The Meaning and Symbolism of Gardens (Peace & Relaxation)

The Meaning and Symbolism of Gardens

Gardens can symbolize purity, beauty, life, fertility, relaxation, and peace. Many of these symbols come from the emotions people have felt while in a garden.

But garden symbolism is also ancient. The garden of Eden in the bible, for example, is a place that represents purity and innocence.

The trees, flowers, fruits, and water that can be found in gardens provide us with both physical nutrition and emotional relief. This is why our connection to them is so important and why it makes us feel so good to care for them.

What do Gardens Symbolize?

1. Purity


A garden symbolizes purity because of the care and patience it takes to nurture one. These acts in themselves are pure acts.

There is no doubt that gardening takes a lot of dedication and hard work. To nurture a plant to life is one of the purest things you can experience as a human being. To take a seed, watch it grow, water it, and tend to it, really is a miracle to witness.

It has been said that gardening brings purity back into the soul. If you feel that you need to connect better with your soul, to nurture and cleanse it, perhaps you should consider spending time in a garden.

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2. Beauty


Beauty is something that is vital to bringing joy into our lives. Growing a garden is one way to do this.

The human psyche looks to find beauty in things when everything else around you is chaotic and stressful. This is something that people do subconsciously and is a normal thing for all of us.

One of the most natural ways to bring beauty into our lives is to admire the beauty of nature itself.

Sitting in a garden is one way you can easily bring joy into your life. Surrounding yourself with flowers and plants you enjoy looking at will make each day a little more beautiful.

3. Life


Seeing a flower grow from a seed to full bloom is no doubt one of life’s miracles. It is a perfect example of life and gardens are full of them.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of planting a seed into the soil of the earth and nurturing it to life. This is why gardening is so popular, that feeling that you get when you see your hard work blossom into life is not one you get to experience every day.

If you are someone who is going through a turbulent or stressful time in your life, you should definitely consider gardening. There is a healing energy that comes from bringing new life into this world.

4. Fertility


Gardens are places where seeds can be nurtured into becoming living things, this is why they are also a symbol of fertility.

The symbolism of the seed in the soil and a fertilized egg in the womb are very close to one another. There are many synchronicities when it comes to fertility and gardens which is why there is fertile energy to them.

If you are someone who is trying to conceive, you may want to consider meditating in a garden. Concentrate on drawing upon the fertile and healing energy the earth has to offer. When you let your body and mind draw on these energies they may flow within you more freely.

5. Peace


Gardens are a place where you can go to find peaceful and tranquil energy. You don’t need to stretch your imagination too far to see why they are a symbol of peace.

When one wants to become in touch with the earth and find peace within themselves they turn to nature. That is why so many temples, churches, and other sacred grounds are surrounded by gardens, forests, and bodies of water.

There is no doubt that gardens have a grounding quality to them. This quality and their connection to the earth and nature make it a perfect place for people to go to find some inner peace.

Garden Dream Meanings

Dreaming about a garden is generally perceived as a very positive dream. While dreams are always subjective and unique to the individual, below are some possible general interpretations:

  • To dream of a garden that is filled with fresh flowers and new bloom denotes that you will have great peace of mind in the coming weeks. Not only this but a period of comfort is upon you, make sure you take it all in!
  • To dream of a vegetable garden denotes that you may be presented with an opportunity that will benefit you in your career. You may be uncertain when this opportunity presents itself, this is a sign that you should go for it.
  • To dream of walking through a luscious garden with your current lover denotes that you will both enjoy a time of happiness together. It can also mean that any plans you have made together in the near future will go swimmingly.
  • To dream of a garden filled with green, leafy plants denotes that you should start taking care of your health more. If you have been slacking off or enjoying too many vices, now is the time to focus on improving your health and well-being.
  • To dream of an unkempt garden denotes that you may be focusing too much on money and not enough on the free things in life. If you have been spending recklessly, you may want to start gardening rather than going out and spending your money.


A well-looked-after garden is something that brings beauty and joy into our everyday life. It is a place where we can find purity, life, fertility, and inner peace. If you feel that the world around you is being too chaotic and stressful, a garden is a perfect place for you to find balance.

There is a reason that people who garden tend to live longer! The earth and its energies give back in ways we can’t even imagine. Seeing something you planted bloom into something new fills the soul and spirit with an energy you may have never felt before.