Are Virgos Liars? (Read This Before You Date Them!)

Are Virgos Liars

Overall, Virgos are some of the most honest of the Zodiacs. However, if a Virgo doesn’t care about the other person, they will have no remorse for lying.

A Virgo’s ability to think creatively allows them to create a story that looks like reality, making them excellent liars if they so choose. They will add unnecessary information as buffers to hide the lie.

While they’re good liars, Virgos are generally quite honest

Are Virgos Honest?

Despite their ability to lie, if Virgo cares enough, they tend to be brutally honest. As a mutable earth sign, Virgos are all about improving with practicality.

Virgos are very supportive of loved ones, especially when it comes to finding solutions to make something or someone better. They will try their best to give their honest opinion to make sure that their loved ones are at their best capacity.

While they might throw in some white lies due to fear of rejection or to prevent heartbreak, in all, Virgos will not lie pathologically to the people they love.

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Fact File: Virgo Personality Traits

Infused with humility, practicality, and intelligence, Virgo is a sign of enthusiasm. They are the perfect combination of elegance and hard work.

Born between August 22 and September 22, Virgos are calm and critical at the same time. With an excellent eye for detail and a love for knowledge,

A virgo manages to have a hustler personality while staying elegant and poised. These folks have a systematic approach to life and prefer logic to feelings.

Virgo understands the devil is in the details. They might look as if they don’t do much other than looking great, but in reality, Virgos are diligent workers who put their heart and soul into anything they dive into.

Even with their meticulous personality, Virgos are not a fan of showboating or bragging about their success. Instead, they stand with modesty and focus their efforts to make their lives better.

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Are Virgos Secretive?

Virgos keep their cards close to their chests. Revealing their true feelings doesn’t happen often.

While a Virgo loves hanging out and enjoying a healthy social life, independence is the key to their happiness. They treasure privacy and holding their opinion where it isn’t necessary. 

Virgos find themselves to be the happiest when there is no one to break their thinking patterns. Represented by the Virgin Goddess, Virgo tries to keep a balance between social and personal time.

It may take a while for Virgo to open up. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo depends on rationality and reasoning.

They guard their secrets, as they don’t want the world to know what goes in their mind. Sometimes, even their friends are unaware of the phase Virgo is going through.

They just don’t like talking about their lives if it is not going to help others in any way.

When it comes to emotions, Virgos are the master of keeping their feelings under control. 

They can be delicate and over-sensitive in their vulnerable state. It can project weakness in their strong personality; hence they try to hide their true emotions behind an emotionless disguise.

Are Virgos Cheaters?

Virgos are usually faithful thanks to their practical approach and understanding that cheating will ruin their relationships (and the hard work they have put in).

However, Virgos may sometimes cheat. They will have to take serious reasoning into consideration before acting upon it.

It can be challenging for Virgos to be with someone that doesn’t match their ideals anymore. 

Although they will try their hardest to stay away from anything that can tumble their hard work, there can be situations when Virgo will cheat to prove a certain point.

Control is the main theme of Virgo’s mental process, and confrontation is their worst fear. If they have figured out that they are not loved like the way they do, Virgos can cheat as a compulsive reaction to have the upper hand.

Breaking up and dealing with the emotions can be difficult for Virgo. They don’t want to hurt anyone, especially the person they once loved. But living in a loveless relationship is also a nightmare. As a mutable sign, Virgo desires variety and change.

When their relationship becomes too domestic or boring, they lose interest.

So, Virgos may willingly sabotage their relationship via cheating and other tricks to force the other person to initiate the breakup.

What are Virgos Like in a Relationship?

Virgos are thoughtful, affectionate, and supportive in a relationship. They carefully choose their partners for the prospects of long-term companionship rather than casual dating.

If a Virgo is in a relationship, it means serious business. They will take things slow to establish their trust and understanding. It may also take some time to open up, but once a Virgo is truly committed and assured of their decision, they are in it for a lifetime.

Honestly and loyalty becomes their focus point with loved ones. Their emotions run deep, although they may seem reversed on the front.

Virgos are intense with a strong sense of service in them. With utter dedication, they will try to make their relationship better in every possible way. Remembering every date and special event is their superpower, and they will make sure to celebrate it with their partners.

Building a relationship with a strong base is a priority of Virgos. They don’t want something that started with an impulse and ended in despair within weeks. Instead, they seek long-term companionship where they can connect on a day-to-day level.

A Virgo stores every little detail of their prospective partner in their computer-like brains and then cross-reference them with their own values and needs. They will go through all the required steps to have a sustainable relationship they can cherish forever.


Virgos are adept at creating and sticking to the lifestyle they design for themselves with thorough analysis and planning. They want everything to fall into a perfect place and have an organized layout. Making their life look and feel meticulous is Virgo’s lifelong dream.

This is a sign that showcases grace alongside hard work. They are not afraid to get their feet dirty if it helps them to achieve their goals. Virgos are loyal and reliable, but they also tend to lie and keep most parts of their lives in the shadows. The road to a Virgo’s heart will be tough, as it takes conscious efforts for them to feel secure in a relationship. Once they realize the true potential, Virgo will give in their all to build something that lasts an eternity.