Mushrooms Symbolism and Meaning (Transformation & Health)

Mushrooms Symbolism and Meaning

For many years, people have been using mushrooms as a part of their diet. For many cultures who eat them, mushrooms symbolize fertility, transformation, and good health.

If you see a mushroom on a hike or in a dream, it can have many different meanings and interpretations. Fortunately, most spiritual interpretations of mushrooms are positive. However, depending on what you do with the mushroom or its taste, the meaning can change.

What Do Mushrooms Symbolize?

1. Connection to the Dead


Mushrooms can symbolize your connection to departed loved ones.

Mushrooms grow on dead and decaying compost. Seeing them can mean that you have a deep and good connection with people who have been buried.

While you can do nothing to bring the dead back to life, having that deep connection with them is your sign of showing gratitude. Just keep that gratitude alive with you.

2. Good Health

Many people believe that seeing mushrooms in real life is a sign of good health mostly because they have various health benefits. 

Mushrooms are a good food to have as part of a balanced, healthy diet. So, it makes sense that a mushroom has come to be associated with wellbeing.

3. Fertility


Another common belief is that mushrooms are a symbol of fertility, especially in men.

Just like mushrooms grow in highly fertile grounds, seeing them is supposedly a good sign for your fertility if you are a man.

4. Transformation

Mushrooms symbolize rapid transformation.

They grow quickly out of nowhere and this can inspire you to grow and shine as a human. A patch of mushrooms on a dead log can transform it from a boring log in the landscape to a vibrant, exciting fairy patch.

5. Bliss and Nirvana


Mushrooms are used as psychedelics in many cultures and it is believed that they bring you closer to nirvana.

So, many people who like to use psychedelics will often have pictures of mushrooms around their house. These pictures remind them of their hippie culture and enjoyment of mind-altering mushrooms!

What Does Dreaming of Mushrooms Symbolize?

1. Surprising Changes Coming Soon (Seeing Mushrooms in General)

If you see mushrooms in your dreams, there might be some big and surprising changes coming to your life. Many people think these changes will most likely be positive.

Change is a most necessary part of human life. Seeing a change is a sign of growth. So, be ready to embrace it to the best of your abilities.

2. Fertility (Mushrooms Growing in Ground)


Seeing mushrooms growing in the ground in your dreams can be a sign of fertility.

Fertility can mean a lot of things, not just pregnancy (for example it could be seen as a sign to start planting some vegetables in your garden). However, this dream is often related to positive male fertility.

For more, see our article on garden symbolism.

3. Big Gains (Collecting Mushrooms)

If you find yourself collecting mushrooms in your dreams, this is often considered to be a lucky thing. You may experience some big financial gains.

Pay attention to all of the opportunities coming your way. It might be possible that you will land a big client for your business. Stay true to the hard work and see where it leads you.

4. Turning Dreams into Reality (Preparing Mushroom Strew)


Preparing a mushroom stew in your dreams can be a sign that you are a hard-working person. It can indicate that you are working very hard to turn your dreams into reality and your efforts will be rewarded.

Working towards your goals requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. However, the end result is just as sweet. So, even if you feel like this is too much, keep working because, in the end, you will have everything you ever wanted.

5. Incoming Wisdom and Experience (Mushrooms Growing on your Walls)

Seeing mushrooms growing on your walls in your dreams can be a good sign. It could mean that you are finally gaining some wisdom.

There is no use in suffering hardships if you do not gain any wisdom and experiences for it.

A sight of mushrooms growing on walls in a dream could be a sign that you should try to collect the experiences from the current phase of your life and use them to make better decisions next time.

6. Hurting Someone Close (Eating Mushroom that Tastes Bad)


If you find yourself eating a mushroom that tastes bad in your dreams, you can view it as a warning. You might be accidentally hurting a person who is really close to you and cares for you.

Think about your actions and make sure you’re being your kindest and truest self to everyone around. Be compassionate to your loved ones and let them know you care for them.

7. Sneaky and Untrustworthy Person (Eating a Bad Smelling Mushroom)

Eating a bad-smelling mushroom in your dreams can mean that you are in the company of a person who is untrustworthy and sneaky.

Having a sneaky person around you is always a troubling sign. They can take advantage of you and you can’t really work with them if they can’t be trusted. Pay attention to people around you and keep the circle of people you trust small.

What Does It Mean to See Mushrooms in Your Dreams?

Seeing mushrooms in your dreams can mean a lot of things. From financial gains to more wisdom, most of the dreams have a positive interpretation.

Here are a few examples of possible interpretations (remembering none of them might be the right one!). Symbolism is very subjective so it’s hard to tell if any of these symbols are the ones for you. Don’t forget to journal, meditate, reflect, and talk to a spiritual advisor about your situation.

Mushrooms SymbolismPotential Meaning or Interpretation
1.Seeing Mushrooms in GeneralIt can mean some surprising changes are coming towards you. These changes will most likely be good.
2.Mushrooms Growing in GroundIt can symbolize male fertility. If you are married, chances are you might attempt to have a baby.
3.Collecting Mushrooms in a BinIt can hint towards some big gains coming your way.
4.Preparing Mushroom StewIt means that you are doing the things that matter to you the most. Also, you are turning your dreams into reality.
5.Mushrooms Growing on Your WallsIt can mean that you are finally receiving the wisdom that you need in your life.
6.Eating Mushroom that Tastes BadIt can mean that you are hurting a person who is very close to you.
7.Eating Mushroom that Smells BadIt can mean that you are in a company of an untrustworthy and sneaky person.


Mushrooms have a deep symbolic meaning in our lives. They symbolize transformation, good health, and fertility. People have been using mushrooms for psychedelic experiences, shaman rituals, etc. for a long time.

Seeing them in your dreams can have different meanings and interpretations but mostly the meanings are positive.