Sagittarius Moon Woman (5 Key Personality Traits)

Women with a Sagittarius Moon are energetic, adventurous souls who long to expand their horizons.

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. The moon, meanwhile, governs our emotional needs, the relationships with out mothers, and our subconscious traumas.

Common traits of Sagittarius moon women include:

  • Optimism
  • Adventurousness
  • Dogmatism
  • Directness
  • Independence

Remember that this information is based on astrological stereotypes and not scientific – it may or may not represent any individual Sagittarius moon woman.

Sagittarius Moon Woman

5 Sagittarius Moon Woman Personality Traits

1. Optimistic                 

Sagittarius Moon women are very optimistic and enthusiastic. Their constant need for everything to be good, fun and joyful makes them look at the bright side in every situation.

They trust the unfolding of life, knowing that everything will be alright. Their contagious optimistic, fun and joyful personality makes everyone enjoy being around them.

However, it’s hard for them to accept reality with its limitations. Optimism is what makes them feel safe, so they refuse to accept and deal with problems and painful situations. They can’t stand the negative parts of life.

These women’s mothers were probably very cool and fun, but they want to protect their daughters from pain by making them believe that everything is alright.

Anxiety may arise if they avoid expressing and accepting their emotions just to keep a smile on their faces.

Whatever they do, they do it with a lot of enthusiasm in order to make the best out of every experience.

It is this enthusiasm and passion for life that makes them incredible speakers and teachers with the gift of inspiring and educating others. It is important for them to learn that expressing their feelings leads to a deeper expansion, confidence and understanding of reality.

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2. Adventurous

Women with their Moon in Sagittarius are very adventurous souls. They love travelling, not only to escape when they are in crisis, but also to celebrate how beautiful life is.

They feel the need to get out of their comfort zone and experience new things. Expanding their horizons also involves entering a philosophical and esoteric path in search of “answers” and a deeper knowledge of the “truth”.

When these women travel, they enjoy going to very far away places and learning all about other cultures. When conflict arises, they tend to physically escape, either by going to a party or on a trip, trusting that things will work themselves out.

Sagittarius Moon women are explorers. They love meeting new people and it is very easy for them to do so due to their friendly souls. The amount of experiences and adventures they live, along with their search for a deeper meaning of life, provides them with a profound philosophical wisdom.

They love sharing this wisdom to the rest of the world, being amazing teachers that use what they learned from their own experiences to lighten up other people’s paths.

During their childhoods, they probably moved far from where they were born, or they were used to travelling a lot. Also, they may have experienced from a very young age many things that other people haven’t.

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3. Dogmatic

Generally, Sagittarius Moon women and very kind, generous, expansive and spiritual souls.

However, they can also be dogmatic and close-minded with those who think and live differently.

Their ideologies come from their homes and it’s hard for them to deal with what’s different. If they coincide ideologically or philosophically with someone, they will talk and debate about life.

They love debating and they have a very strong position on everything, which could keep them from questioning or reflecting on themselves.

For example, when going through a tough moment, they will automatically believe that they are right and others are wrong.

During their childhoods, many strong ideals were instilled in them by their parents and they probably received an education based on these ideals.

Maybe they had a very religious maternal or paternal figure, for example. In order to keep their independence and expand their minds, it is important for these women to stop holding on too strongly to their ideals.

They may ask themselves, “Is what I’m feeling coming from deep inside of me and is a pure sensation? Or is it crossed by my ideas of how things should be?.” This will help them connect with their true selves.

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4. Direct

Sagittarius Moon women are very direct. They speak with no filters or limits, being very sincere and even rude when saying what they believe to be true.

They have a great sense of humour, but sometimes they might suddenly say something really rude and then expect the other person not to get offended.

They will quickly forget what they have said and act as if nothing happened, but the other person might stay angry. Sagittarius Moon women express each and every emotion to the fullest, that’s why they seem so sensitive.

However, it’s just the way they process their emotions. They have intense emotions that are lived and expressed with no filter, everything comes out.

As long as they are being honest with themselves and others, they are not afraid of showing everything they are feeling. But, if things get complicated, they will leave.

They live based on what they feel, and this lack of “rationality” may lead them to being affectively irresponsible because they don’t notice how their actions impact others.

5. Independent

Lastly, Sagittarius Moon women are very independent. They need to be given the freedom to expand, this is how they will help the people around them expand too by offering a relaxed, positive attitude.

These women were raised with a lot of freedom and autonomy. They were stimulated by their parents to trust in themselves and in what they desire.

When they have children, they may be afraid of losing their own freedom and not being able to escape that bond. However, once they decide they do want children, they raise them with the same freedom and they travel with them, living many adventures together.

They believe that love is making space for the other person to be and not taking away their independence.

Sagittarius Moon women also need a lot of autonomy because of their tendency to be pretty restless. They have a constant need for movement, that is why practising a sport can be very helpful for them to release their huge amount of energy.

If they don’t find a way to release this energy, they might get really anxious. When it comes to their homes, it is preferable that they live somewhere with a lot of space to move around.

Being hyperactive makes them prone to falling into certain addictions and maybe waste their money. The amount of freedom they possess makes them very inconstant, but every change of direction is lived with a lot of passion and conviction.

It’s hard for these women to stay grounded and anchored, which is why intimacy and depth in relationships is hard for them to achieve too. For this reason, it can be good for them to establish relationships with people with fixed signs that will help them settle a little bit more. 


Sagittarius Moon women are very optimistic, adventurous and direct souls. They are always willing to look at the bright side of life, making others feel joyful around them. It is important for them to know that they can be fun and still express their emotions, in the direct, explosive way in which they know how to do it.

These independent women will prioritise telling the truth over everything, as well as being free to move through life with autonomy. Through travelling and going on adventures they will gain many experiences that will fill them with an immense amount of wisdom.

This wisdom will be then shared with everyone around them in an enthusiastic way, enlightening their paths. Women with their Moon in Sagittarius have the ability of expanding their minds and souls, helping others do the same.