Dead Snake Symbolism & 7 Meanings (Health and Change)

Coming across a dead snake on a path or dreaming of one may be a sign from the universe. Another common time you see it is when your cat or dog chooses to drag one to your back door.

The dead snake is a symbol of good health, wealth, change, problem-solving and rebirth. It can also be a warning sign, or a symbol that there is broken trust somewhere in your life.

Embrace the message and enjoy the changes that can manifest from this symbol.

Dead Snake Symbolism

Symbolism of Dead Snakes

#Dead Snake SymbolismMeaning
1.Good HealthIt can be a reminder to shed unhealthy habits, like how a snake sheds its skin, before you come to the same fate as the snake you’ve seen!
2.WealthYou may be coming into wealth, which might be either physical or emotional.
3.End of a ProblemYour problems may come to an end just as this snake’s life has.
4.Broken TrustYour relationships may have been neglected and you feel betrayed.
5.SuffocationYou’re feeling suffocated and constricted by someone or something.
6.WarningIt may be a warning that you have hurt someone’s feelings or damaged their trust in you. Care for your own personal health first.
7.ChangeSnakes shed their skins, leading to rebirth and changes.

Dead Snake Dream Meanings

Below, I’ll explain in more depth each of these meanings.

1. Good Health

A dead snake is a symbol of good health coming your way. A snake shed sits skin, and is a symbol of rebirth, transformation, healing, and health.

If you see it in your path or in a dream, it can mean that you are coming into a healthy period of your life.

You may use this snake symbol as motivation to kick bad and unhealthy habits, such as smoking, drinking or junk food. Or you could find that you have more energy and feel less lethargic. Make sure you look after your physical and mental health every day.

It could be a sign that you need to be more caring to yourself, make sure to consider how you are feeling both mentally and physically when you have this vision.

Take the time to go for a walk, nourish your body with good foods, rest and heal, like the snake, you will shed your skin and be reborn as a healthier and happier version of yourself.

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2. Wealth

The dead snake has long been known to symbolise wealth and luxury. It may be a sign that wealth is coming your way.

Perhaps a business venture you have just started out is about to take off, or maybe you will get a promotion at work.

This does not only mean material wealth, but the dead snake is also a symbol of emotional wealth.

Having loved ones by your side, as well as happiness and appreciation for life is emotional wealth. The snake could be showing you the importance of those around you. Make sure to take time to appreciate your loved ones.

If you are chasing a promotion or thinking of starting a small business, take the leap and keep working hard. It is a sign that things are going to look up for you in the future. Keep working and you will surely see some financial rewards.

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3. End of a Problem

Coming across a dead snake is a sign that a problem you are facing is coming to an end.

It may be a sign that you need to act in order to solve the problem, or that the answer to your problem is within you.

Make a note of the issues going on in your life when you come across the snake, perhaps you are stressed about money, the symbol of wealth could also be applicable here, perhaps a job offer is coming your way.

Remember, you cannot sit back and expect changes to happen, the snake is a symbol for you to take the final steps to end any problems you are facing.

4. Broken Trust

If you dream of a dead snake in your home, it can be a sign that you feel betrayed and like your trust has been broken by someone you care for.

You may feel neglected in a relationship, or like your concerns are not being considered. Perhaps those in the home are speaking negatively about you, or you have been seriously wronged in a relationship.

It could also be a sign that you have broken someone’s trust.

Perhaps you have been unfaithful or shared a secret you were not supposed to. Know that the snake vision means there is an opportunity to repair the trust that has been broken.

You may choose to own up to any mistakes or confront the person who has broken your trust. Once you have both acknowledged the issue and taken accountability, you can work on repairing your relationship.

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5. Suffocation

A snake has long been considered as a symbol of feeling suffocated. If you dream of a dead snake especially in close proximity to your person, it is a sign you are feeling suffocated.

Perhaps your work commitments have become too extreme, or your relationship is feeling strained.

If in your dream the snake is close to you, take time to acknowledge the dream. Journal about how the dream made you feel and what thoughts it provoked.

The snake appearing to you is not a bad thing, it is to make you aware of your feelings. You may have been ignoring feelings of being overwhelmed, which can bubble up if left ignored. Acknowledge your feelings, and don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need to.

6. Warning

Alongside suffocation, the dead snake is a symbolic depiction of a warning.

It may be a warning that you have hurt someone’s feelings or damaged their trust in you, or that you are feeling overwhelmed and may reach a breaking point.

Take the warning as it comes and consider carefully what it could relate to.

Do not panic, it does not mean you are about to lose a job or a relationship. It could simply be a warning you are taking too much on and not allowing yourself time to rest and recuperate.

Spend time doing things you love, and make sure to listen to your inner voice when it is telling you it is exhausted.

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7. Change is Coming

The dead snake is highly symbolic that a change is coming in your life. Snakes shed their skin, and when they die it is commonly believed they are reborn again.

It can be a sign that your rebirth is coming. This means changes will be happening for you soon. You have the power to manifest those changes into things you want.

If you have been on the fence about things, take the leap of faith that the snake is prompting you to do.

Do not let the moment pass, make sure you take bold steps to making your dream life come true.

Interpreting Symbolic Meanings

Signs that come to us in our daily lives or our dreams can have multiple different meanings. It’s hard to identify which of the above listed meanings might be the right one for you.

One way to determine which meaning seems most relevant is to journal about the possible meanings and how they relate to your life. Consider which one seems to be important for your life right now and which ones miss the mark. Often, the universe is sending hard truths you need to hear at a particular junction in your life.

Also reflect on the fact that sometimes there is no message at all! Sometimes things are just coincidences. Only you can truly determine the meaning and relevance for your life.


Dead snake symbolism prompts us to taking action to make change. Despite the fact it’s not a pleasant sight, it is often a sign luck and health. It can also be a warning that we are not taking care of ourselves and have harmed a trusting relationship. Listen carefully to the signs the snake gives you.