Red Horse Symbolism and Meaning (Anger & Passion)

The red horse is a highly symbolic animal and has been for centuries. It is a symbol of war, destruction, anger, passion, destruction, and bloodshed.

Horses with red coats have strong biblical links as the bringer of war and vengeance.

The red horse is not all bad, however. It can mean a passionate love, passion for life or strong emotional connections to people or places.

If you see a red horse in a dream do not panic, it has many symbolic meanings and could just mean you need to be at war with negative thoughts in your own mind to come out on top.

Red Horse Symbolism and Meaning



Red Horse Spiritual Meanings

1. War and Bloodshed

In the Christian religion the four horsemen each rode a different colored horse. The red horse in this instance symbolized war and bloodshed.

The red horseman is the only rider equipped with a sword and is the most confident at unleashing violence. The red horse has since been held as a steed for war and is often considered a dangerous omen.

This symbolism often makes people believe the red horse is a scary thing to dream of. However, this symbolism could be interpreted that you need to be at battle with yourself to make a decision.

Perhaps you are struggling to determine whether to go with your heart or your head. Make sure you are firm but fair with yourself to get through the hypothetical war unharmed.

2. Anger

The red horse can also be a symbol that you are harboring hidden anger, jealousy or rage.

Acknowledge these feelings if they are true. The horse may show itself to inform you of your rage and angry emotions.

Make sure to take note of this and work on whatever it is that is making you feel this way.

Alternatively, someone near you may be harboring anger, jealousy or malicious feelings toward you.

Be careful with who you share things with and keep a watchful eye on those around you. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself if something doesn’t feel right.

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3. Vengefulness

Due to the red horse’s close association with war, it is often considered to be a vengeful animal.

Make sure to acknowledge and work through any feelings of vengefulness you may be feeling towards anyone.

You may also be feeling vengeful towards yourself for a past decision or mistake that was made. Go easy on yourself and those you love, feelings and emotions like vengefulness are not productive and make it difficult to forgive yourself.

Ensure that these feelings are dealt with as soon as you are made aware, the red horse could be a great sign that these feelings are bubbling away inside and need to be controlled.

4. Passion

The red horse is a symbol for many intense and often negative emotions, but it is also a symbol for passion.

This could be passionate anger or hatred, or it could be passionate love. You may be passionate about a project or about a relationship. Perhaps you are angry at yourself or another for wrongdoings. Either way, embrace this passion.

A red stallion appearing in a dream could be a sign that a relationship you are nervous about is going to end up in flames, either in a good way or a bad way.

Keep a note of your feelings and actions to ensure you don’t act in the heat of the moment and do something you may regret.

It also could be a sign you are unsure and scared of the intensity of the emotions you are feeling. Journaling could be a great way to regulate these feelings.

5. Destruction

The red horse is a historical symbol of destruction. When it appears to you, you could interpret this as a sign that you’re currently destroying a relationship, yourself, a dream, or an idea.

The red horse was historically the one who was ridden in to battle and was not afraid to spark fear, death and war. This naturally ties in with the destruction that occurs in the aftermath of such events.

By acknowledging you may be partaking in self-sabotage behaviors, you could avoid the destruction of relationships or dreams before it is too late.

Consider this message and symbolism in great detail and do not brush it off, as it may be a much-needed warning sign that something bad is going to happen if you do not take action quickly.

Red Horse Dream Meaning

A red horse appearing in a dream is widely considered to be a warning sign. Not necessarily that something is going to cause you harm, but more so that your behaviors or emotions may be going to negatively impact your life.

If you believe this, you could take a note of any resentment, anger, vengefulness or jealousy you are feeling. Make sure to stay in touch with your emotions and acknowledge and process and negative feelings.

If you do not pay attention to regulating your own emotions, you may find that you sabotage a relationship, job, opportunity or friendship. You could take the dream as a warning sign that you need to act quickly to work on your own emotions.

If you consider those options but you have not been feeling angry or negative recently, the horse may be trying to warn you about those closest to you.

You may want to take note of how people interact with you and watch their intentions closely. There may be someone who is jealous, spiteful or angry at you who is rooting for your downfall.

Consider cutting off any people who are hoping to see you fail or bring you down.

You might want to spend time on your most sacred relationships, as well as with yourself. Make sure to reach out to someone close or a therapist if things are feeling hard, as sometimes our toughest battles are with ourselves.

Is a Red Horse your Spirit Animal?

People who love red horses are often people with a great deal of passion and love.

You might be a feisty person, or someone who wears their emotions on their sleeve. It’s a horse that will carry you into your battles (symbolic and metaphorical!) and be by your side through thick and thin.

But beware that this spirit animal might encourage you to be overly emotional and vengeful. So, be careful to realize that it will be loyal and honor you, but it may also get carried away and follow you into foolish or hot-blooded pursuits.

Interpreting Symbols, Signs and Omens

Interpreting signs from the universe or your subconscious is very subjective and personal. Be aware that you may be misinterpreting the signs. This is because signs are very personalized and dependent on your personal context. Furthermore, it may just be a benign dream that doesn’t mean anything!

To interpret dreams and symbols, I like to journal about them. This helps me get my thoughts down on paper and help me sort through them. Just remember: the meaning is personal to you and totally subjective. No one can tell you the true meaning of your visions except yourself.

Summary Table

#Red Horse SymbolismMeaning
1.War and BloodshedIn Christianity, it is a symbol of war and bloodshed.
2.AngerThe horse may show itself to inform you of your rage and angry emotions.
3.VengefulnessYou may be feeling vengeful towards yourself for a past decision or mistake that was made.
4.PassionIt may appear when you’re feeling particularly passionate about a project or relationship.
5.DestructionYou could interpret the horse as a sign that you’re currently destroying a relationship, yourself, a dream, or an idea.


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The red horse has long been considered a fearful animal to see in a dream. It has historically been associated with war, violence, bloodshed, vengefulness, anger, passion and destruction, however instead of being feared it should be listened to. Make sure to consider the red horse as a warning to keep in check with your own emotions and those of the people around you.