to take a leap of faith and tackle a problem head on, without worrying about what could happen.

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3. Mystery

A black horse is often considered to be mysterious. This is due to their wild and unpredictable behaviour.

Black horses are often more skittish and unpredictable than other horses, which gives them the mysterious reputation.

The horse can symbolize the mystery of the unknown. When taking a leap of faith, it does not know what the outcome will be. But this does not scare them. It embraces the mystery and tackles the obstacle regardless of what could happen.

4. Magic

Because of how mysterious black horses often are, they are often symbolized as magical creatures. In many folklore stories a black stallion was a mythical creature who possessed great magical abilities.

They are often considered to be associated with royalty, Divine Feminine energy, and gentleness.

5. Transformation

Black horses are not scared to tackle their issues head on. The symbolism associated with death and rebirth ties in with that of transformation.

A black horse may undergo many transformations in their lifetime as when something is no longer serving them, they are not afraid to let it go.

After cutting out or changing something in their path that they do not wish to continue, a black horse can begin to transform and change into who they wish to be. It is not arrogant and is always striving to change and better themselves.

If you are seeing a black horse in your dreams, perhaps it is time to let go of something which is no longer serving you, in order to allow yourself to transform.

6. Rebirth

The black horse is not scared to seek greater things for themselves. It has historically been known to symbolize the search for rebirth and enlightenment.

A horse is considered to have an incredible intuition which allows them to objectively view themselves and see anything they do not like.

After removing people, things or fears from your life, you will begin a rebirthing process. This transformation is something which the horse is known to symbolize. In the fearless pursuit to remove negative energies, it will always come out on the other side stronger.

If you are seeing a black horse in your dreams, particularly if it is around fire, it could mean you are ready to undergo a transformation and be reborn as a better version of yourself.

7. Courage

The black horse is not afraid of anything. Often considered to be wild and crazy, the truth is that it is in fact just courageous.

Without fear the black horse is encouraged to always make decisions based on what is the right thing to do. In making these decisions, which can sometimes be tough, it is able to be the best version of themselves.

The courage shown is something which many people who identify as having a horse as a spirit animal take note of. If you identify with a black horse, or have seen one in your dreams, it could mean it is time to take bold and courageous action like the horse. If you do so, you could change your life.

What Does it Mean if a Black Horse is my Spirit Animal?

If you have been told, or you just know that a black horse is your spirit animal it means you are a bold and courageous person.

You do not fear change and will take action to improve your life and relationships. In doing this, you are constantly evolving and bettering yourself.

Whilst many people hold on to things that no longer serve them out of fear, you are courageous enough to take the power and do what you need to do in order to come out on the other side.

A black horse is a very symbolic and mysterious animal, which represents a powerful and courageous transformation.

The notion of death and rebirth shows that the black horse will bravely make an end to things and relationships which do not serve a purpose anymore. In doing this without fear or hesitation, the horse is constantly transforming and becoming a better version of themselves.


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A black horse is an incredibly majestic spirit animal. While many people associate it with death, it can also visit you in dreams as a sign of mystery, magic, transformation, and rebirth. While interpreting dream symbolism is incredibly difficult and subjective, take some time to listen to these messages and see if any of these strongly resonate with a message you feel you need to hear in your life right now.

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