Pisces Moon Woman (5 Key Personality Traits)

Women with a Pisces Moon are very sensitive and dreamy souls who possess the gift of healing others through their compassion.

In Astrology, the moon is believed to represent our emotions and needs and desire for safety. It can also represent the relationship with our mothers.

The moon is also related to your inner child. It mayreveal the ways we were loved during our childhoods and may even demonstrate subconscious traumas.

The things that occurred in our childhoods may also be present in our adult lives, so it’s important to try to heal our deep downemotional wounds to understand the energy that makes us feel comfortable.

Healing leads to a deeper knowledge of ourselves and to relating with others in a better way. Pisces is a water sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality.

Remember that this information is based on astrological stereotypes and not scientific – it may or may not represent any individual Pisces moon woman.

Pisces Moon Woman

5 Pisces Moon Woman Personality Traits

1. Sensitive

Pisces Moon women are extremely sensitive. They have an emotional attachment to feeling a lot and may drown in their emotions.

They feel everything too much and too deeply, and are very sensitive to the slightest thing. The slightest stimulus can make them feel attacked, to which they react aggressively.

The problem is that they don’t know how to control themselves, and may feel paralysed due to their panic and anguish.

In order to be able to manage their emotions they need to isolate themselves, and a very important lesson for them will be to learn how to establish healthy emotional boundaries.

When Pisces Moon women make space for some alone time, they can return to themselves and emotionally recharge. It is also the fact that they absorb a lot of energy from their surroundings that makes it important for them to spend time alone at home or in nature.

Sometimes these women may feel as if they need someone to save them. Being friends with

Earth signs can be very beneficial for them since it will help them feel grounded and supported. Their sensitivity also comes from their relationship with their mothers during their childhoods.

They had a strong and even spiritual connection with their maternal figures, being sensitive to everything they felt and went through.

This is why they had the need to save their mothers, who were very loving, empathetic and compassionate. Although the connection was beautiful, it could have also been pretty overwhelming.

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2. Spiritual                                                   

Another trait of Pisces Moon women is that they are deeply spiritual. They understand the complete human experience and know about the mysteries of life.

They know we can’t control anything and that the more we try to grab life, the more it escapes from us.

This is why they always give the same advice, to let go and flow with what life brings.

For these souls everything is magical, mystical and transcendental, that’s why many people don’t understand them. It’s like they are born knowing that there is a divine force.

In fact, they didn’t want to incarnate in this cruel world, but they were sent to offer more kindness and consciousness.

It is this trait that makes these women amazing healers. Working with meditation, reiki, tarot, homoeopathy, and other spiritual practices can make them feel very satisfied while also healing others.

Another thing they possess is a very strong intuition that can make them prone to developing psychic abilities.

Their intuition is observed, for example, in how they can feel and detect other people’s emotions. Their connection to the most subtle parts of life also makes art and music a very spiritual and healing experience for them.

Pisces Moon women may be very emotional and suffer because of that, but their spirituality always keeps them connected to a higher truth that helps them keep going with the faith that everything happens for a reason.

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3. Compassionate

Pisces Moon women are exceptionally compassionate. This trait comes from their ability to feel everything that happens around them.

They feel other people’s emotions and end up developing a lot of empathy. They sense other people’s feelings almost telepathically.

Their compassion for every human being makes them feel a lot of love towards everyone.

These optimistic and caring souls are capable of understanding even the worst person in this world. This is why they are so unconditional, they know how to forgive and their love embraces every single person in a very unique way.

They have the capacity to love people for who they are without demanding or asking for anything. It is important for them to be careful because some people can take advantage of this.

They may be a little ingenuous because they see the best in others, but they have to be careful. It is recommended for them to learn to set boundaries, not only in order to protect themselves from bad people, but also to protect themselves from constantly filling their bodies, minds and souls with so many emotions from so many people.

Pisces Moon women possess the capacity to resonate with everything, with the infinite wisdom that can’t be put into words, but that they understand and can use to support those around them. Their compassion can end up healing others.

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4. Evasive

Escapism is another trait Pisces Moon women have. They can’t stand tension or conflict, and whenever one of these appears, they simply disappear.

They hate confrontation and when a problem arises, they act as ghosts. They are also very evasive when it comes to reality.

Since reality can sometimes be harsh and cruel, they prefer escaping to their fantasy worlds where everything is possible and no effort has to be made. Sleeping, watching tv shows, meditating and daydreaming are some of the tools they use to evade reality.

However, in the worst of cases, they may end up using substances such as alcohol and drugs. Connecting with Earth signs can help them keep their feet on the ground.

Their tendency to fall into a sense of victimhood may also lead to them dwelling on the things that happen to them without taking responsibility for their own lives.

Since they don’t like conflict, if someone wants something from these Moons, they are more likely to get it by being nice than by being demanding. The more you try to grab a Pisces Moon, the more it drains from you.

In order for a Pisces Moon to stay in a relationship, the other person has to open up emotionally and not demand these women too much, because if they do so, they will leave. 

5. Dreamy

Lastly, Pisces Moon women are dreamy souls. They have an emotional attachment to living in a world of fantasy and imagination, especially when they are feeling sad.

Their imagination makes them very creative and likely to enjoy creating art and music. They enjoy spending time by themselves because they have such a rich inner world that everything that happens outside of them seems pretty uninteresting compared to what goes on internally.

These women are always dreaming about things they desire, which makes them very optimistic and hopeful.

This quality they possess can make them seem absent-minded or distracted women who don’t pay attention to most things around them. Pisces Moon women are also very idealistic.

They believe that everything is rainbows and may get very disappointed because of this. For example, they may feel like no one is good enough because they are not living up to their fairy tail-like expectations.

They are very romantic too and may idealise those they are in love with. Disappointments for them are very painful, but sometimes their idealizations are hard to fulfil by reality and humans. They also have an unrealistic need for things to flow without any sort of inconvenience.

When it comes to maternity, they also idealise it too much, which can make them feel as though they will never be up to the circumstances. However, if they decide to have children, they will love them unconditionally and will truly enjoy the connection with that human being.


In conclusion, Pisces Moon women are dreamy, spiritual and sensitive souls who offer their empathy and compassion to the world.

They feel everything deeply and have the gift of understanding others. Sometimes they absorb a lot of energy from their surroundings, that’s why it is important for them to protect and cleanse themselves energetically as often as possible.

They may try to escape reality through daydreaming and fantasising. These spiritual women live connected to the infinite wisdom of the universe, and they will use their deep sense of understanding to help and heal everyone around them.