Green Apple Meaning and Symbolism (Friendship and Wisdom)

Green Apple Meaning and Symbolism

A green apple is a unique apple that has a different taste profile than traditional red apples. It is sour in taste and has a thick skin which makes it crunchy.

People often see a green apple as a symbol of friendship, tolerance, health, and wisdom.

Because of their unique taste and color, green apples have different meanings and interpretations than red apples. However, most of them are good and positive.

Seeing a green apple in your dreams can have a lot of positive connotations for you. Green apples in your dreams can symbolize achievement, healthy life, strong friendship, and love.

Remember that symbolism is subjective. The below are examples of possible interpretations only, and may not be the correct interpretations for you and your situation.

What Do Green Apples Symbolize?

1. Uniqueness

Green Apple

Green apples have a distinct taste and texture. They are apples but taste sour and have a crunchy feel to them. That is why green apples symbolize uniqueness.

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2. Mental Toughness

The skin of green apples is quite thick compared to normal red apples. This is why they have more tolerance and they can do not get damaged easily. Therefore, people generally associate green apples with mental toughness.

3. Health

Green Apple

Because of numerous health benefits and nutrients, green apples are also associated with health. “An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away” is an old truism that exemplifies this association between apples and healthiness.

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4. Friendship

Green apples are a prime symbol of friendship. In many cultures, gifting green apples to people means you would like to be their friend. Unlike red hydrangeas, for example, green apples are not a sign of romance but simply your platonic affection toward someone.

5. Wisdom

Green Apple

Green apples are also associated with wisdom and knowledge. Because of their unique taste, people believe that they are a fruit of wisdom.

Furthermore, in the bible, the forbidden fruit of wisdom in the garden of Eden was an apple.

What Does Dreaming of Green Apple Symbolize?

1. Achievement of Goals (Eating Green Apple)

Green Apple

Dreaming of eating a green apple can be considered a very lucky dream. It could mean that you are soon going to achieve a goal you have been working hard for.

Achieving your goals takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice in life. But the end results are always worth it. Keep working hard for your goals and success will be yours soon. But remember, a dream only comes true if you put in the effort to make it come true.

2. Healthy Life (Seeing Green Apple)

Seeing a green apple in your dreams can be a sign of a healthy life ahead.

Having a healthy life is a result of healthy exercise and eating habits. It also means a lot of self-control. But the end results are going to be beneficial for you in the long run.

So, a dream of a green apple might be interpreted as a sign that you need to do whatever you can do to keep yourself healthy. 

3. Strong Friendship (Gifting Green Apple to Someone)

Green Apple

If you gift a green apple to someone in your dreams then it can be a positive sign.

Gifting a green apple to someone can symbolize a strong bond of friendship between you two.

Having a strong friendship also means that you two have great compatibility.

Not everybody in this world is blessed with true and understanding friends. If you have that kind of beautiful bond with someone, just cherish it and do not do anything that could hurt this bond.

4. Sour Investments (Buying a Bad Tasting Green Apple)

If you find yourself buying a green apple that looks really good but it tastes sour, then it can have some negative implications. It could mean that your investments will give you bad results.

If you are not a big risk taker and have responsibilities then do not go all in. Keep some money in a safe place.

Remember that dreams are very fickle and subjective things. I wouldn’t make a financial decision based on a dream alone.

5. Love Is on the Way (Buying Green Apples)

Green Apple

Dreaming of buying green apples is a positive dream. It can hint that you might soon find love in your life.

With this positive sign, you can now start your search for a partner. Finding love isn’t easy when you don’t even try.

Be confident and try to approach people that you find interesting. You never know how the chemistry is going to work between the two of you.

6. Traitor Near You (Seeing Worms in Your Apple)

If you see worms in your apple then it can be considered as a warning sign. There is a possibility that you have a traitor near you.

Funnily, sometimes these dreams are hyperbolic. It might simply be that someone ate your lunch at work! So, I wouldn’t stress too much. However, I would keep my friends close and not trust people who I haven’t known for long enough.

Summary Table – Green Apple Dream Meanings

Dreaming of green apples is generally a good sign. They can convey a lot of positive messages and also tell you something about your near future.

Green apples in dreams can symbolize achievements, good health, strong friendship among other positive things.

Here are a few examples of possible interpretations (remembering none of them might be the right one!):

Green SymbolismPotential Meaning or Interpretation
1.Eating a Green AppleIt can mean that you are soon going to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.
2.Seeing a Green Apple (In General)It can symbolize a healthy life for you.
3.Gifting Green Apple to SomeoneIt can mean that you are having a very strong bond of friendship with this person.
4.Buying a Green Apple that Looks Good but Tastes BadIt can be a warning sign for you. There is a chance that your investment will have bad returns.
5.Buying Green ApplesYou can view it as a positive sign. There is a strong chance that you will find your love soon.
6.Seeing Worms in Green AppleThere can be a traitor near your who can cause you harm.


Green Apple has a very positive symbolism and dreams associated with green apples are generally positive. They can tell you a lot about your current phase in life and provide warnings about what is coming in the near future.