Avocado Meaning and Symbolism (Love, Health & Prosperity)

Avocado is considered a superfruit because of its nutritional properties. As a result, it’s widely associated with health. But it also has some odd additional symbolic meanings.

An Avocado can symbolize love, fertility, prosperity, and health.

Seeing an avocado in your dreams can also have certain meanings. Dreaming of an avocado is often associated with fertility as avocados resemble male genitalia.

Avocado Meaning and Symbolism

Remember that symbolism is subjective. The below are examples of possible interpretations only, and may not be the correct interpretations for you and your situation.

What Do Avacados Symbolize?

1. Love

Two avocados together are a symbol of couples and that is why avocados are associated with love. Avocados are often found in pairs on the end of stems of trees where they’re seen as coming as a pair, much like how lovers are always found together.

2. Lust

The Spanish word for avocados translates to human testicles and they also resemble the shape of testicles. This is why they are viewed as a symbol of lust in many regions. Similarly, they might be seen as symbols of fertility because of their resemblance to testicles.

3. Fertility

Since avocados are associated with lust, avocados are also considered a symbol of fertility. Avocados look like testicles and have the Spanish name for testicles. This shows they have for generations reminded people of reproductive organs!

4. Health

The avocado is one of the superfruits. It has strong nutritional properties and is highly beneficial for human health. People try to integrate avocado into their diets through having it on toast, tacos, and other dishes, to add some nutrition to their diets. 

What Does Dreaming of Avocado Symbolize?

1. Happy Life (Eating Avocado)

If you find yourself eating avocado in your dreams, then it can be a positive dream for you.

A dream of an avocado is believed to indicate that you have a very happy life and you are satisfied with the path you are currently taking. The avocado is emblematic of happiness and contentment in your present moment.

2. Wrong Decisions (Seeing a Raw Avocado)

Seeing a raw avocado in your dreams can hint towards the wrong decisions that you are about to make.

Some people consider the dream of a raw or under-ripe avocado as a warning sign and a reminder to think rationally.

Before making any decision, make sure you weigh in all the pros and cons and the effect it will have on you and the people near you. Only then you can think rationally and make a good decision.   

3. Good Results (Seeing Many Avocados)

Seeing a lot of avocados in a dream is often considered a good sign. It shows a good harvest, which might spiritually mean that you’ll see good results in your life heading into the future.

As with most dreams of abundant harvest (most commonly, a dream of wheat or a field of corn), this is emblematic of success that has come from a combination of hard work and luck.

With this is a good sign that luch is on your side, keep working hard as dreams only come to fruition if you put in the effort to make sure they come true.

4. Growth and Prosperity (Seeing an Avocado Tree)

Seeing an avocado tree in your dreams can be a symbol of growth and prosperity in life. As with the above symbolism, this is often the case if there are abundant avocados on the tree and the avocados are large and ripe.

5. Negotiation with Someone (Selling Avocados)

If you find yourself selling avocados in your dreams then you might soon find yourself negotiating with someone in real life and this negotiation is not going to be easy. 

Some people believe that this dream comes to people as a message to be prepared for a hard negotiation to come. With preparation, intelligence and resolve, the negotiation might go your way.

6. Dreams Coming True (Seeing a Ripe Avocado)

Seeing a ripe avocado in your dreams is a good sign as it indicates that all of your dreams will come true when you work hard towards them.

If you keep working hard in life, there is nothing that you can’t achieve. Remain focused and keep working towards your goals with full dedication. Eventually, you will get what you deserve.

 7. Be Kind to the People You Love (Cutting an Avocado)

If you find yourself cutting an avocado in your dreams, some people consider this a warning sign. You need to be more kind to the people you love and care for.

Sometimes we take our loved ones for granted and rudely talk to them. That is not something you should do. Remember to be gentle with the people you love and treat them with respect. After all, they are the most important people in your life.

8. Hard Times (Eating an Avocado and Feeling Bad Taste)

If you eat avocado in your dream and then feel a bad taste in your mouth then it can be viewed as a warning sign. Some people believe that this means you will face hardship soon.

Hardships are an essential part of life and it is these moments that make you a stronger person. Do not try to run away from them. Instead, try to face them with courage and you will become a better person.

9. Hard Time Understanding People (Peeling Avocado)

Dreaming about peeling an avocado can mean that you are having a hard time understanding people, despite making a lot of effort.

You can try a little harder to understand people and what they are really trying to say. However, if you still fail then honesty is your best policy. Ask the other person to be clearer so that you can understand them in a better way.

Summary: Avocado Dream Meanings

Dreams related to avocados often contain hidden meanings that can be interpreted through introspection and journaling. They can tell you things about your life, inform you of wrong decisions you are making, and help you grow growth as a person.

Here are a few examples of possible interpretations (remembering none of them might be the right one!):

Avocado SymbolismPotential Meaning or Interpretation
1.Eating an AvocadoIt is a symbol of a joyful life.
2.Seeing a Raw AvocadoThere is a strong chance that you will make wrong decisions in your life.
3.Seeing Many AvocadoesYou will get good results in whatever you are doing.
4.Seeing an Avocado TreeIt can be viewed as a symbol of growth and prosperity.
5.Selling AvocadoYou might find yourself negotiating with someone and the negotiation is going to be a hard one.
6.Seeing a Ripe AvocadoYour hard work will make all of your dreams come true.
7.Cutting an AvocadoYou need to be more kind to the people that you love and care for.
8.Eating an Avocado and Feeling Bad TasteThere might be some hard times coming for you soon.
9.Peeling an AvocadoIt can mean that you are having a hard time understanding people nearby you.


The meanings and symbolism associated with avocadoes are generally positive in both real lives and in dreams. While it’s impossible to give a definitive and authoritative interpretation of your dreams, taking a look at other people’s subjective interpretations can help while you meditate on the meaning yourself.