Snake in your House: 5 Spiritual Meanings

If you find a snake in your home, it may be prompting you to make positive changes in your life. Some people believe it’s a message that you need to let go of the past and allow yourself to live in the present.

Work on ridding old habits from your life and creating new ones that benefit you and help you reach your goals.

Pay attention to the people you let in your life and be firm in your boundaries. Do not allow yourself to be mistreated or lied to. Heal yourself from trauma and consider reconnecting with estranged family members.

Snake in House Meaning

Snake in House Meaning

1. Make some changes

If a snake enters your home, it is potentially a sign that you need to make some changes. A snake will come to your house when there is a feeling of stagnant energy, disarray or toxic energy.

The snake is possibly there to push you to make some changes in your life. You may have been lying to yourself or those around you or trying to keep up with a lifestyle that is unsustainable for you.

Loose the need to impress those around you and live within your means. Work on what you can control and make steps each day to better yourself.

Change does not have to be drastic or done overnight. Give yourself time to heal and grow to become a better person. Trust that you know what you need to do and allow the snake to be your push to do it. The only opinion that truly matters is your own.

Be a person that you want to be and make good choices. Be kind to yourself in this process and allow yourself the room to make mistakes and try again.

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2. Deception

A snake in your home may be a sign that someone in your life is deceiving you. This person is possibly someone in your home or very close circle.

This does not need to cause you stress or alarm but is a reminder to be alert and think deeply about the people you surround yourself with. You may have been feeling uneasy about someone’s actions in your circle. Trust in your gut to know if someone has your best intentions at heart.

You could start an open conversation with your loved ones and get to the bottom of any confusion or lies. Stand firm in your boundaries and do not be afraid to stand up for your values.

Do not tolerate people bringing you down or breaking your trust.

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3. Remove old habits

If a snake or snakeskin appears in your home, it is sometimes seen as a warning to remove negative habits from your life. Like the snake, you need to shed your skin of anything that drains your energy or brings you down.

Consider your health, both physical and mental and cut out things that do not serve you.

Sleep for seven hours a night minimum, cut out electronics before bed, do not overindulge in alcohol or fast food, treat your body and mind like a temple and be disciplined to treat it as such.

This may not be a habit that directly impacts your physical health. It could be something such as gossip or negative self-talk. You need to make a conscious effort each day to be a positive person, do not engage in negativity or drama.

Speak kindly of others and to yourself. Practice gratitude and affirmations and know that by being kind you will reap the mental benefits and rid yourself from toxic energy.

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4. Reconnect with family and heal

Snakes have a remarkable ability to regrow their tail and heal from wounds. A snake in your home could be there to prompt you to reconnect with estranged family members and heal from any wounds they may have left.

Whilst someone may have hurt you, it is important to allow yourself to heal and forgive. You do not need to fully let someone in your life again but by forgiving and healing you will find that you will feel mentally better.

Be kind to yourself and do not do anything that crosses your boundaries. Consider your mental health before reaching out to any family members. But you may find a benefit in hearing their side of the story after healing.

The snake is there to remind you that you may find a common ground and heal after being estranged. Family is important and fighting over insignificant things is not beneficial to anyone.

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5. Let go of the past

A snake could be seen as coming to your home as a sign that you need to let go of your past. You may have been feeling held back by past mistakes or actions.

You need to rid yourself of these setbacks and allow yourself to start fresh. This may mean letting go of people, accomplishments or feelings. It is important to allow yourself to start fresh without any lingering feelings or drawbacks holding you back.

Embrace your future and live fully in the present. Work each day to be the best and happiest version of yourself. Be kind to those around you and treat people as you would wish to be treated.

Work hard towards reaching your goals. Focus on what is important and know that you are entitled to starting over. Do everything that you do with passion and motive and know that you will achieve your goals with hard work and discipline.


Finding a snake in your home may be scary or alarming, however they carry with them an important message. The snake is there to prompt you to let go your past and make some changes in your life. You may have been holding yourself back from achieving success or experiencing new things. Remove old habits that no longer serve you from your life and try to live and act in alliance with your goals. Heal yourself from any past trauma and reconnecting with estranged family if you feel it is right. Be wary of the intentions of those around you and be alert to anyone who may be deceiving you.