Are Taurus Liars? (Read This Before You Date Them!)

Are Taurus Liars

Honesty is the best policy for Taureans and they’re reluctant to lie.

On the whole, Taureans have an image of being truthful, reliable, and straightforward people. Their morals are very important to them.

Taureans are calculative people to a fault. They think about everything thrice before putting it into action and will go out of their way to avoid lying.

When would a Taurus Lie?

They may lie in situations where they see an opportunity to achieve an end. If that’s the case, then a Taurus might spin the truth sporadically.

Saving the heartache, or making their loved ones feel good, are also the reasons a Taurus can find themselves lying.

They don’t like feeling uncomfortable in any situation, as Taureans prefer a stable life without much change around them. If lying saves the trouble of going through uncharted land, they will create a lie and stick with the same story until the end of time.

If they choose to lie, they will add just the right amount of details and get their story straight by rehearsing it enough to have it unanimous every time.

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Fact File: Taurus Personality Traits

There is no sign as bustling, insightful, and faithful as Taurus. It is a sign of determination. 

They are considered the anchors of the zodiac family. Born between April 20 and May 20, Taureans value honesty in their lives above anything else.

Taurus finds comfort in consistency, hard work, and routine as a fixed earth sign. There is no place they’d rather be than their homes.

While they like life slow and calm, Taureans aren’t afraid of putting in the effort to achieve the lifestyle they deserve. Simply put, their life mantra is; to work hard and play hard.

Represented by the bull, Taurus is a brutal force to reckon with.

They sit with a fair combination of heart and brains. They have strong ambitions and the mental obstinacy to go head-on with challenges. There are no tasks that can faze their determination.

These folks are deep thinkers.

They like to take their sweet time thinking and examining every aspect. No page goes unturned under their supervision. Taureans stand true to their grounds and value those who can match their platonic personality.

Are Tauruses Secretive?

Taureans have a quiet demeanor about them. Understandably, it makes them come across as secretive.

In reality, Taurus are more of a listener than a talker. They like thinking and keeping their thoughts to themselves. Their life matters are private matters. It might seem absurd to some, but the bulls have trust issues.

Instead of discussing their business, Taurus believes in solving their problems on their own with strong determination. They are well aware of what to share and what to guard with those around them.

Gossiping or discussing rumors is a turnoff for Taurus. If a piece of information is not relevant to you,

Taureans will not share it.

It also makes them great at keeping secrets and someone trustworthy to have by your side. They are candid and steadfast as friends and partners. The good thing is that Taurus doesn’t hide any life-changing or big secrets.

If they can find their trust in someone, then they don’t mind sharing everything with the other person. It takes a lot for Taurus to confide in someone, once they do, their life is like an open book.

Taurus lives by the simple formula that if it doesn’t concern you, then you shouldn’t interfere. They like minding their business and respecting others’ boundaries too.

Taureans aren’t comfortable discussing their thought processes.

Because firstly, there is so much that goes through their mind and most people will not understand their detailed thinking patterns.

Secondly, Taurus isn’t a fan of sharing their plan ahead of time. Talking aimlessly just to look like a certain somebody is not their style. They would rather sit at home, enjoy a movie with a few friends, and call it a night.

Are Tauruses Cheaters?

Stepping out of their comfort zone is not an easy task for Taureans. The possibility of cheating on their partners is extremely unlikely.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury, love, and aesthetics, Taureans keep a close eye on who comes into their lives. They are not the ones to fall in love with just about anyone. As a fixed earth sign, Taurus acts slowly and thinks before every action.

If a Taurus is in love, then they are all in. They fall in love for life and hope to maintain their relationship with utter honesty and trust.

Taurus are selective about the people they hang out with, disclose their secrets to, and share their love with.

Their mental tenacity and emotional intelligence are very strong. They stand by their promises, however, the weight of expectations and being the only one making the efforts can push them to reignite a spark elsewhere.

If a Taurus has cheated, it simply means that they weren’t fully committed or the relationship was lacking the very basics of healthy companionship.

What are Taurus Like in a Relationship?

Ruled by the planet of love, Taureans are creatures that mate for life. They are interested in building a relationship that will last an eternity in the best ways possible.

Though the journey to true love may be slow for Taurus, it sure is a steady one. Once Taureans have made up their mind about letting someone in their life, they are genuinely all ready to accept the person with an open heart.

They will do whatever it takes to make their partners feel loved and cared for.

Taureans are homebodies, but do like some adventure in their love life. They often take their partners by surprise with ultra-lux treatment.

As an earth sign, they appreciate finer things in life, so Taurus will not be prudent on date nights. Instead, they will go out of their way to make it merrier.

Taurus are the bulls that like to cuddle. They might have a serious face on, but inside Taurus are the loving, generous, and determined beings.

When it comes to relationship conflicts, Taurus have the intellectual stability to deal with a situation in a mature and calm manner. They can bottle their emotions quite a bit, but this often results in a big blowout of anger at some time.

Taureans are not the ones to back out of a relationship. They will try their best to patch things and make their partner feel protected. In all, Taurus are very patient in their stature and can be a part of a healthy and long-term relationship.


Taurus are inherently romantic and sensual fellows. With a sound understanding between their minds and hearts, Taurus can make decisions without getting stuck in conflicts with themselves. Their calm and composed persona is one of their best traits that makes them extremely desirable.

While they can lie in a couple of situations and keep their private life secret, Taurus are one of the best people. They are introverts who tend to create their circle instead of being friends with a million people like most fire and air signs. Taureans are loyal and faithful to the brim, and they believe that all it takes is the right amount of determination and patience to succeed in life.

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