Are Pisces Liars? (Read This Before You Date Them!)

Are Pisces Liars

Despite the fact lying can be outlandish to Pisces, they use it briefly just to avoid getting speculated about, to calm their nerves, or make someone happy.

Even with an isolated lifestyle and a few friends, Pisceans go through a roller coaster of feelings. Lying helps them to escape for a moment and take a break. And escaping is their favorite pastime, any day.

Why and When do Pisces Lie?

Pisces is an ancient soul. Their wisdom and insight, fueled by the zodiac inheritance, are wicked. It helps to lie smartly.

Portrayed as angelic, Pisces use their emotions as a shield to save themselves and guilt others. They may have a rep of being lazy and cloud-headed, but Pisceans are deep thinkers, analyzers, and slight manipulators.

It is not unusual for them to lie if it saves them trouble. Similarly, Pisces live in their heads. They construct “scenarios” and relay falsified facts as if they were true.

While it is true that Pisces lies as an excuse for not attending social gatherings or to make someone happy, their lies can be hard to detect.

Giving is like second nature to a Piscean, lies included, but the moment the tables get turned, Pisces can get a little uncomfortable.

Then they bring in the infamous blame game. Meaning that Pisces blames others for putting them into a situation where they had to lie. Again, easy access to escape is Pisces’s go-to in probably every situation.

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Are Pisces Secretive?

The life of a Pisces is strictly personal business. It is very rare for Pisceans to openly share information on their life.

While they might be there for you to listen to you for hours, talking about their issues can be a delicate topic. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of transcendence and mystery, Pisces live up to the description word for word.

Expressing their true emotions is not their best trait. Pisceans would rather talk about you than liberate their secret thoughts.

There are two main reasons for their secretive nature.

  1. They know a little too much. Disclosing such information may also mean unleashing havoc on some of their close people. They don’t want to do anything that can hurt anyone’s feelings. Word to the wise is to keep the secrets protected for everybody’s peace of mind.
  2. Pisces will do anything to avoid confrontation, or as a matter of fact, any type of attention. They are extreme introverts. The way their mind works can surprise people around them. They don’t like people coming up to them, judging them, or making a big mess out of their lives. Pisces wants to be left alone in their space with their thoughts.

Pisces has very strong instincts, and they choose to follow their gut before logic.

This is understandable as Pisces is a mutable water sign, represented by two fishes swimming in a circle. Neptune as their planet, Pisces is all about heart before brains. Honestly, there is only too much a sign can take.

They find it easier to keep their life a secret than to astound everybody in the room and then explain everything over and over again. Pisces is a laid-back sign; they don’t want to do all that work. They would rather take a nap.

Are Pisces Cheaters?

Since Pisces is quite introverted, cheating is not something they can enjoy.

To cheat they have to go out of their way to first, hurt the person they care about, and secondly, find a person to cheat with. That’s too much work to ask of a Pisces.

Oftentimes, it’s the Pisces who gets cheated on and hardly the other way around.

But they do have a secretive side to them, and they have their own ways of doing certain things.

Why would a Pisces Cheat?

Astonishingly, one of the reasons a Pisces can cheat is to force their lovers to break up indirectly.

The way a Pisces’s mind works is complex. Unbeknownst to others, Piscean’s mental tenacity allows them to quietly flow in the direction life takes them. Which often results in Pisces growing out of love with their partners without them knowing it.

Because there are no solid reasons and confrontation is not an option, they attempt the cheating path to end the relationship.

Secondly, intuition and imagination are Pisces’s driving forces. They can’t help but give in to the temptation of fulfilling their fantasies.

Of course, they will be guilty as hell for swaying in an affair.

Yet, Pisceans won’t be able to stop, as they are nearly immune to feeling guilty all the time. Inasmuch, it is always about their feelings. If their partners make things too real, become passive, or an ex with passion reappears, the Pisces is right through the door to finding ways to end their current relationship and cheating is usually the easiest option.

What are Pisces Like in a Relationship?

Pisces are evangelists of love. They fall hard and they fall fast. They are on cloud nine, perhaps, when they are exploring the magical emotion of love.

From the start of a relationship, Pisceans are dedicated and considerate partners. They enjoy making their partner feel loved, celebrated, and appreciated. It is all in their hands when it comes to displaying their emotions to the person they love.

This romantic sign will go out of its way to take care of its partners. And they don’t expect the same level of feelings to be projected from the other side, either.

When their partners ignore them or take them for granted, Pisces can feel hurt. They will try to forgive and forget, but Pisceans can easily be wounded. They can’t seem to see the end of the conversation without getting overwhelmed by their emotions.

Pisces is also a lazy sign that doesn’t like doing anything. They are hyper procrastinators and idealists with a hint of negativity. Their self-sabotaging behaviors can impact their relationships poorly.

Nonetheless, Pisces is a loyal sign that will not leave their partners in troubled waters. They can be a rock in tough times and provide superb bits of advice.

Pisces are also the ones to cut the chase and find a meaningful relationship that they can relish for life. They want their relationships to be filled with light conversations, compassion, and equal partnership.

Fact File: Pisces Traits

Creative, intuitive, and generous, Pisces is a sign of empathy. As the last sign of the zodiac cycle, Pisces have inherited all the energies of those who preceded them.

Born between February 19 and March 20, Pisces is one of the wisest, unique, and blended signs. Their imagination runs wild and gravitates toward idealism. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, given that Pisceans are extraordinary when it comes to sensitivity and emotions.

Water signs, in general, are very well tuned with emotions. Pisces is a mutable water sign. They can understand the evolving human psychology better than anyone.

The water element gives them the power to deal with giant waves of emotions in and around them.

Pisceans are wide-eyed people who genuinely care about others, even before themselves. They play the role of a therapist in their friends’ circle. The burden of emotions makes them a pessimist, numb, and cold.


Pisces are highly valued by the people around them. They are happy to listen, explore new options, and offer advice or any help required.

Pisceans despise the idea of hurting anyone. To ease the tension, Pisces can lie. Their lies are only meant to save the heartbreak.  Also, their mind works differently.

As the last one in the lap, Pisceans are a giant treasure box of secrets that is better buried deep in the ocean than out in the open. All in all, Pisceans are generous, kind, and loving human beings that want nothing but the best for everyone.