Aquarius Moon Woman (5 Key Personality Traits)

Women with an Aquarius Moon are rebellious and humanitarian souls who envision a better future for the whole world.

In astrology, the Moon symbolizes our emotional state, needs, and connection to our mothers. It also denotes how we experienced and expressed love in childhood, as well as any subconscious traumas we may have accumulated.

As these issues persist into adulthood, it is paramount to make conscious attempts to heal these emotional wounds in order to make progress towards a better understanding of ourselves and the capacity to interact with others more effectively.

Remember that this information is based on astrological stereotypes and not scientific – it may or may not represent any individual Aquarius moon woman.

Aquarius Moon Woman

5. Aquarius Moon Woman Personality Traits

1. Visionary

Aquarius Moon women are visionaries. They keep their eyes and focus on the future and are very idealistic.

Their deep sense of humanitarianism makes them great activists whose emotional explosiveness when it comes to social or environmental causes may be even scary.

It is important for them to find a healthy way to express their eccentricity, feel free to invent and rebel, create a community and focus on alternative technology projects and the future.

Their main goal is to create a better future and a better society for everyone. Maybe they were the “nerds” who enjoyed great theories and loved robots, conspirative theories and technology.

Or maybe they were friends with the “freaks” at school. This is all because of the satisfaction that comes to them from inventions, community and both creative and humanitarian work.

When it comes to their homes it is very probable that they live in a modern building with a lot of technology incorporated and very eclectic decorations. Or maybe they live in a sustainable house because they believe that ecology is the future.

As mentioned before, Aquarius Moon women are very idealistic. They love participating in social causes and they rebel against any mandate or status quo.

However, their mental and cold personality makes them pretty philosophically and ideologically stubborn, considering that everything has to go according to their ideals.

Although they believe in cooperation and solidarity with others, they can become very rigid in their search for ideals.

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2. Original

Another trait women with an Aquarius Moon possess is their originality. They have an attachment to being different.

During their lives, they probably felt as if they didn’t belong anywhere. Although this made them feel pretty lonely, it is also something that made them feel superior in a way.

They’ve always wanted to differentiate from those around them, to be unique and original. When they were little, due to their great imagination, they got easily bored with common and ordinary kids their age.

They have an attachment to feeling superior to others because that way they feel good with themselves.

However, it is important for them to understand that everyone is special in their own way. These authentic women feel uncomfortable with fakeness and stagnation, this is why they want others to be authentic too, pushing their limits and sometimes generating conflict.

Aquarius Moon women are also very creative, they don’t follow rules, labels or trends. They use their creativity and originality to create their own unique styles and personalities.

Sometimes they may be seen as unconventional because they are “weird” or at least not like everybody else. They also use their creativity in artistic activities, creating and expressing things in a new and different way than what we are used to.

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3. Detached

Aquarius Moon women are very detached souls. When they were little, their mothers didn’t provide them with all the emotional support they needed.

That is why they had to find emotional support in other places such as their friends or other people who participated in their parenting.

Their mothers were probably very unstable, cold, independent and unattached. They were very different from their daughters and didn’t understand them at all.

Aquarius Moon women’s childhoods were also filled with many changes and moving. For all these reasons, they probably felt kind of abandoned or rejected in their lives, especially by their mothers.

Due to their fear of abandonment, they are very independent, autonomous and detached.

They are afraid that if there is stability, something will ruin it, that’s why they escape from stability.

This can lead them to having problems with compromise. They also have an attachment to change and may get bored if things are way too stable.

However, they may be stable in relationships, work and activities as long as these are not very demanding and are constantly renewing or leaving spaces to innovate within what there already is.

They love and need their independence and freedom to do and say whatever they want. It is also this trait that makes it easy for them to adapt to change and different environments, as long as there are no restrictions and they feel free.

When it comes to relationships, they may focus completely on a person but then they will suddenly stop paying attention to them.

There is focus, concentration and intensity, but as fast as it comes, it goes. Sometimes they are cold and reserved when it comes to intimacy due to their fear of getting attached.

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4. Objective

Women with their Moon in Aquarius are very objective. Rationalising and intellectualising what they are feeling is their defence mechanism.

They have a need to pass their emotions through the filter of the mind, which helps them be very clear about what they are feeling, but very disconnected from actually feeling it.

Their attachment to living in their minds can make them overthink a lot and create many stories in their heads.

When going through a tough time, these women isolate themselves and process their emotions in solitude, analysing and thinking about what has happened, but also trying to distract themselves.

After much thought, they usually realize things quite late. These women have a tendency of detaching from problems, situations and emotions that are causing them pain.

It is very important for them to understand that it’s okay to have emotions because that’s part of being human. They have to work on uniting their minds and emotions, without denying any of them.

Slowing down their breaths and doing physical exercise will help them get out of their minds and into their bodies.

These women’s objectiveness provides them with a lot of emotional intelligence and comprehensiveness because they know how to manage dramatic situations by leaving emotions aside in order to take action.

They are great at helping their loved ones solve difficult situations and emotions because they don’t fear chaos, they know that it is a part of life.

5. Social

Lastly, Aquarius Moon women are very social. They believe in friendship, love and enthusiasm at first sight.

This is why they are capable of meeting someone and get carried away by the idea of having a new friend, lover or project.

Although they are sociable, they are solitary at the same time. They need their space and the freedom to do whatever they want. They love meeting new people of all kinds, and they prioritise friendships over any other kind of bond.

It is also their love for diversity that helps them be friends with many people.

When it comes to relationships, they need friends and couples who will appreciate their sporadic eclectic discharges.

They also search for horizontal relationships, where there is cooperation and no competition or hierarchies.

These women have a special love for working in jobs that require a collective participation, an exchange and where all points of views are respected. They need to be surrounded by big groups of people with whom they can work and interact.

However, they have to make an effort to offer the love they have for humanity to individual people too, since it is hard for them to deepen their intimate relationships.


Aquarius Moon women are rebellious, original and detached souls who share to the world a deep love for humanity. They are the women who have visions of a better future, the activists.

They don’t follow standards and trends but rather possess a unique and special style and way of seeing the world. These independent and detached women are not afraid of change as long as they are free to be who they truly are and do what they authentically want to do.

Although it’s hard for them to connect with their emotions, they offer everyone around them their gift of objectivity that truly helps others solve their problems.

These humanitarian spirits love being surrounded by all kinds of people, and once they learn how to connect with their emotions and let go of their stubbornness when it comes to their ideals, they will become the visionary and unconventional souls they are meant to be.