About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to document all the symbols and metaphors in the English language to create a rich database for writers, language learners, and word geeks. And our mission is to do it all while having a mountain of fun!

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The Team

This website is contributed to by a team of writers and friends. Here’s a quick look at a few people in our team.

Chris – Content Editor

stuartHi! I’m Chris and I run this website. I’m a writer and lover of the English language, so this site is an outlet for me to share my thoughts and ideas. Currently I’m building out articles all about symbolism. But, I hope in the future to have more articles on metaphors as well. I’m fascinated by metaphors and how they shape our language. Please take a look around and come back regularly!

Jessica – Marketing Manager

jessicaI’m a pinterest lover, instagram junkie, and YouTube addict! I put all of this together for this website. You’ll find me sharing my favorite newly uploaded articles onto each of these platforms. I also help Harry out with the writing when I get a chance because there’s always a new article to contribute to this enormous project of documenting all the symbols and metaphors in our great language! When I’m not working on this website, you’ll find me hiking just outside my home city of Seattle. I love a quick trip to Mt Rainier or up north to Mt Baker to be out in nature.

Harry – Lead Writer

HarryI’m a scorpio, I love the outdoors, and I’ve written articles in some major online publications like Medium and The Weekly. When I’m not writing for this website, I’m a high school English teacher. While I like to write on this website as much as possible, I am also writing my own book which I hope to get published next year. My favorite metaphor? Anything that’s got to do with baseball. I’m fascinated by the fact our language has baseball weaved all through it.


You can contact use at info@symbolismandmetaphor.com and Chris will get back to you. Sorry, we don’t accept contributions or do collaborations. We’re reclusive writer types if we’re honest with you. But we do like to hear from people who identify errors in our work because we’re always trying to improve.

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