Green Hydrangea Flower Meaning & Symbolism

green hydrangea symbolism

The green hydrangea is a symbol of rebirth, regeneration, and health.

Green is very commonly associated with rebirth and health because it is the color of nature. Green makes us think of a peaceful, calm, natural state that’s far from the man-made cities beyond the garden.

Green Hydrangea Symbolism

1. Rebirth, Renewal, Regeneration, and Resurrection

Green hydrangeas symbolize rebirth and regeneration. They can make us think of new beginnings (such as with a fresh green shoot in a garden), and a fresh start in life.

Thus, you might give someone a green hydrangea when you’re asking them for a fresh start. Similarly, it can be gifted to people who are about to start a new journey, such as moving into a new home or setting up a new flowerbed in their garden.

Similarly, dream interpreters believe that dreaming of green hydrangeas is generally a positive sign that might invoke ideas of new hope and new opportunities over the horizon. Thus, a dream of a green hydrangea is often believed to be a ray of hope and people are believed to wake up fresh and revitalized after such dreams.  

2. Natural Beauty

The green of the hydrangea’s flowers blends in beautifully with the herbage in a garden, making it a great choice for a garden that you want to have a soft, natural look and feel.

It’s not a flower that stands out as an attention seeker (unlike deep red or purple flowers). Rather, it’s got a naturalness and subtleness about it that is very elegant.

Similarly, gifting someone green hydrangeas might be interpreted as a sign that you perceive them to be a naturally beautiful person.

3. Tranquillity

Green flowers are generally associated with tranquility. The green of nature reminds us of a calm and peaceful escape from the world beyond.

Including more tones of green into the garden can therefore help the garden to feel more tranquil. It can be a neutralizing and calming effect in a garden that’s too cluttered with the brighter colors of other hydrangea flowers.

The goal of planting green hydrangeas is to create a pleasurable calm and comforting garden atmosphere.

4. Good Luck

Green hydrangeas have also been said to symbolize good luck. Finding yourself among various shades of greens is perceived to be lucky. You can also see this with other green petals, like four leaf clovers.

You may find green hydrangeas in amongst a garden designed to be a Chinese lucky garden. Similarly, green hydrangeas can be given to someone who you hope will have good luck in the future. Giving them green hydrangeas is a way of wishing them luck.

Similarly, dream interpreters might see a dream where you’re in among green hydrangeas as a dream that is telling you you’ll be having good luck soon.

5. Health and Wellness 

Green hydrangeas can also be a sign of wellness. This is associated with the flower’s color, green, which is generally seen as a natural and rejuvenating color.

An interior decorator might place flowering green hydrangeas around a house to make it feel as if it’s a healthy and natural space. Giving someone green hydrangeas can also be a way to wishing someone a healthy and long life ahead. You may even give them to someone who is sick to wish them a swift recovery.

Similarly, dream interpreters can interpret green hydrangea flowers in a dream as a sign that you are living (or aspiring toward) a healthy life.

6. Youthfulness and Freshness

Green hydrangeas can be a symbol of youthfulness. Culturally, we think of green as the color of freshness and youth. Think, for example, of the sayings “he’s green” and “green shoots” which both imply that something is at its beginning stages.

Thus, green hydrangeas might be given to people at the beginning of their marriage as a sign of their young newlywed energy, or given to a young niece as a gift.

A dream about green hydrangea in bloom could mean that you are nostalgic for youth and possibly even seeking out the adventures of your youth.

What does it Mean when you Receive Green Hydrangeas?

Usually, someone simply gives you flowers that they personally find beautiful. It’s hard to read into a gift of flowers based on their symbolism alone (with the exception, perhaps, of roses, which are nearly always romantic).

Reading the card that you were given with the flowers can be a good start to trying to interpret any potential meaning. These meanings could include:

  • Well Wishes for Good Luck: Green hydrangeas are often associated with good luck.
  • A Fresh Start: Green hydrangeas are often given to people when they’re moving into a new home as a well-wish for their fresh start.
  • Beauty: The flowers were given to you because the person associated you with the subtle and natural beauty of a flowering green hydrangea.

Of course, the person gifting you the flowers might have also had another idea in mind completely. Flower symbolism is, after all, very subjective!


A green hydrangea is generally seen as a very happy and upbeat symbol. The soft, gentle colors of the petals are associated with natural beauty, rebirth and renewal, good luck, good health, and tranquillity.

Placing green hydrangeas in your garden can provide a gentle and welcoming break from the bright blooming colors of other types of hydrangeas, making them a subtle but very appealing addition to your garden’s overall atmosphere.