Waterfall Symbolism and Dream Meanings (Calmness and Purity)

waterfall dream symbolism

Waterfalls are some of the most stunning features of nature. Away from the pollution and chaos of the cities, you can find waterfalls deep in forests and hills. They are a symbol of purity, calmness, and the majesty of nature.

Seeing a waterfall can help you calm your mind. It is one of the best places to go on an adventure far away from the worries of your life. People even head to waterfalls to meditate. So, waterfalls are symbols of purity and serenity in many cultures.

A waterfall in your dreams also brings a lot of positive meanings and interpretations. Seeing them in your dreams is generally a good sign.

Remember that symbolism is subjective. The below are examples of possible interpretations only, and may not be the correct interpretations for you and your situation.

What Do Waterfalls Symbolize?

1. Flow of Life

In many cultures, a waterfall is often used to symbolize the flow of life. Water from rivers flows through so many different terrains to meet the ocean. A waterfall compels the water along on it life cycle.

Similarly, a waterfall might represent the flow of your human life. It can be used as a motif to represent the fact that your life has a flow, path, and rhythm to it. Looking up at a waterfall, you might be in awe of the fact nothing in the fast-flowing current will be able to escape the waterfall’s grasp.

Sometimes you will fall off the edge, but that is what life is all about.

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2. Reflection

A waterfall also reminds us to reflect and connect to our consciousness. That is why a lot of people often meditate near a waterfall.

The constant flow and rush of a waterfall create a sound that’s both soothing and persistent. It helps meditators to clear their heads and get in touch with their consciousness. The sound of the waterfall pushes out thoughts of the past and the future so you can exist solely in the present moment.

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3. Calmness and Chaos

Waterfalls are chaotic. They throw water, debris, fallen trees, and rocks off the edge with great force.

Paradoxically, there is also a sense of calmness when you see a waterfall go through its rhythm from a safe distance.

This paradox of simultaneous calmness and chaos is something that we can reflect upon. Life itself is a mixture of calmness and chaos.

The sense of calmness and chaos of a waterfall is also evoked in films where people are canoeing down a river feeling relaxed and calm, without the knowledge that around the corner they’re about to be thrown off a cliff!

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4. Diversity

Waterfalls are the hotspots of forest diversity. You will find all different types of plants and animal species near a waterfall.

The elevated area of the waterfall provides a strategic advantage for many animals and they prefer to live there. You will find birds living in the rock faces alongside a waterfall, vines and trees growing over a waterfall, and fish swimming off the edge on their journey downriver.

You might also find animals like bears fishing by the waterfall, waiting for unsuspecting salmon to swim off the edge.

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5. Purity

Waterfalls also symbolize purity. People in many cultures believe that a waterfall only originates in a place with no sins.

It’s also made up of water falling like a tap. We look upon the waterfall and feel like we could stand under that water and have a cleansing shower. Water itself symbolizes purity.

6. Big Challenges Ahead

A waterfall can also mean that there is a big challenge waiting for you.

People sitting in a canoe floating down a river with a waterfall up ahead will be facing a big challenge. Here, there is literally a big challenge coming up for the person in the canoe.

So, a waterfall might be used as a sign that a challenge is coming for you. Challenges are a part of life and they help you to improve and mature.

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Waterfall Dream Meanings

1. A Fresh Start (Drinking from a Waterfall)

Drinking from a waterfall can be viewed as a positive sign. It can hint that you are finally going to get that fresh start that you are looking for. The chance for you to start with a clean slate might come soon.

With a fresh start, you can feel excited that you’ve got a blank slate. Your mistakes of the past can be washed away and you can work hard at creating a better you.

Make sure that you do not make the same mistakes as in the past. Learn from them so you do not waste this second chance.

2. The Buildup of Negative Emotions (Falling over a Waterfall)

Falling over a waterfall can be a scary dream. It can mean that there is a buildup of negative emotions inside you.

It might be a message from your subconscious to address these emotions to stay mentally well. It might be a reminder to start meditating again, for example (especially because waterfalls are spaces for meditation).

A buildup of negative emotions and holding onto them can harm your mood. It can also affect your work negatively. Do not let the negative emotions eat you inside. Talk to someone or meditate to help deal with your emotions properly.

3. Hidden Mysteries (Going Behind the Waterfall)

Waterfalls are typically hidden deep inside forests and hills. You do not find them very easily. So, finding a waterfall and going behind it in your dreams can hint towards some hidden mysteries.

These hidden mysteries could be things like uncovering your hidden talent or finding something that has been forever around you but you didn’t see it. Keep an open eye for the element of surprise as there is a mystery nearby that might be of interest to you if you can uncover it.

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4. Uniqueness (Swimming in the Waterfall)

Swimming in a waterfall in your dreams can be a reminder to embrace your uniqueness and your quirkiness. You are unique in the sense that you like to take on new challenges to learn more.

Maintain this unique element of your personality and find people who love and embrace it. We live in a world full of different personalities, so if you don’t fit in with people around you, seek out people who you might be able to build a closer connection to and who love you for who you are.

5. Hygeine (Seeing a Small Waterfall)


Waterfalls are believed to be pure, so seeing one in a dream can be a reminder about the importance of staying healthy.

Often, people will dream about waterfalls when they’re feeling particularly clean and healthy on the inside. If the dream comes when you’re feeling unclean, it may be a message that it’s time to get clean. This might involve having a haircut, a manicure, or simply having a long hot shower.

How to Interpret Spiritual Symbolism

Interpreting symbolism and spiritual meanings is subjective and deeply personal. The symbolic meanings listed in this article are examples of potential interpretations, but might not be true for your situation.

Make sure you meditate and journal about your vision. Reflect on what you saw and think about what message you think is relevant to you and your life right now.

This doesn’t mean choosing the message you want to hear, but the one you think you need to hear at this point in your life. Only you can decide which meaning is the right one for your situation.

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Waterfall Dream Symbolism – Summary Table

Seeing a waterfall in your dream can be a good sign. It symbolizes a fresh start, uniqueness, and hidden mysteries.

Even when the meaning of the dream might not be positive, it still gives you an idea about the future and how you can prepare for it.

Always interpret your waterfall-related dream carefully as it might contain a hidden message for you.

Here are a few examples of possible interpretations (remembering none of them might be the right one!):

Waterfall SymbolismPotential Meaning or Interpretation
1.Seeing a Big WaterfallIt is possible that you will face some big challenges ahead but do not worry as they are going to make you stronger and ready for the future.
2.Drinking Water from a WaterfallThis is a good sign as you might get a fresh start to write a new story of your life. You can now use your wisdom to make better decisions.
3.Falling with a WaterfallThere is a chance that a lot of negative emotions are built up inside you. You need to get them out.
4.Going behind a WaterfallThere might be some hidden mysteries that you can uncover. They are going to be good for you.
5.Swimming in a WaterfallIt can symbolize your uniqueness. Your unique nature makes you special.
6.Seeing a Small WaterfallYou are thinking about being clean, healthy, and hygienic.


Seeing a waterfall in nature is a unique and joyful sight. It is a symbol of calmness, purity, and the diversity of nature. Seeing them in your dreams also carries a lot of positive meanings. Whether you see a waterfall in real or in a dream, it is usually a good symbol. If you’re trying to interpret the symbolism of a waterfall, reflect on the context of the situation to get a better understanding of what the symbolic meaning might be.

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