Are Libra Liars? (Read This Before You Date Them!)

Are Libra Liars

Libras are all about peace and balance. Sometimes, they may even lie just to maintain the peace and avoid conflict.

Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac. With peace and tranquility as their goal, a little white lie can go a long way to keep everyone happy.

If you’re suspecting a Libra is lying, have a think about the situation. If it has to do with keeping the peace, then there’s a chance they might be lying.

Why do Libras Lie?

A Libra will lie to protect people from getting hurt or to avoid a hostile blowout. 

Libras always want peace and balance. For them, the means justify the end. So, lying is just a tool Libras use to calm the turbulence and create harmony.

Being the cardinal air sign, Libras are familiar with keeping the conversations light and everyone around them happy.

If it makes you happy, and lying is the only way to ensure your happiness, then Libra will happily lie over and over again.

When they lie, Libras don’t mean to harm anyone, and that is why they spin little white lies.

Their overpromises lead to them having severe burnout. When asked about their unfulfilled promises, they lie a little more. This can be a never-ending spiral of lies with Libras.

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Libras hate taking sides and starting arguments. So, an easy way out is telling a lie that doesn’t hurt anyone.

Even after being quite a pro at lying, Libras still find it hard to maintain a straight face.

Their reactions are a dead giveaway of their sins. They avoid eye contact when lying.

Fact File: Libra Personality Traits

Libra is a sign of balance. They are the charmers and mediators of the zodiac wheel. They are all about love, peace, and justice for the community.

Born between September 22 and October 23, Libras are known for being cooperative and fair-minded. They believe in spreading love through the power of social interactions.

Always pleasing, compromising, and yet tactful, Libras have found their way to being one of the most loved zodiacs.

The great thing about Libra is that they have a sense of balance. This applies to several areas of their lives, especially when they are dealing with other people. 

Their interpersonal skills are quite out of this world. You can find them mingling with different types of people with equal curiosity and ease.

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Are Libra Secretive?

While they love a good social life, Libras like to keep their private life separate. They don’t let anyone in their personal space. It is like a no-go zone that will stay shut even if it makes you a little uncomfortable.

Libras are quiet spectators sitting on a bench observing people going around. This air sign has a freaky ability to see through people even before they say a word. 

Evidently, there is more to them than they let on. They make mental notes of the tiniest details and store them in their heads for eternity.

Libra is one hell of an independent sign that holds itself responsible for keeping everyone together. Giving up their boundaries is like an extreme degree of pain for them. There are some parts of their life they like to keep secret.

Why are Libras so Secretive?

One reason why Libras are so secretive may be that they don’t like people judging them.

As the diplomat, Libra always wants to be known as a sweet and caring person with no shady business. 

The second most common reason relates to their life approach. They prefer a life that is nonchaotic and chill. Disclosing the destructive information they have gathered can create storms in several lives, including theirs.

Therefore, they keep the secrets buried for the sake of their own and others’ sanity.

Are Libra Cheaters?

Libras are not compulsive cheaters, but their need for social interaction, indecisiveness, and flighty nature can carve a road that leads to micro-cheating.

While they can be extremely loyal to their lovers, tough situations can wear them out. Libras want to have everything perfect, including their relationship. When that doesn’t happen, they look for ways to fill the void, and voilà! Micro-cheating seems reasonable.

They flirt around, chat online, or like others’ pictures on social media to calm their unsettling nerves.

Social interaction stimulates a Libra’s brain. They need to have thought-provoking conversations with people to feel empowered and valued.

Love is one of their favorite subjects. They enjoy fantasies that include either their crushes or completely made-up lovers.

Libras Don’t like Cheating

Libra loves people, and they love their partners the most. They don’t want to hurt them at any cost.

Cheating makes their heads go in loops of guilt. However, they will hide their sinful acts to prevent heartbreak and drama.

The guilt can also pull them away from disloyal acts, but they can bounce back to the realm of cheating the moment they feel that they are not getting what they should have in their current relationship.

What are Libras Like in a Relationship?

This is a sign that is notoriously known for their love of love. Feeling this emotion up and close is a cerebral experience for Libra.

They live for love (thank you, Venus). Relationships are one of Libra’s strengths. 

Libras have mastered the art of managing their relationships with honesty, love, and commitment. Libras are outgoing and fun-seeking folks.

They want that constant spark in a relationship that keeps the love alive. They take pride in making giant romantic gestures as well.

When they are truly invested in a relationship, they treat their partners as the top priority. Planning fancy dates and giving exclusive gifts are their ways of showing affection.

Libras are at their happiest when they can discuss their ideas with their partners and share a close companionship. As the only inanimate representation in astrology, Libra understands that the relationship is about respecting their partner’s point of view as well.

They are reliable, understanding, and never pushy, though they might be a little manipulative though. But that is only to safeguard the relationship.

Libra likes to play it safe. Their acts of creating equilibrium, impartiality, and their over-the-top conversational attitude can create some problems in the relationship.


Libra is a diplomat that works to keep the peace. They might have their shrewd ways, but their intentions are hardly wrong. Their aura is effortlessly graceful and tactful. They love being the sweetest and most caring in the group. With a smile on their faces, Libras try to maintain happy and cordial relationships with everyone.

To be in everybody’s good books, they often find white lies to be helpful. As lying saves them the trouble of disclosing harsh facts and keeps everything under control. Libras might be indecisive, but they are happy to go with your decision.

It is also because they don’t like sharing their thought processes with everyone. Knowing a Libra through and through is quite rare because they have a side, they prefer to keep a secret at all cost. All in all, this sign is about good aesthetics, intelligence, and communication. Which also makes them one of the best partners in a relationship.