Red Hydrangea Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Red Hydrangea Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Red hydrangeas symbolize love, passion, and romance. They are dazzling flowers that catch the eye and embody all of the passion of the color red: boldness, devotion, loyalty, adoration, and ultimately desire.

Red hydrangeas are a good substitute for red roses if you’d like to give a gift of flowers to a date. A bouquet of red hydrangeas offers a message of love and dedication.

You can also mix red hydrangeas in with white hydrangeas to create beautiful bouquets that no longer represent romantic passion, but are more neutral for events like weddings and Christmas parties.

What do Red Hydrangeas Symbolize?

1. Love

Red Hydrangea Flower

Red hydrangeas are most commonly associated with romantic love.

For millennia, red hydrangeas have captivated the thoughts and emotions of lovers all over the world. Giving a bouquet of red hydrangeas on your anniversary, first date, or Valentine’s Day is the ideal way to express your love when words fail.

Passion, real love, romance, and desire are all embodied in red flower symbolism.

Giving your sweetheart a red hydrangea on an anniversary might similarly represent your desire to keep the love and passion alive in your relationship.

While flower symbolism isn’t always constant (since meanings vary depending on the context), the red hydrangea is one of the few flowers that have an everlasting and ubiquitous meaning: love.

If you experience regular dreams consisting of a red hydrangea, dream interpreters generally see this as a sign that there is a potential love interest coming into your life.

2. Passion

Red Hydrangea Flower

Red hydrangeas symbolize deep passion – both romantic and otherwise.

Passion is typically symbolized by red flowers. Red hydrangeas are no exception. In fact, giving red hydrangeas is almost universally representative of passion (and passionate love), so this is one type of flower to only give in a romantic situation.

You might choose to give purple or white hydrangeas to someone who isn’t a romantic interest instead of red ones to make sure you don’t give off the wrong impression.

3. Desire

Red Hydrangea Flower

Red colorerd hydrangeas are a sign of desire.

The red hues on the flower are high-energy colors that naturally evoke feelings of desire.

The color red is said to increase heart rate, encourage people to take action, and enhance our smell and taste. It’s a color of action.

Red hydrangeas, therefore, can be a subtle symbol that you, too, have heightened desire to act on your impulses. Giving red flowers to someone can both signify your desire and stimulate their own desire for you.

For dream interpretations, it’s said that if you dream about a red hydrangea, it means you have strong affections for someone (whether it’s a new flame or a long-term lover). Other dream interpretations, on the other hand, believe that dreaming of a red hydrangea might also signify rage.

4. Boldness

Red Hydrangea Flower

Red is the color of boldness. It stands out and demands attention. Red hydrangeas are no different: they’re a bold, demanding flower.

There is a mythology of the “woman in the red dress” who walks into a room full of people in black, and everyone turns to look at her. Similarly, the red hydrangea is the red flower that turns heads.

The red hydrangea is associated with a unique sort of beauty and confident ladies because of its large, spectacular blossoms.

In a garden, the bright reds of a flowering hydrangea can contrast very well against a field of white or yellow flowers surrounding them. The red becomes the attention-grabbing centerpiece.

Raw energy, force, vigor, great emotion, aggression, power, daring, impulsiveness, and passion are all represented by these red coloured flowers.

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5. Devotion

Red Hydrangea Flower

Red hydrangeas can also symbolize devotion in some situations.

When you give someone red hydrangeas, you’re signifying that they’re the only person for you. You are saying that you’re devoted to them.

These flowers show your sentiments of being the only one for your lover.

If you want to showcase your level of commitment to a potential suitor, then gifting them red hydrangeas is the perfect gesture to get your message across.

As a result of this strong cultural meaning, these passionate flowers are best reserved for your significant other or romantic prospect.

6. Good Luck

Red Hydrangea Flower

While in the West, the symbolism of red hydrangeas is quite unambiguous, the Far East have developed some alternative connotations.

The main one of these is good luck.

In the Far East and China, red symbolizes good fortune and luck. As a consequence, some cultures choose to send red hydrangeas to someone to congratulate them on their achievements or to wish them good health and happiness.


Red hydrangeas symbolize a range of strong emotions, ranging from passion and desire to love and devotion.

Because of this, it’s best to only give red a bouquet of red hydrangeas to a romantic love interest.

However, in other situations, like placing them in the corner of a room in a party, or growing them in your garden, they may not have romantic connotations. Instead, they might simply be a feature piece designed to draw someone’s attention.

If you plan on giving someone red hydrangeas and don’t want them to have romantic connotations, mix them in with other colored hydrangeas (red and white go well together) to neutralize the romantic symbolism.

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