10 Traits of Mars in a Scorpio Man

10 Traits of Mars in a Scorpio Man

Astrologers believe that the planet Mars represents your primal instincts,and this is why it is said to affect the way you manage emotions like anger or desire.

This fiery planet also stands for aggression, bravery, determination, competitiveness, passion, and sexuality. Being under its rule, the Zodiac sign Scorpio is deeply emotional, empathetic, sensitive, jealous, picky, distrustful, and obsessive.

The Planets in Astrology

While it may not be as popular as the Zodiac signs, the role of planets in astrology are just as important. Your Zodiac sign can help you identify and understand your core personality, interests, and preferences. Also known as the sun sign because it is based on the sun’s position at the time of you birth, it can give you an indication of your romantic inclinations as well.

But aside from the Zodiac signs, there are other factors that should be considered when looking at your birth chartin order to give you a complete profile. One such factor is the position of the planetswhen you were born.

According to astrologers, the planets also have an impact on the behavior and personality of all Zodiac signs. Every planet affects different aspects of a person’s temperament, and the specific area of influence depends on the planet’s own characteristics. Each planet also rules over a specific Zodiac sign and has the most power over that sign.

Since they move at different speeds, the planetshave varying degrees of influence on the Zodiac signs. In particular, inner planets like Mercury or Mars move faster and canaffect people on a more individual level.On the other hand, outer planets like Saturn or Jupiter move at a much slower pace, which means that their impact can only be observed in each generation.

Mars and Scorpio in Astrology

The Martian influence in your birth chart manifests in your gut reactions, particularly towards intense emotions like anger and desire.

This is becauseMarsstands for the masculine and physical sideof your personality. Taking its name from the Roman god of war, this fiery planet aptly embodies aggression, passion, sexuality, bravery, ambition, and determination.

Mars moves slower than the other inner planets and needs two days in order to complete one degree while in orbit. As such, it spends around two months staying in each Zodiac sign before going into retrograde after two years.

The Zodiac sign Scorpiois ruledby two planets. One is Mars itself, and the other is Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. Similar to other water signs, Scorpios are sensitive and highly attuned to the emotions of other people. They are also intuitive, which makes them very particular about the people who are allowed to stay within their circle.

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10 Mars Traits inScorpio

Although he looks quite laid back and uninterested in his surroundings, the Scorpio man’s thoughts actually run deep. Under the aggressive, action-driven influence of Mars, he will occasionally show glimpses of his real nature. Here are the traits of Mars that you can observe in a Scorpio man:

1. Charming

Anytime he wants to, the Scorpio man can exude a brooding, sexy aura that automatically draws people closer. And when the passionate nature of Mars merges with his classic smoldering intensity, the result is acaptivating personality that can easily disarm anyone he meets.

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2. Observant

It’s easy to think that a Scorpio man who usually staysquietly in a corner is indifferent or is detached from his surroundings. On the contrary, although he may not actively participate in the activities, he is keenlyobserving everything that is happening around him. Influenced by the determined and aggressive character of Mars, the Scorpio man uses his sharp senses to constantly store information that might prove useful to him in the future.

3. Deep Thinker

Though he may not say much, there are many thoughts that are constantly running through a Scorpio man’s head. He is naturally insightful, and with the ambitious and passionate character of Mars, he uses this talent to always place himself in a favorable position in any debate or argument.

4. Disciplined

Under the powerful Martian influence, the Scorpio man can become more aggressive and passionate, but he is usually able to keep this under control. He has admirable self-restraint, which means that he will not easily take the bait even when being provoked. However, once his bottom line is crossed, his angry outbursts can be intimidating.

5. Candid

He is typically a man of few words, but on the rare occasions when he does speak up, you can expect him to do so frankly and go straight to the heart of the matter. He hates talking in circles, and influenced by the courageous character of Mars, he does not refrain from calling out people who do so.

6. Intuitive

When he restrains his overwhelming aura, the Scorpio man may appear to be weak and withdrawn. However, this is just a tactic to draw out his enemies. Like Mars, he has a warrior-like instinct for sensing the hidden agenda behind other people’s actions, and can easily weed out those with bad intentions from those he interacts with.

7. Obsessive

The Scorpio man feels compelled to hold ontoanythingthat grabshis interest. Under the aggressive and competitive influence of Mars, this same obsessiveness is applied to any injustice that he may experience. This means that he holds on to his grudges for a long time, finding it difficult to forgive and forget.

8. Vengeful

As he takes notes of his grievances, he also carefully plans his revenge. Driven by the passionate and combat-ready character of Mars, he slowly plots his next steps so he can place himself in the best position to retaliate. After completing his preparations and when he feels that it is the right time to do so, he will quietlystrike and catch his opponents off guard.

9. Intense

It is difficult to understand the depths of a Scorpio man’s thoughts and emotions.His zealous and passionate nature, which matches perfectly with the Martian character, often drives him to seek dangerous yet exciting and challenging careers like crime work or politics. If he handles it properly, this intensity can be used to propel himself to the peak of success.

10. Daring

Driven by the courageous influence of Mars, the Scorpio man displays a fearless attitude towards the challenges that he is faced with. He is likely to dive deeper into a problem regardless of the danger in order to get a better understanding of the situation.


The deep and intense nature of Scorpio is further fueled by the aggressive, passionate, and competitive character of Mars. This makes him not only better at observing and reading people, but also quite capable at taking revenge for the smallest grievances. He is a man of few words, but when he does speak out, he will not hesitate to talk about the truth even if it makes other people feel uncomfortable.