Dragon Fruit Symbolism and Spiritual Meanings

Dragon Fruit Symbolism and Spiritual Meanings

Dragonfruit is one of the most unique and exotic-looking fruits found on the planet. The reason why it’s called dragon fruit is that according to tales, it was made when dragons spitfire.

The fruit has a lot of positive meanings and symbols associated with it. It can symbolize power, success, and victory among other positive things.

Seeing or eating a dragon fruit in both real life and in dreams have positive meanings and interpretations.

Remember that symbolism is subjective. The below are examples of possible interpretations only, and may not be the correct interpretations for you and your situation.

What Does Dragon Fruit Symbolize in Real Life?

1. Power

Dragon Fruit

A dragonfruit is seen as a symbol of power in many cultures.

Many people believe that if someone gives you a dragon fruit then it is a lucky symbol for you. There is a chance that you will have a powerful role in society.

All you have to do is make sure that you take this responsibility with complete devotion and bring some positive changes to the world.

Power can have very strong corruptive effects on the minds of people who are not ready for it. Make sure that you never misuse your power otherwise it will be a fall for you.

2. Victory

Dragon Fruit

In folklore, dragon fruit is a powerful fruit that is often associated with victory.

It is good to have dragon fruit in your house and if you are planning to make a big move then it is a positive symbol as you will have victory in life.

Make sure that you keep working hard because working hard so far has gotten you to this stage where all you need to do is make a final move to seize the victory.  

3. Strength

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a symbol of strength and it inspires you to be tough mentally.

All the battles are won in the mind before they even come to feasting. Once you have a strong temperament and inner strength, you can take on any challenges like a champion and emerge out victorious.

Work towards making your mind strong and be less affected by what other people might think of you. This way, you can develop inner strength gradually.  

4. Appreciation of Beauty of Life

Dragon Fruit

A dragonfruit is also believed to inspire you to appreciate the beauty of life a little more.

This does not mean doing a grand gesture. Instead, merely acknowledging how beautiful this life and everyone who is a part of it is more than enough. When you have the appreciation for the beauty of life, you become humble and all of your actions are then positive.

5. Protection

Dragon Fruit

A dragonfruit is also a symbol of protection.

Many people believe that it keeps the evil spirits and negative energy away from you. It is ideal to consume dragon fruit and keep it in your house.

Dragonfruit Dream Meanings

1. Idealistic Goals

Dragon Fruit

If you find yourself eating a dragon fruit in your dreams then it can have a positive meaning. It can mean that you have very real and idealistic goals in life.

Oftentimes people make the mistake of setting some unrealistic goals for themselves which they are never able to fulfill and then they develop a feeling of resentment. If you really want to achieve some goals, make sure that they are realistic first.

2. Satisfaction in Life

Dragon Fruit

Seeing a dragon fruit in your dreams can be a very positive symbol for you. It can hint towards satisfaction and contentment in life.

Not everyone feels satisfied and happy with their life. So, if you feel happy in life at the current stage, consider yourself lucky. You are only happy and satisfied because you have worked so hard to achieve this satisfaction in life. Do not let anything ruin it for you.

3. Success

Dragon Fruit

Eating dragonfruit can be an auspicious symbol for you. Many people believe that eating dragon fruit in your dreams symbolizes success.

With this positive symbol on your side make sure that you work hard towards your goals now more than ever. Our dreams only come true if we also put our effort toward realizing them in your waking life. You just have to stay loyal to your goals and believe in the process.

4. Surprise

Dragon Fruit

If you see a dragonfruit in your dreams then you will most likely find some interesting surprises soon.

Be ready for some positive and interesting surprises soon. With this symbol, you will feel a little more excited and anxious for the future and that is what the beauty of life is. It keeps you excited about some new possibilities all the time. 

5. Protection

Dragon Fruit

Seeing a dragonfruit in your dreams can also send a message that your guardian angel is there for your protection.

No matter what happens, your guardian angels are always there to look out for you. Having them protecting you, it is time to do all the things that you are avoiding because of fear.

6. Opening Up a Bit

Dragon Fruit

If you see a dragon fruit in your dreams then it can be a good omen. It can be a sign that you are finally opening up to new ideas and people in real life.

Opening up to new ideas and interacting with new people is only going to increase your knowledge and enhance your personality in many ways. Remember, entertaining a new idea doesn’t mean accepting it. At any point, you can abandon the idea if you don’t like it.

7. Calm Before the Storm

Dragon Fruit

Seeing a dragon fruit in your dreams can also hint towards the calm before a storm. It can mean that your life might go under a profound transformation in the coming time.

Be ready to go on a profound transformation journey and make sure to appreciate and enjoy every moment of it. On the other side of it, you will come out as a different person.


Seeing a dragon fruit in your dreams and in real life can have a lot of positive connotations in your life. The symbols associated with dragon fruit are generally good and you can easily interpret them to make your life better.