Scorpio Moon Woman (5 Key Personality Traits)

Women with a Scorpio Moon are deep and intense, their souls experience every aspect and every extreme of emotions.

In astrological traditions, the moon represents emotions, needs, and our relationships with our mothers.

Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Mars, the planet of physical energy, initiative and sexuality.

When a woman is born with the moon in scorpio, we often see that she’s:

  • Possessive
  • Deep
  • Strong
  • Intuitive
  • Intense

Remember that this information is based on astrological stereotypes and not scientific – it may or may not represent any individual Scorpio moon woman.

Scorpio Moon Woman

5 Scorpio Moon Woman Personality Traits

1. Possessive

Scorpio Moon women are often very possessive. This is a characteristic they possess especially in relationships. They want their loved ones to never leave them because they don’t want to be left alone.

When they love, they love in an intense and passionate way. This is why they give everything they can, but might get mad if the other person doesn’t give as much and as intensely as they do.

They are very devoted and dedicated to the people they love, and they are also very demanding.

For example, they may get offended if they don’t receive love exactly the way they want to receive it.

It is important for them to learn that there are different ways of showing affection, and these may be different from theirs. They also demand a lot of attention.

Being possessive can lead them to also being manipulative, controlling and jealous.

However, they know that these emotions are part of the human experience and that through some shadow work they can understand that constantly having these emotions isn’t healthy for both themselves and their loved ones.

Learning to give more space to others will be very important.

Their possessiveness is also expressed in how hard it is for them to let go of their attachments. They cling too much to what they have and it’s hard for them to let it go, but once they do due to the suffering it brings, it’s over forever.

But sometimes, no matter how painful and uncomfortable it feels, they still resist letting certain things go. This trait may also come from their need to control everything in order to feel safe.

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2. Deep

Women with their Moon in Scorpio are extremely deep. They are sensitive and perceptive souls, capable of healing others by leading them to the deepest, darkest parts of themselves.

They are healers that are not afraid to dive into the most uncomfortable and unknown parts of others and their own selves. It is because of this that they feel motivated by the journey of psychological transformation.

Scorpio Moon women are not afraid of emotions, they understand the importance of all facets of the human experience, including the dark, forbidden and taboo parts that people are the most afraid of feeling and mentioning.

It is this trait that leads them to awaken much inner wisdom. They can easily connect with their shadow and their intensity.

When it comes to love, they need a profound partner who is not afraid of intense intimacy and passion.

It’s their depth that makes them very magnetic and mysterious souls who love magic and the mysteries of life. Their lack of fear is the reason why they like, for example, horror movies and acting as detectives.

It is also due to their lack of fear that they will silently listen to others without getting scared of anything that is told to them.

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3. Strong

Scorpio Moon women are very strong, resistant and resilient. From a very young age they tend to be very close to death. This can be literally or metaphorically.

They might survive near death experiences or there might be a secret in their family that has to do with death. They tend to be survivors of extremely intense situations. Somehow, they always come back stronger from these experiences.

And since they have very intense and extreme emotions that are in constant transformation, they deal with a constant death and rebirth of emotions that makes them very resistant.

It’s like they cyclically have an emotional death when their feelings get abysmal. It is because of all of this that they have the ability and power to regenerate after a strong blow in life.

Their emotional intensity is compensated by their analytical and mental way of being, which helps them stay strong and not outburst.

This characteristic also provides them with a very intelligent, sarcastic and dark sense of humour that helps them deal with difficult situations.

Their strength is also expressed not only in how they endure so much intensity, but also in how they control and contain their emotions.

They process everything internally, they might be going through a terrible inner process but nobody will notice.

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4. Intuitive

Scorpio Moon women are very intuitive. They know exactly what other people’s intentions are, this is why they tend to be very suspicious of others and they don’t trust people easily.

They perceive a world where everyone hides their true intentions, that is why they are scared that if they open up to someone, that person will take advantage of their vulnerability and will use it against them.

However, everyone feels very attracted to Scorpio Moon women, and they may use this in order to manipulate other people’s emotions.

If they are doubtful or suspicious about something or someone, they will either protect themselves by leaving, or they will play strategies and be cautious, observing how the situation unfolds and not trusting too much in the meantime.

Their intuition also comes from their ability to capture subtle signs, especially of the psychology in those around them.

They are reserved because they notice and feel too much information from their environment. They are also very sensitive to the paranormal world.

Their homes can have ghosts, literal ones or internal ones, those that live inside of themselves as unprocessed and unresolved traumas.

5. Intense

Lastly, women with their Moon in Scorpio are very intense. They actually have an attachment to emotional intensity.

They need this in order to feel safe. If everything is calm they self-sabotage and look for drama. Their emotions can be very extreme and they find it difficult to set limits on an emotional level.

This intensity may come from their very controlling and possessive mothers who don’t know how to control their shadow and they project it on their daughters. All the resentment and pain their mothers lived during their childhood is projected on their Scorpio Moon daughters that may feel very attacked.

They either feel like their mothers love them too much, or they are afraid of their mothers because they can be very destructive and manipulative. All of this may cause a lot of repressed anger towards their maternal figure.

Emotions such as resentment, passion, jealousy and obsession, among others, are very common for these women. However, these emotions may be very destructive if not regulated.

Once they work on stabilising their emotional extremes, they will feel much more satisfied. They may suffer from anxiety due to accumulated, yet hidden, anguish and they need to be careful not to engage in self-destructive behaviour.

Their most important lesson will be to remember that they don’t have to act on each and every impulse or fall apart with the intensity of just one feeling.

These women can work on things such as helping people in jail, helping the poor and assisting people with a terminal disease.


Scorpio Moon women are very intense, deep, intuitive and strong women. They possess the strength to resist painful emotions and the depth to heal the darkest parts of themselves.

Their intense yet powerful emotions possess the power of transforming and destructing. If they learn to control their extremes, they will relate to others in a healthier way and they will feel satisfied.

These women have the gift of being healers capable of leading others into a process of deep psychological transformation. Once they learn to dominate their instinct to act on every emotion and learn to let go of the painful things they hold on to, they will use their intensity as a journey to understanding all the facets of the human experience.