Blue Hydrangea Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Blue Hydrangea Symbolic Meaning

The blue hydrangea is a flower given to people as an apology. They can also represent gratitude, understanding, regret, and abundance.

Blue hydrangeas are the most widespread of all hydrangea colors. Since blue hydrangeas are a frigid color, it’s only natural that they are associated with cold emotions. They are often sent to communicate a want for forgiveness or regret.

The blue hydrangea has a variety of deep meanings we’ll explore below. Each viewpoint is based on various cultural beliefs and histories.

What does the Blue Hydrangea Symbolize?

1. Frigidity

The blue hydrangea is a beautiful and eye-catching flower. Nevertheless, it represents coldness and disinterest.

The majority of the stories about blue hydrangeas are centuries old, but they continue to influence how we regard these flowers today.

Because of the medieval belief that young ladies who grew or harvested hydrangeas would never find suitable husbands, blue hydrangeas are connected with coldness. Similarly, in Victorian times, they were associated with apathy and heartlessness.

People who have turned down love interests were given these as an indication that they were cold. Handing someone a blue hydrangea was a ‘slap across the face’ in response to rejection.

2. Apology

To make amends for neglecting the girl he loved, a Japanese emperor gave blue hydrangea to her family. This is how the mythology of it representing an apology began.

The emperor wanted to convey how much he cared for her by giving her these flowers. Since then, blue hydrangea has been associated with an intense feeling of apology.

Today, blue hydrangeas continue to be sent to people to ask for forgiveness. It is said to indicate that you are aware of your wrongdoing and wish to express your regret.

3. Abundance

Because of its significant number of flowers and generous spherical form, the blue hydrangea also symbolizes abundance, as well as gratitude, elegance, and beauty.

Blue hydrangeas symbolize heartfeltness sometimes. It can be used to express gratitude for being understood.

The gorgeous blue hydrangeas are undoubtedly a highlight in your backyard garden no matter where you live in the world. These flowers will create a beautiful garden that would wow visitors to your haven.

It will also make an excellent adornment in an elegant house to show-off the overall elegance and wealth of the room.

4. Rarity

The color blue is quite rare. “Hydrangea Blue” is not a color associated with any other plant or object on the earth.

The calm and serene blue color represents hope and the beauty of everything. If you receive a blue hydrangea, it could indicate that the giver is signifying that you, like the color of the flower, are a rare beauty.

Blue hydrangeas even provide us with a message that says, “Being a rare beauty can lead to frigidity unless you reveal your true emotions.”

5. Regret

The blue hydrangea’s symbolism, which is often seen as a statement of elegance and beauty, can occasionally be carried a step further. It is regarded by some as a symbol of regret.

Blue hydrangeas can be offered as a token of regret for anything you did or didn’t do.

The meaning of these flowers differs depending on the culture. The sight of a blue hydrangea growing in front of a house is not welcomed in some Asian cultures. Blue hydrangeas, on the other hand, are used to convey sympathy in other cultures.

People in some Asian cultures have also utilized blue hydrangea root to treat a variety of medical conditions. It was traditionally supposed to aid in the treatment of allergic illnesses, malaria, kidney stones, and an enlarged prostate.

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6. Heartfelt Emotion

Blue hydrangeas express heartfelt and genuine emotions, as well as gratitude and praise.

When you gift blue hydrangeas to a sad person, you are expressing your heartfelt condolences and sympathy.

Sympathy is also associated with all hues of hydrangeas, which is why they are frequently included in sympathy and funeral flower arrangements.

These flowers’ blossoms are admired for their boldness as well as their delicacy. The blue hydrangeas have cloud-like blossoms, and it’s difficult not to like these traditional cottage flowers.

These lovely blooms would look beautiful in floral arrangements, either alone or combined with other flowers.

A blue hydrangea is an excellent addition to any bouquet or garden because of its undeniable beauty. Dreaming of blue hydrangeas is a sign of a beautiful occasion approaching.

The purity and beauty of white hydrangeas make them ideal for sympathy and funeral flower arrangements. In sympathy arrangements, a combination of white and blue will perfectly convey the message.

If you receive them on other occasions, the person is most likely gifting you beautiful flowers. They are probably not aware of the symbolism associated with various types and hues.

Blue Hydrangea Tattoo Meaning

Even though this flower is commonly associated with coldness and a lack of sympathy, a hydrangea tattoo has an entirely different meaning. As a tattoo, it mainly symbolizes thankfulness for live and being appreciative of what others have to offer.


Blue hydrangeas are attractive flowers that can be grown in gardens and planters or used in floral arrangements. However, it’s best to grasp the meaning of a gift before giving it to someone because you don’t want to convey the wrong message to your significant other, family, or friends.

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