Blue Poppy Meaning and Symbolism (Imagination & Success)

blue poppy meaning

The Blue Poppy symbolizes luxury, wealth, and abundance. It is a symbol of the unseen and the unknown, including the mystical realm.

Poppy flowers are some of the most common flowers in the world. However, the blue poppy is one of the rarest flowers found on earth; so much so that they were once thought to be a myth by people living outside of Asia.

Blue is already one of the rarest colors to be found in flowers.

The blue poppy is native to the mountains of the Himalayas and Tibet. They can only be grown in cool and moist environments and are only found at altitudes higher than 3500.

This rare flower symbolizes all of the exquisite sentiments that we know of.  

Blue Poppy Symbolism

1. Imagination

The blue poppy has been used as a symbol of imagination since ancient times. It symbolizes the unseen.

This tradition has been going on since the ancient eras. In the Greek and Roman empires, the gods of hypnosis and eternal sleep were given the names of Hypos and Morpheus because of the blue poppy flower.

This was due to the opiates found in the flower which were thought to increase thinking capacities and were taken to enhance the brain’s powers before wars.

However, this symbolism might also have come about due to the legends surrounding the flower outside of Asia, where people thought that blue poppies were only the work of romantic poets and hopeless gardeners; they were imagined to be fever dreams, as shown in this quote:

“The blue flower, the mythical central image of the poet’s dreamlike yearning. The blue flower is attainable”(Fritz von Hardenberg, 1801)

Today, these serene blue flowers are a symbol of imagination and the powers of our brains.

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2. Magic

The blue poppy is often used as a symbol of enchantment and the mystical realm.

Mostly due to the exquisiteness, rareness, and calming aura of this flower, it has always been interrelated with magic and witchcraft. An example of this usage can be seen in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy is being lulled to sleep by the poppy field:

“poppies, poppies, poppies will put them to sleep.” (From “The Wizard of Oz” the film, 1939)

The idea that poppies symbolized magic was also due to the fact that opiates are found in the seeds of the poppy flower. These opiates can cause hallucinations in many cases. The hallucinations led them to be linked with magic and witchcraft.

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3. Luxury and Success

Blue poppies are a symbol of wealth and Luxury in the East, where they are native. They can also symbolize success in Eastern cultures.

Despite being famously known for remembrance, death, and melancholy in the West, these flowers are native to parts of Asia, where they are a symbol of Luxury and Wealth.

All the honorable personalities of Japan and China are known to have blue poppies either in their homes or carved into their cutleries. A lot of them wear the poppy as a sign of honor and respect.

In addition, blue poppies are also a symbol of success in the East. This is because blue poppies grow in large quantities over vast areas of fields and the impression given off by the bright blue color of its petals.

Pair these two qualities together and the never-ending poppy fields give off a sense of abundance.

The Blue Poppy as a Tattoo

Blue poppies are occasionally used as tattoos in order to symbolize faith in a higher being.

Considering that the flower is used to symbolize the presence of the unseen, it is no surprise that it has also been used as a symbol of faith in an unseen entity.

This higher power could be a god or even an emotion that you strongly believe in, or a person that always has your back.

So, if you are looking for a tattoo that Is supposed to help you express your strong faith in something or someone, a blue poppy could work for you.

As a cherry on the top, these beautiful flowers also make for exquisite tattoos and make your body just as rare as they are.

The Blue Poppy as Messages from Angels

Blue poppies are also thought to have been present when angels bring messages from other realms.  

A lot of people believe that considering how rare the blue poppy is, if you happen to spot one near you it is a symbol of a higher being trying to communicate with you; this could point to upcoming success in life or just general happiness.

So, if you ever feel like giving up in life, try to look out for blue poppies or just look at an image of one, and meditate for peace and happiness in life.

The Blue Poppy’s Meaning as a Gift

Blue poppies, being some of the rarest flowers on earth, make for wonderful (and expensive) gifts. Their lovely blue color makes for a stunning bouquet.

This flower is the symbol of unlocked potential, beautiful possibilities, and heaven. It gives the message to the receiver that they make your dreams come true and make you the best version of yourself.

Therefore, if you are looking for a meaningful gift for your family, partner, or friend, a bouquet of blue poppies makes for an exquisite present.

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Blue poppies are not only rare and beautiful, the emotions and symbols they represent are also just as beautiful.

The poppy reminds you that life is more than just a bleak reality; it can be exactly what you want and what you dream of. It is also a reminder to you that no one is useless and everyone has hidden potentials that they just need to look for, and unlock.

It is believed to be more than just a flower; it is the language of the gods.

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