Are Sagittariuses Liars? (Read This Before You Date Them!)

Are Sagittariuses Liars

This fire sign will not lie about their experiences because that’s one thing they are proudest of. However, they can lie and make excuses to break promises or find a way out.

Sagittarius may be confident but they aren’t the most reliable. Their interests change in a matter of seconds and their bouncy energy ends them with a big list of unfinished business. 

Their intention might be pure at first, but their erratic nature makes it difficult to adhere to plans. In consequence, they lie over and over again. 

Are Sagittariuses Honest?

Sagittariuses value their relationships. Be it with their family, friends, or lovers. They are one of the best conversationalists. Talking with a Sagittarius can be a breath of fresh air.

Their natural charm and their way with words make them seem honest. And truly, lying is something they don’t like. The archers speak straight to the point and deliver their message even if it stings a little.

But, unfortunately, Sagittariuses can lie fairly often, if needed.

It can also be a challenge to catch their lies because Sagittarius plays with words in a way that people are more likely to believe them than to suspect.

The usual personality of a Sagittarius also plays a part in making their lies more believable. 

They are one the bluntest signs. They are quick to call anyone out, they aren’t afraid of confrontation, plus they can be great at supporting their stance. 

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Are Sagittariuses Secretive? 

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, Sagittarians are unpredictable. Either they go all in or nothing at all. Their personality tends to sway between the extremes as well – sometimes they are secretive and sometimes they aren’t.

Where they can be open and rewarding, they can also be unwelcoming and stubborn. They march to their own beat and don’t like anybody poking their nose in their business.

At face value, Sagittarius may look like a party animal, but they are deep thinkers and analyzers.

Sagittarius are freedom seekers, optimists, and romantics, but they can also be overly idealistic, murky, and widely distracted. They have a mysterious and secretive side to them. 

While they will be blurting out others’ secrets to make a conversation interesting but when it comes to the things they like to keep secret, nobody can dare lure the secrets out of them. 

Fact File: Sagittarius Personality

Intellectual, adorable, and spontaneous, Sagittarius is a sign of energy. They are the ones to make everyone laugh as well as explore wide-spread terrain in search of knowledge.

Born between November 22 and December 21, Sagittarius are much beyond the clown-y image they often project. The Sags are free-spirited and passionate travelers. They are the ones to bring life to a boring party.

Represented by the archer, Sagittarians are independent and freedom lovers. They have a strong point of view and do not care about what others think.

As a mutable sign, Sagittarians adapt to their surroundings and welcome change with open hands. They are one strong force of nature that isn’t shy about speaking their mind. Sagittarius wants to live their life the way they want.

They might seem zany, but there are more layers to their personality than one can imagine. 

Sagittarians are powered by a unique blend of heaps of knowledge and a quirky personality. 

They are confident and carry an optimistic outlook. People find it tough to keep up with Sagittarius’ desire to explore and a light-hearted attitude. Therefore, they use certain not-so-conventional ways to get away.

Are Sagittarius Cheaters?

Sagittarians are free-spirited individuals so many of them will cheat because they simply like getting out there and experiencing variety in their life.

For Sagittarians, life is all about being impromptu for this fiery sign. They despise getting tied down in any situation where they cannot exercise their freedom, relationships included.

This makes a perfect reason for them to not indulge in any serious relationships. Essentially, their actions depict their energy and wanderlust more than anything else. 

The archers are ready to play the field and shoot their chance of tracking some new playmates. Sagittarians like to keep things intense but simple in their relationships.

Sagittarians dive into relationships without emotional attachment. It takes them a while to feel emotionally connected to the other person. 

Impatience and impulsive traits are the culprits here. Sagittarians want to experience it all. 

They cheat for freedom instead of other sneaky reasons.

Most of the time, Sagittarians are clear about their feelings. Loyalty and faithfulness are also one of Sagittarians strong traits, but the journey to commitment is a rocky road. Good thing is that Sagittarius is not afraid to take the bumpy ride if they really made their mind to it. 

What are Sagittariuses Like in a Relationship?

Passion runs wild in Sagittarius. They thrive with a lover who understands their boundaries and does not box them with a set of rules to follow.

Sagittariuses are wanderers. They have a deeper meaning for life and see things from a different perspective. In a true relationship, Sagittarians can be open-minded, loving, and faithful.

They are honest about their feelings and expect their partners to be honest too. They don’t like feeling overwhelmed with emotions – even in a relationship. 

Sagittarius gravitates towards an upbeat relationship. This can be frustrating as they will try to use their humor against serious topics that may need a discussion.

Social life is fuel to their life and so is their alone time. They love taking trips with their lover but also require some time to themselves without any questions asked.

The moment they feel that the relationship might be congesting their freedom, Sagittarius are quick to leave. They can switch from a loving person to the one who completely ghosted their partners for weeks. 

Tethering down a Sagittarius can be challenging for many. Until they find the right one, these feisty and fiery folks are unpredictable.

With their soul mate by their side, Sagittarians are in it for a long shot.

They make sure that their partner knows about their feelings and does everything in their power to show love and affection. Sagittarians can be a beautiful zodiac sign to be with if one has precise compatibility with them. 


Sagittariuses are funny, intellectual, and dominant. They live their life without caring much about the rules or anyone else. All they want to do is learn, explore, and experience new things in life. As the mutable fire sign, Sagittarians are always on the lookout to break free and enjoy their wanderlust. For them, their freedom is everything.

Coping in an environment where they have to limit their voice and follow a set pattern can send Sagittarians into a tailspin. 

They like keeping things fairly simple when it comes to relationships. Sagittarius finds it hard to commit to someone from the get-go. They might end up lying as an excuse for missing dinner or to justify their erratic behavior.

This is also a sign that is more about thinking than feeling. Sagittarians have to suppress their excess energy and desire to explore to settle in a relationship, which is why they end up cheating on their partners. However, they can be partners for life if they find a person they can genuinely see a long-term relationship with.