Dead Cockroach Meaning and Symbolism (Triumph or Failure?)

The cockroach is a resilient and sturdy insect. They get a bad reputation by many, but they are symbolic of many great desirable traits.

A dead cockroach is a symbol that you may be neglecting important skills and techniques and letting yourself fall behind.

The dead cockroach is a symbol that you need to work hard to overcome your adversities to feel triumphant, you need to utilize the help and resources available to you and not feel ashamed of asking for assistance when needed.

Embrace a sense of community and allow that community to give you the encouragement and companionship that you may need to stay motivated.

Do not let minor setbacks make you stray from your big goals. Keep your vision in sight and know that you have the resources you need to achieve your goals.

Dead Cockroach Meaning

Dead Cockroach Symbolism

1. You can triumph after failure

The cockroach is a symbol of triumph, as the cockroach is widely known to be a resilient and hardy insect. If you see a dead cockroach, it may be a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed and suffocated by stressors in your life.

It may be a sign that you have been beaten down by a stressful situation but know that you have it within yourself to triumph. Whilst it is easy to feel saddened or disheartened by negative events in your life, you can remain strong and overcome these events.

Feeling triumphant is an incredibly empowering feeling and something that should not be overlooked. Do not allow yourself to sit and suffer and take the sight of the cockroach as a sign that you can overcome this.

The cockroach is a message that despite how bad things may feel right now, things can still get better. Channel the inner resilience and survival instincts that cockroaches have and find it within yourself to triumph over these difficult scenarios.

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2. Utilize your resources 

Cockroaches can crawl into any confined space and are incredible survivalists. To kill a cockroach is not an easy feat, and finding a dead cockroach is a sign that you need to be utilizing all of the available help and resources to you.

Cockroaches are resourceful creatures that take advantage of any opportunity that appears to them. If the dead cockroach is coming at a time that you are feeling overwhelmed, it may be time to start reaching out for help.

Reach out to your support network – your friends, family, partner or counselor.

Take advantage of the assistance offered to you, do not be too proud to ask for help when it is needed. Many people will sit back in discomfort in fear of reaching out for help.

The reality is that no one will ridicule you for seeking assistance that is available to you. Know that asking for help and utilizing the resources available to you will give you a much higher chance of success and, metaphorically, survival.

3. Missing a sense of community

Cockroaches thrive in a community. They often live, forage, eat and die together. If you are stumbling across a dead cockroach, it may be a sign that you are feeling isolated or detached from your community.

This is particularly common after a breakup or a big move away from family and friends. Know that whilst it can be hard to make new friends as an adult, you have a lot to offer people.

Find happiness in yourself and reach out to those around you. If you work an isolated job, find some community hobbies, reach out to a community group you are interested in, join a church, join a gym or even go to a bar or festival and reach out to those around you.

 Having a sense of community is incredibly important for human development. Many adults live quite isolated lives when they move from their hometowns, however, if you want to thrive and feel the most supported, it is best to make a circle of friends around you. Make sure you make some time for things that you enjoy and find like-minded people.

4. Failure 

A cockroach is difficult to kill, they are hardy and resilient creatures. If you find a dead cockroach it may be a harsh reality check that you have given up on your goals.

This is usually something people avoid speaking about or considering; however, it is important to have a brutally honest discussion with yourself.

You may have fallen down a bad path or even just been busy and burnt out – but it is imperative to stay on track with your goals. Find the time to visualize and note down your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them.

Always keep them in your line of sight and know that slip-ups here and there will not make a difference in the grand scheme of things if you carry on each time.

Do not allow yourself to succumb to failure because you have had a difficult week or month, keep working on your goals and keep trying. Make sure to spend some time each month noting your goals for the next month – break them down into smaller more manageable goals to allow yourself to feel more on track.

Know that success is not linear, and you will fall of track here and there. Allow yourself time to recover from setbacks and know that each setback is getting you one steps closer to your goals.


The dead cockroach is not something to be feared, instead it is there to serve as a reminder to push yourself to achieve your goals. It will show itself to you in times when you may feel close to failure as a reminder to keep working at your goals and not let yourself get sidetracked by minor setbacks.

Find a sense of community and embrace them, allow yourself to feel a sense of belonging and have a support network. Know that you do not need to feel any shame in asking for help or utilising available resources to you in order to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. And know above all else that you have the resilience and skills to be triumphant over your adversities.