Capricorn Moon Woman (5 Key Personality Traits)

Women with a Capricorn Moon are very wise and hardworking souls who had to take care of their own needs from a very young age.

Common traits of Capricorn moon women include:

  • She’s responsible
  • She’s conservative
  • She’s wise
  • She’s ambitious
  • She can be a bit too rigid

In astrological belief, the Moon is associated with our emotions, needs, and the relationship we have with our maternal figure. It can also indicate unresolved trauma from childhood that persists into adulthood.

Remember that this information is based on astrological stereotypes and not scientific – it may or may not represent any individual Capricorn moon woman.

Capricorn Moon Woman

5 Capricorn Moon Woman Personality Traits

1. Responsible

Capricorn Moon women are very responsible. They were the little girls who were more mature than those their age, and probably enjoyed spending time with older kids.

They were the “old” children who didn’t bother anyone and didn’t ask for anything because they managed things on their own. For their parents, it was great not to have a demanding and capricious child.

Their mothers were probably cold, serious, exigent, responsible and hardworking women who needed their daughters to be autonomous and take care of themselves without needing their presence.

This is why Capricorn Moon women are never really “children” because they are acting as adults when they should be playing and exploring. They were rather the emotional support of an overwhelmed mother.

For all these reasons, they have an attachment to not depend on their parents and to managing things on their own.

These women are used to doing things in order to be loved, they believe that they have to win love by demonstrating that there are reasons to receive it. They think that by assuming responsibilities and compromises, and by doing what they are demanded, they will receive affection.

However, no matter how much effort they put into doing things for their loved ones, they never feel fully valued. They especially focus on their families and make a huge effort to provide them with security.

They know how to be alone due to their ability of being responsible for their own needs since their childhoods.

But sometimes, it may be hard for them to get in touch with what their needs actually are, since they are generally operating on autopilot fulfilling their obligations.

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2. Conservative

Women with their Moon in Capricorn are very conservative. They follow all the social mandates in order to be socially accepted and recognised.

This is a trait they possess especially when it comes to love and relationships. They believe that love is a compromise and a construction, not something spontaneous.

Due to their practical personality, once they trust someone enough to be in a relationship with them, they will make long term plans with their partners. For them love is shown through concrete actions, and when they enter into a relationship it is not easily broken.

The bonds they slowly construct tend to last forever, their loyal and stable spirits helps them keep what they acquire.

They are very formal in their relationships, they prioritise its form rather than its content, which can lead them to being very demanding with others.

This can also lead to them staying in low quality relationships even if they know perfectly how to be alone just because they are not conscious of their emotional needs.

These women are also conservative when it comes to their emotions. They are afraid of emotionally collapsing, since they want to feel in control.

It is important for them to know that they can be self-contained and still feel their emotions, since sometimes they shut them off.

They control their emotions and avoid public acts of passion or inappropriate behaviours, this is how they avoid losing their temper.

This quality of conservativeness, along with their reserved personality makes them very reliable and trust-worthy friends and partners. Capricorn Moon women keep their feet on the ground, they need things to be planned and controlled.

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3. Wise

Another trait of women born with their Moon in Capricorn is their wisdom and strength.

These women follow the archetype of the wise souls, the witches that live isolated from society and that people go to them for advice.

They are great at giving advice and many people turn to them because of their wisdom. They learn a lot of things the hard way.

At first in their lives, they try hard to fulfil social mandates until they have a crisis and they realise that they know how to be alone.

Once they understand that they can take care of themselves, they find freedom because they stop caring about other people’s opinions or staying in places where they don’t feel good at all. Basically, freedom comes to them as they grow older.

Their wisdom also comes from their strength, their capacity to bear great levels of stress and do everything on their own. When they start feeling pain in their joints, spine, knees and teeth, they notice that they’ve gone too far with the self-demanding and that they didn’t take care of themselves.

Capricorn Moon women are very resistant and strong. They are old souls who have gone through a lot since a very young age.

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4. Ambitious

Capricorn Moon women are very hardworking. Their own mothers dedicated  their full time to their professions.

During their adult lives, these women are “workaholics”, they work non stop. Sometimes they do it in order to avoid dealing with their emotions.

That’s why they are constantly looking for more and more things to do. If they stop working, they don’t know what to do or how to have fun, it’s hard for them to relax and not be constantly productive.

This is why they are very functional to the capitalist system, they never get tired or sick and when they feel bad, they focus on work even more. Sometimes they even do more than what their bodies can bear, filling themselves with a lot of stress.

Women with their Moon in Capricorn are very ambitious too. They have many goals and they want to be socially recognised.

The fact that they always believe that they are not capable enough makes them constantly strive for improvement. However, when they gain experience, they start feeling more confident and secure, relaxing the auto-exigence.

Their need for hard work comes from their ambitious minds in search of a high social status, independence and meeting their needs.

These women are very clear with their intentions, and they have the will to achieve their goals. The capacity to get what they want comes from the determination, focus and tenacity they possess.

5. Rigid

Lastly, Capricorn Moon women tend to be very rigid. This is why they are seen as cold, distant and serious.

Sometimes they can’t accept the fact that wishes can change because they get too rigid in keeping their word and what they promised no matter what.

These women also find it very hard to both ask for and accept help from others. This is because they feel like they can’t count on others and because they hate feeling vulnerable.

They don’t take life lightly or enjoy physical contact with those they aren’t extremely close to.

However, even if they show up as cold, they are very loving with their families. It is recommended for these women to have water signs friends and partners who will loosen their rigidity, giving them permission to relax while they take care of them and help them express their emotions.

Actually, their sensitivity is expressed through bitterness and a deep sense of emptiness. These women have an attachment to not feeling.

They tend to get disconnected from their emotional world. It is important for them to stop fearing emotions, that’s how they will become more centred, serene, authentic and compassionate.


Women with their Moon in Capricorn are very wise, responsible and ambitious souls. They know how to attend their own needs and have the ambition to work hard in order to get what they want and be economically independent.

These women have a wisdom that everyone recognises and that comes from the strength gained of everything they have been through. However, their need for control and their focus on fulfilling society’s mandates can lead them to disconnect from their emotions.

Capricorn Moon women feel satisfied when focusing on their families, their work and success while also making the effort to achieve a more fluid emotional expressiveness. The most important lesson they will have to learn is to express their emotions, not over demand themselves and work on not being so rigid in order to be the wise, loving souls they are.