White Hydrangea Flower Meaning & Symbolism

White Hydrangea Flower Meaning & Symbolism

White hydrangeas symbolize abundant wealth, purity, grace, and innocence. The flower is a symbol of beauty as well as virtuous qualities like chastity, humility, and cleanliness.

They are also considered as a status symbol of good riches and money. White hydrangea bouquets convey a combination of elegance and tranquility.

What do White Hydrangeas Symbolize?

1. Boastfulness

White Hydrangea Flower

In the Victorian era, the white hydrangea was a symbol of vanity and arrogance. People who were given a white hydrangea were being sent a message that they were too boastful and self-entitled.

The idea that the white hydrangea might reveal your pridefulness is believed to derive from Victorian times when flowers were commonly used as symbolic messages sent from one person to the other.

The white hydrangea was disliked by many Victorian women, and as a result, these flowers were often sent to braggarts or men they disliked. They were also occasionally sent to publicly shame people for arrogant or callous acts.

Similarly, in the 1800s, English men used to give white hydrangeas to women who turned them down. Thus, you could imagine a furious exchange of white flowers during an unhappy break-up in the old days of courting in Victorian England!

2. Purity

White Hydrangea Flower

Despite the negative meanings associated to white hydrangeas in Victorian times, today most people look at them and think of much more positive things.

White hydrangeas have an aura of purity and calmness that comes from the fact that white is the color of purity.

White is frequently associated with the Virgin Mary. So, many Catholics continue to use white flowers such as a white hydrangea as a symbol of her during ceremonies.

Because of their association with purity, they are also often seen within Easter bouquets. Fortunately, they can flower around Easter time during a warm springtime, so they can be abundant around that time.

3. Innocence

White Hydrangea Flower

White hydrangeas represent innocence, they can be gifted to someone to show appreciation of wholesome personality.

White is a color that is thought to be innocent because of its untainted appearance. Due to this, white hydrangea are commonly used during weddings and baptisms.

White hydrangeas are also often used at weddings and funerals for the same reason. For a wedding, the white flowers go along with the bride’s white dress to reinforce the concept of her innocence.

4. Fresh Starts

White Hydrangea Flower

Many types of hydrangeas, including white hydrangeas, are gifted to people during a fresh start in their life.

You can see this in the symbolism of using white hydrangeas in a wedding. But white hydrangeas are also regularly used as a gift for anyone who is embarking on a new adventure in their life or preparing for a different phase in their career.

Gifting hydrangeas to people who have just started a new garden or bought a new house is similarly common.

Furthermore, dream interpreters often claim that dreaming about white hydrangeas is a strong indication that you’re about to go through a fresh start in your life.

5. Beauty and Celebration

White Hydrangea Flower

White hydrangeas symbolize beauty both in life and in people.

White hydrangeas are often said to be the greatest flowers for celebrating beautiful life events.

As a result, white bouquets are ideal as celebratory presents for academic achievements to highlight important milestones. Similarly, you’ll see them at weddings and young girls’ birthday parties.

Seeing white hydrangeas is a reminder to celebrate the beauty in everyday life. They’re there to make special occasions more festive and lovely. They brighten our days and enrich our lives.

6. Cleanliness and Perfection

White Hydrangea Flower

White hydrangeas are associated with cleanliness.

Because white is a color that has no hue, it is associated with perfection and cleanliness. With this in mind, giving white hydrangeas is the perfect way to create a sense of cleanliness within a home.

White hydrangeas act as spiritually cleansing flowers that can help clarify one’s messy or unorganized thoughts. If you struggle with maintaining your thoughts in an ordered manner or staying mentally calm, then adding a bouquet of fresh white hydrangeas to a corner in your office or any room that you frequent often is a good measure to help remind you to unclutter your mind.

7. Faith

White Hydrangea Flower

White hydrangeas can be used to symbolize your strong connection with faith.

White has a significant connection to the idea of faith, as it is associated with the Virgin Mary and is the preferred color of spiritual leaders such as the Pope.

As a result, white hydrangeas are commonly found and used for religious ceremonies, and bouquets are the ideal way to celebrate a very spiritual occasion.

White hydrangeas can suggest a fascination with spirituality and a desire to learn more about this subject.

White hydrangeas in your dreams can indicate that your thoughts have taken a spiritual or religious turn lately, it is an indication to take a closer look at your spiritual beliefs and attempt to strengthen your connection or analyze the views you hold.


These are just a few of the widely recognized meanings of white hydrangeas, but it’s important to keep them in mind when sending bouquets to avoid offending anybody or sending the wrong flowers for the wrong occasion.

This guidance, on the other hand, should help you hit the appropriate note with your floral surprise when it comes to white mixed flower arrangements.

For a wedding theme, many brides want a mix of white and another color. A mix of white hydrangeas and different colors looks exotic and exquisite – commonly, they’re mixed with red hydrangeas.

Choosing white hydrangeas as your favorite flower shows that you are truthful and honest and seek the same traits in others. You have a clear idea of what you want out of life and are open to new experiences.