Pink Hydrangea Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Pink Hydrangea Flower Meaning & Symbolism

The Pink Hydrangea is a symbol of love, affection, and heartfelt emotions. It implies the existence of true, intense feelings towards the receiver of the flower.

Hydrangeas, also known as “The Eight Immortal Flowers”, symbolize living in harmony and peace; they are the flowers of coexistence and love.

These flowers are native to the continent of Asia, where they are mostly found in the wild to this day. However, they’re now very common in gardens around the world.

Receiving a bouquet, or even a single one of these flowers could point to a range of different emotions trying to be expressed, above all being love.

Pink Hydrangea Symbolism

1. Love

Pink Hydrangea Flower

Pink hydrangeas have been used to express love for your significant other for centuries. They symbolize deep, sincere feelings of affection for someone.

This symbolism and tradition were given birth in Japan when a Japanese Emperor gifted these flowers to the girl he loved after neglecting her for a long time. This started a tradition of gifting these flowers to show your devotion towards someone you love.

Giving your significant other the pink hydrangea is a beautiful way of expressing your love for them. Be it on a special day, or just a day where you are feeling excessively grateful for them, a bouquet of Pink Hydrangeas conveys whole-hearted affection.

2. Confession

Pink Hydrangea Flower

Along with expressing love for a significant other, the Pink Hydrangea is also a way of confessing your hidden feelings of adoration for someone. 

They are flowers that symbolize adoration among many other emotions, which means that they are also commonly used to subtly hint at your love for someone. So much so, that is it said that this way of confession exists because of the shape of their blossoms which is similar to that of a heart.

When words don’t find a way, the pink hydrangea does; and it’s a perfect fit for when you decide to pour your heart out to that one person.

3. Coexistence & Marriage

Pink Hydrangea Flower

Like a lot of flowers, the pink hydrangea is a commonly gifted flower between married couples.

However, this specific flower is mostly gifted because it symbolizes coexistence with one another, and the concept that coexisting with someone you love is the completion of one’s soul. 

The word “soulmate” derived its roots from the concept that finding your one true love is what completes you; it sustains you and gives a newer meaning to life. Then what other way can be more beautiful to seal this completion than marriage and promising to devote yourself to one another?

Gifting this flower gives us a chance to bring this concept to life. 

The gifting of the pink hydrangea between a married couple is an attempt to strengthen the relationship and highlight the ways you love your wife.

So, if you are looking to gift something meaningful to your spouse, the pink hydrangea would make for a thoughtful and sincere gift. 

4. Apology and Regret

Pink Hydrangea Flower

Pink hydrangeas are also sent to people when you want to express the regret of something you have done to upset the recipient. In this case, they symbolize guilt, repentance, and regret.

The origin of this idea dates back to the Chinese dynasty of Shang where the Xian, or the Immortals, were believed to be born.

According to the folktale, the immortals gifted the pink hydrangea as an apology to the Dragon King after the beautiful Xiangu was kidnapped by one of them. This is where hydrangeas got their name “The Eight Immortal Flowers”; this nickname is believed to be originated from the story of the Immortals.

Following this tradition, the flower is now given to express your feelings of guilt and to ask someone for forgiveness after you have done something to upset them. These flowers might be given to friends or spouses alike.

The Pink Hydrangea as a Tattoo

The pink hydrangea is often drawn as a tattoo to show admiration or respect towards someone. 

It can be tattooed on one’s body as a symbol of pure devotion to someone or something whether that is yourself, your pet, or a loved one. It is a piece of art that is used to express emotions that can’t be put into words. 

The tattoo also often represents the respect and gratitude you have for someone. Hence, it makes for a wonderful tribute for a family member, ancestor, or friend that you want to remember and honor your whole life.

Additionally, the flower makes for an aesthetically appealing and attractive tattoo.

The Pink Hydrangea as a 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Giving the pink Hydrangea as a 4th wedding anniversary gift is a common tradition in the United States. 

Having spent four years with your significant other surely makes for a joyful day that deserves to be celebrated with the utmost love. To make this day special, hydrangea bouquets are specially made consisting of different colors representing different emotions.

However, the most common of these is the pink hydrangea which is given as a reminder to your loved one of your fondness and love for them. It is also a symbol of enduring grace and beauty, a gesture your partner is sure to appreciate.


Most people would love to receive flowers, but what makes them more important and memorable is when a deep, heartfelt, and passionate meaning is hidden behind the giving of those flowers.

It provides our loved ones with a sense of importance, and they ponder upon the fact that the beautiful pink hydrangea reminded us of them which is sure to make anyone happy.

Pink hydrangeas are not only incredibly beautiful flowers, but they also symbolize important things in life, harmony, love, and coexistence. The origins behind these symbols are equally heartwarming and will continue to be so for as long as love exists.

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