10 Traits of Mars in a Virgo Man

10 Traits of Mars in a Virgo Man

According to astrologers, the planets also play a role in determining certain aspects of a person’s characteristics. For its part, Mars as the fiery planet represents the aggressive, competitive, ambitious, and passionate part of your psyche.

It alsoaffects the way you handle intense emotions like anger and desire. Meanwhile, the Zodiac sign Virgo is known to be hardworking, smart, logical, obsessive, critical, and systematic.

Although it is not popularly known, the position of the planets at the time of your birth is also important when taking a reading of your birth chart. This is because astrologers believe that the planets have their own characteristics which can influence the behavior of all Zodiac signs. On top of this, each planet issaid to rule over a particular sign and has the most impact on that sign.

However, this doesn’t meanthat your Zodiac sign, which is based on the position of the sun when you were born,is no longer relevant. Also known as the sun signs, the Zodiac can still help explain your basic personality and core values, as well as your likely preferences in life and in relationships.

The combined position of the sun and the planets during your birth will show you a more accurate and detailed reading of your birth chart. But because the planets are constantly moving, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the planets during your birth. Fortunately, there are online calculators that can help you get this information.

Mars and Virgo in Astrology

You may be wondering what factors influence the way you handle strong emotions like anger or longing. The answer could be in your birth chart, or more specifically, at the influence of Mars in your chart. This is because Mars represents the masculine and physical energy of your personality.

Named after the Roman god of war and combat, the fiery planet Mars stands for aggression, ambition, sexuality, courage, passion, determination, and competitiveness. It can affect your primal instincts, which includes the way you manage and express your fury as well as your desire.

The Zodiac sign Virgo, which is ruled by the planet Mercury, is a typical perfectionist. As one of the earth signs of the Zodiac, they are known to have high standards and expectations on practically everything. They are diligent, smart, organized, and detail-oriented, which makes them very suitable for positions that require a lot of planning and strategizing.

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10 Mars Traits in Virgo

The competitive and ambitious nature of Mars matches almost perfectly with the innately smart, analytical, and meticulous character of Virgo. What you get is a strong strategist who can plan his steps way ahead of everyone else. Here is a list of Mars traits that you can find in a Virgo man:

1. Detail-oriented

The Virgo man has a keen eye for detail, and enjoys analyzing all available information to make sure that everything is in order. With the competitive influence of Mars, he is able to use this ability to also spot the flaws and weaknesses in other people. He has a talent for spotting loopholes in arguments, giving him a huge advantage over his opponents.

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2. Perfectionist

The Virgo man sets very high standards for everyone, including himself. Driven by the ambitious nature of Mars, he always strives for excellence and does not allow any room for errors. However, he also needs to learn how to let certain things go as the constant pressure can also take a toll on himself as well as on those around him.

3. Judgmental

The courageous and passionate influence of Mars can drive the Virgo man to the point of obsession when it comes to following the right path. This makes him critical of people who sometimes cross over to gray areas, because he believes that there is no middle ground between wrong and right. When this happens, he does not hesitate to share his thoughts, disregarding the opinion and feelings of other people.

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4. Compassionate

Despite his tendency to pass judgment on other people’s behavior, the Virgo man loves helping people in whatever way he can. Mars fuels his desire to be of service to the community and mark his contributions to the world. He freely shares his talents with everyone and feels motivated when he sees them growing and benefiting from his help.

5. Organized

Checklists and spreadsheets are must-haves for the Virgo man because he likes to keep things organized. He likes to work in a quiet and orderly environment, while he himself is a stickler for rules and procedures. However, the passionate character of Mars can sometimes turn this natural preference into an unhealthy fixation. 

6. Strategic

With his sharp and logical mind, it is not surprising to see the Virgo man being good at formulating plans. He is very strategic and is able to tackle problems with surgical precision. The competitive and determined character of Mars, combined with the inbornanalytical skills of the Virgo male, enable him to see through other people’s schemes and prepare his counter-measures ahead of time.

7. Humble

Unless they are discussing or debating with other people about plans and strategies, the Virgo man is usually modest and unassuming. He practices restraint and does not like to boast of his talents and achievements with everyone he encounters. The aggressive disposition of Mars only comes out when his knowledge and intellect are being challenged by people who don’t know any better.

8. Stubborn

One area where Mars exerts its strongest influence in a Virgo man is his obstinacy. While he may consider other people’s advice and be open to different alternatives, it will be difficult to change his mind once he makes a decision.

9. Practical and Grounded

The Virgo man is highly sensible and is not prone to making rash decisions. Though he is driven by ambition under the influence of Mars, he is able to stay grounded and maintain his rationality even in high-pressure situations.This makes him very suitable in careers that require precision such as scientific research or finance.

10. Multitasking

His analytical mind and high intellect enable the Virgo man to juggle several tasks at the same time while still maintaining his very high standards. Influenced by the aggressive and competitive nature of Mars, he enjoys managing both physically and mentally draining projects as long as they are able to stir his interest.


Mars in Virgo is an almost perfect compatibility, with the aggressive and competitive nature of this fiery planet complementing this sign’s inherently strategic, organized, and analytical mind. These traits serve him well in high-pressure situations, but when his critical eye is turned towards himself or other people, they can be like sharp weapons that can cause harm.

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