Symbolism of Wheat (Fertility, Growth, and Prosperity)

Symbolism of Wheat

Wheat has been seen as a symbol of fertility and life in many cultures. Like the nourishment it provides to people, wheat has come to be associated with abundance and prosperity.

Wheat often serves as a metaphor for life, birth, and resurrection. In various cultures across the world, wheat has been one of the most celebrated crop because it is the foundation of so many meals.

Dreaming of wheat is often interpreted as a sign that good things are about to come in your life.

What Does Wheat Symbolize?

1. Fertility

wheat dream meaning

Children are the most beautiful creation of humans. People hoping to get pregnant have seen wheat as a symbol of fertility for generations, rightly or wrongly.

Since ancient times, wheat has been associated with fertility. The blooming fields of wheat symbolized the fertility of the earth. As such, wheat also came to represent fertility in humans. If you have been hoping to have a child, wheat can symbolize those hopes.

Many couples are hesitant to become parents and face new responsibilities. Wheat could be an indicator that you are ready to take the next big step and welcome a little bundle of joy.

2. Prosperity

Like the nutrition it provides us, wheat could also symbolize prosperity and abundance for people.

In many cultures, wheat fields are considered bountiful blessings from nature. Seeing wheat stalks or wheat fields could indicate that good things are about to arrive in your life.

Wheat can represent upcoming prosperity and optimism. Universally, it stands for abundance – both materially and spiritually. Wheat could also imply that you are content and happy in your life.

3. Resurrection


Life is a cycle – the end is followed by a new beginning. Wheat might symbolize this cycle of rebirth and resurrection.

Wheat can grow in any soil, and after harvest, the new crop can grow there without much effort. In such a way, wheat perfectly represents the cycle of birth, demise, and resurrection. In ancient cultures like Egyptian and Buddhist, wheat symbolized the path from one life to another.

A sheaf of wheat was often presented at funeral rites to mark the journey from one world to another. Metaphorically, this might represent new beginnings. A bundle of wheat stalks can indicate a new journey in life or a major change.

4. Productivity

Wheat represents productivity and growth in life. If you are someone looking to improve your life, the meaning of wheat can give you great wisdom.

Like most crops, wheat represents growth in various aspects of life. It could be growth in material wealth or general happiness of mind.

Nature does not like stale things, and neither do people. We live in constant pursuit of becoming better than we were yesterday. The symbolism of wheat represents these efforts to grow and become a better person.

Other things that symbolize growth include beads and bamboo.

What Does Dreaming of Wheat Symbolize?

1. A New Start (Seeing Yellow Wheat)


Dreaming of yellow wheat could symbolize a new beginning in your life.

Wheat turns yellow when it is ripe for harvest. Seeing these yellow grains of wheat can symbolize a new chapter in your life or thinking of new goals. If you have been waiting to do something for a long time, now might be the right moment to start your endeavors.

2. Pursuing Positivity (Seeing Golden Wheat)

If you see golden wheat in your dreams, it could indicate positivity and great things.

When the wheat is golden, it is at its most beautiful stage. Dreaming of golden wheat fields can mean that your life is full of positivity. Seeing a single stalk of golden wheat might indicate that you need to pursue a more positive outlook in life.

It can also be an indication to surround yourself with people who love and support you.

3. Relish Your Success (Seeing Wheat Flour)


You are ready to enjoy the fruits of your hard work if you see wheat flour in your dreams.

Wheat flour is the final stage in the life of wheat when it is ready to be consumed. Dreaming of wheat flour could mean that you can now enjoy the results of your hard work.

It might also mean that you need to relax and give yourself more simple pleasures because you deserve them. As wisdom goes, all work and no play can make you dull.

4. Adapting to Situations (Seeing Black Wheat)

Dreaming of black wheat could mean that you are a very flexible person who can adapt to any situation.

Black wheat gets a bad reputation in some modern interpretations due to the negative connotations around the color black. But black wheat could actually mean great things for you. It could indicate that you are great at adapting to new environments, particularly at work.

It might also signal the need to change your life and try something different.

What is the Meaning of Wheat in the Bible (Spiritual Meaning)?

Like most cultures, the Bible too speaks highly of wheat as a symbol. According to the Bible, wheat represents charity, love, and prosperity.

In Biblical symbolism, wheat and weeds are often used as metaphors. Wheat represents the true followers of Jesus Christ, while weed represents the non-believers.

The wheat fields are also symbolic of the church in Bible. The harvesting of wheat is symbolic of charity and the message of the Church. The grains of wheat represent the love of Christ. Verse 12:24 in the Book of John uses wheat as a symbol of spiritual transformation. It notes the sacrifice believers must make to stand true to their faith.


Wheat is an auspicious symbol that represents good things in life. From prosperity and family to new beginnings, the symbol of wheat is filled with optimism.

Remembering the symbolism of wheat can help us remember the great things life can offer us. With a positive attitude and unbridled hopes, we can build a better future for ourselves. If we seek something with a pure heart, it will almost always come to us.