Purple Hydrangea Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Purple Hydrangea Flower Meaning & Symbolism

The bold purple hydrangea flower symbolizes a desire to understand someone deeply. It can also convey a sense of luxury, grace, royalty, and pride.

Purple Hydrangeas have gorgeous blooms that last well into late spring. Their stunning flowers attract a lot of attention within many gardens.

These are the most commonly grown bigleaf hydrangeas. Many people are familiar with them because of their large bloom heads. In general, their leaves are thick and crisp, with a dazzling shine and a heart-shaped appearance.

Purple hydrangeas can have multiple meanings, often associated with the color purple, which is a royal and luxurious color. They are also traditionally a gift for a fourth wedding anniversary.

What do Purple Hydrangeas Symbolize?

1. Compassion and Understanding

Purple Hydrangeas

Purple hydrangeas are said to be the flower of compassion and understanding. The flower shows that you care about someone.

If you like purple hydrangeas, it could signify that you have a very compassionate and empathetic nature. You’re able to understand other people’s points of view and are always concerned about their wellbeing.

Purple hydrangeas could be an ideal gift for someone experiencing emotional stress as it’s a sign that you’re a caring and compassionate friend.

Note that this isn’t necessarily a romantic understanding between two people (red flowers are more commonly used to show a romantic bond) but rather a platonic emotional bond.

2. Wealth

Purple Hydrangeas

Purple hydrangeas are regarded as a symbol of wealth and are often placed in gardens that are designed to signify the owner’s status.

Purple is a color associated with prosperity and abundance; therefore, a purple hydrangea can symbolize wealth. You will often find them placed around opulent gardens of the rich and famous.

As a symbol of richness and fortune, you can keep this flower in your home or perhaps plant it in your garden to increase its perceived value. You’ll often see them in the magnificent entry halls of large homes, for example.

As a result, this flower is very regularly given to gardeners as a gift for them to place in their garden.

3. Royalty

Purple Hydrangeas

Purple hydrangeas are well-known for being a symbol of royalty. This is because purple has always been the color of royals.

In the past, purple was a color only available to the wealthy. It was expensive to source and rare in nature.

In fact, in England during Elizabeth I’s reign, people who were not from the royal family were banned from having or wearing anything that was purple. This was known as the sumptuary law, which was legally enforceable!

Because the wealthy were typically the only ones who could wear purple, the color purple became associated with monarchy. Today, we still often associate purple flowers with royalty, and you may still find purple hydrangeas adorning the grounds of palaces and castles.

4. Pride

Purple Hydrangeas

Purple hydrangeas are widely associated with pride. The color purple is known to be a color of proud people, and this can have both good and bad connotations.

Purple hydrangeas have symbolized pride in various cultures, but especially in European cultures. It is often included in bouquets for wedding anniversaries for people who have been married for many decades.

The flower is well-suited for floral arrangements for weddings and birthdays of wealthy or important people. It is also ideal for memorial bouquets.

5. Psychic Powers

Purple Hydrangeas

People who believe themselves to be psychics will often be drawn to flowers with purple petals. Purple is often seen as a mystical color.

Your fondness for purple hydrangeas could imply that you possess psychic powers that should be nurtured. It also demonstrates that you have a wild imagination and should seek artistic pursuits such as poetry writing or other artistic activities.

You could even be a source of spiritual inspiration for others. You trust your instincts, believe in yourself, and have a creative mind. You may even be bold and practical.

6. Elegance

Purple Hydrangeas

Purple hydrangeas are a symbol of elegance. They’re often placed in elegant gardens or as a flower arrangement at elegant weddings.

Purple hydrangeas, when freshly cut, have a wonderful scent that will fill your home with the sweet smell of spring. The smell is an elegant perfume that gives a sense that your home is calm, beautiful, and classy.

Purple hydrangeas are a great way to make your garden look a little more elegant as well. They can cover up ugly brick walls and entice butterflies and other insects into your garden.

7. Rarity

Purple Hydrangeas

Purple is considered rare and attractive since it only occasionally occurs in nature.

Today, the purple hydrangea is easily accessible and can be bought at any flower shop or gardening store. Nevertheless, its historical association with rarity means people still see them and are impressed by them within someone’s garden.

Uses for Purple Hydrangeas

As well as being a decorative plant, hydrangeas have also been used in teas and natural remedies in traditional cultures including Buddhist rituals and Native American dishes.

Buddhists utilized the leaves of the purple hydrangea to make sweet tea as part of a cleansing ritual. The roots were used as a diuretic, and the branches as a pain reliever, especially for muscle soreness and burns.


Purple hydrangeas are typically described as mystical, spiritual, and imaginative. Purple is a color that evokes a wide range of emotions, feelings, and connections.

Generally, purple hydrangeas are given to people as a sign that you’re compassionate for them and care for them. People will also often buy hydrangeas and place them in their garden or as floral arrangements in their home to create an air of elegance and wealth.