10 Traits of Mars in an Aquarius Man

10 Traits of Mars in an Aquarius Man

Mars, the warrior planet, represents ambition, determination, passion, sexuality, aggression, bravery, desire, and action when it comes to astrology. In particular, it deals with the part of your character that influences the way you manage and express your anger.

Meanwhile, the Aquarius Zodiac sign is almost its polar opposite, hating authority and prioritizing freedom as well as progressive thinking over anything else.

The planets have their own roles to play in astrology, and they exert control over a specific Zodiac sign. Each planet is also believed to have its own characteristics which can influence a specific part of a person’s character. This effect can be seen in all the Zodiac signs, but is strongest in the sign which the planet rules over.

To know how each planet affects your own Zodiac sign, you first need to check the position of the planets at the time of your birth. In comparison, the Zodiac signs are based on the location of the sun when you were born. This is why they are also called the sun signs.

Mars and Aquarius in Astrology

The planet Mars takes inspiration from the Roman god of war and bloodshed, which is why it is characterized by aggressiveness, determination, passion, courage, energy, action, and sexuality. Its location at the time of your birth can affect the way you process and express your fury, as well as how you react to anger-inducing stimuli.

It takes Mars about 2 years to complete its orbit around the sun, which means that it only moves about half a degree per day. Thus, it spends approximately 2 months in each Zodiac before going into retrograde.

In general, Mars is believed to govern aggressive and competitive activities like sports and other physical pursuits. It is the masculine persona in astrology and is also associated with impulsiveness, action, self-discipline, and stamina.

In contrast, people born under the AquariusZodiac sign hate rules and instead prefer autonomy. They are under the rule of the planet Uranus, which is associated with innovation andtransformation. Aquarius is considered to be the revolutionary sign of the Zodiac, further characterized by its eccentricity and progressiveway of thinking.

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10 Mars Traits in Aquarius

Aquarians are non-conformists, which is a huge contrast to the warrior-like Mars whose military-based existence is bound by rules. With their goal of changing the world, they may seem to be aloof and distant because they prioritize innovation instead of making friends and maintaining relationships.

When these two contrasting characteristics merge together in one individual, the results can be quite interesting. Here are the traits of Mars that can be seen in an Aquarius man:

1. Revolutionary

The Aquarius manis aprogressive thinkerwhose heart and mind are filled with goals of changing the world and improving people’s lives. With the aggressive and ambitious character of Mars affecting his disposition, he refuses to accept the status quo and continuouslylooks forward to future possibilities.

2. Innovative

Under the action-driven energy of Mars, the Aquarian does not let himself get stuck in his progressive visions of the future and instead finds ways to puts his plans into action. He enjoys the process of discovering and implementingunconventional solutions to problems, finding fulfillment in being able to do things that have never been done before.

3. Eccentric

Because of his unique approach to life, the Aquarius man is sometimes seen as weird or quirky, and not always in a good way. This makes it difficult for people to approach him but, influenced by the courageous nature of Mars, he does not let this bother him. He fully embraces his uniqueness and loves going against the mainstream.

4. Individualistic

His love of freedom is all-encompassing, which makes it difficult for the male Aquarian to follow norms and social conventions. With the passionate nature of Mars affecting his own disposition, he becomes resistant to anything that restricts his thoughts and deeds, firm in his belief that every individual has the right to make his own decisions.

5. Contrarian

When the Aquariusman gets angry, his contrarian side comes out. This is even moreapparent when he is driven by the aggressive and competitive character of Mars. Sometimes, he would deliberately engage in debates just to prove a point and debunk the popular opinion.

6. Rebellious

As much as he hates norms, the Aquarius man is also against rules and regulations. He is a rule breaker and takes pride in going against convention. Under the influence of Mars’ passionate and aggressive nature, he breaks boundaries and sets new standards for himself and others.

7. Idealistic

The Aquarius man has lofty goals for the world. With the ambitious and determined nature of Mars infecting his own character, he can easily become a force for good. But while he can inspire and push others to join him in his mission, he can sometimes get too invested in his visions of a utopian society that it becomes difficult for other people to get along with him.

8. Touchy

His dreams and visions of a better future are so clear to the Aquarian that he finds it difficult to accept when people don’t see things in the same way. When the impulsive disposition of Mars enters the picture, he can become frustrated and irritable, especially when his ideals are challenged.

9. Self-destructive

It may not seem obvious at first glance, but the Aquarius man places great importance on the support of his community. Thus, it is imperative that he surround himself with like-minded people who can understand his unique way of thinking. Otherwise, with the aggressive nature of Mars affecting his decisions, it is easy for him to spiral downwards into a pattern of self-destruction.

10. Intellectual

The Aquarian is not just idealistic and innovative, he also has the brains to supporthis plans. Under the passionate and determined influence of Mars, his mind is filled with ideas on how to help his community, as well as the steps that are needed in order to turn these into reality.


While it may seem that the warrior-like character of Mars would clash with the free-spirited Aquarius, their combination works surprisingly well for the Aquarian man. His vision-filled mind gets that needed push from the action-driven nature of Mars, making him more determined to see his plans through to the end.