Are Leo Liars? (Read This Before You Date Them!)

Are Leo Liars

Yes, Leos are liars. They are attention seekers and will lie in order to remain in the spotlight.

They WANT to be seen and admired by the people around them. While their gestures are grand, their ego is equally fragile. They often resort to lying to save their faces.

Leos will boast about an incident that never even happened in reality simply to make themselves look good. And sometimes, they will straight up lie and talk in circles to start a chain of gossip.

Why are Leo liars?

A Leo uses lies and manipulation to look strong and better than everyone else. 

Being the best is their overall mission. It brings them joy and boosts their self-esteem. If they have to lie to achieve this, then they will.

However, Leos are also the worst at keeping a straight face, so it’s easy to tell when they lie.

They have telltale signs that even a kindergartener can catch. Lying makes them uncomfortable, which reflects in their body language.

They may avoid eye contact, become overly sweety, get fidgety, and explain over and over again.

Fact File: Leo Personality Traits

The self-proclaimed king of the jungle, Leo is a sign of confidence. Ruled by the Sun, it represents Leo’s innate ability to own center stage.

Born between July 23 and August 22, Leos are a force of nature that inspire everyone with their charm and charisma. They are warm, welcoming, humorous, talkative, and adventurous.

This fire sign sets out to achieve what they put their minds to while maintaining a healthy social life. It is a sign that signifies grandiosity, regal, and flamboyance. 

Leos want to be the best at everything they do. They truly believe in “go big or go home”. They live to protect their reign, and they work really hard to keep their fearless image intact.

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Are Leos Secretive?

Like many other zodiac signs, Leos have a dark side to them that they prefer to keep under wraps.

They like to keep valuable information to themselves until the time is right. They will only share their information when it benefits them.

All in all, Leos are very influential, and they know when to play their cards. It may look secretive to some, but that is how this cookie crumbles.

Are Leos Cheaters?  

Leos aren’t the ones to cheat. They are quick to leave, though. Especially if you try to undermine their self-confidence.

Their partners are hardly ever worried about Leo cheating because Leos are already so invested in themselves that they aren’t looking around for others.

Instead, a Leo is keen on having an intimate relationship with the person standing in front of them in the mirror.

What are Leos Like in a Relationship?

Leos want someone who can understand and complement their energy. 

A person who can see through Leo’s larger-than-life image and deeply cultivate feelings of assurance is the one to lock in Leo for life. Dating can be a little risky for this brave sign.

Leos take baby steps, especially during the early stages of a serious relationship. They are focused on protecting their self-esteem and guarding their egos. Their attitude may also come across as self-centric.

Once Leo decides on a partner, they are in it for the long haul.

Their partners are more like co-rulers of the kingdom. Leos are always looking for the right fit that can upscale their lives in numerous ways.

When in a relationship, Leos treat their lovers with the utmost romantic expressions.

Simultaneously, this sign is loaded with fiery energy. They get all worked up before you can say, “what happened?”.

Also, they despise negativity of any sort. They hate dark clouds that block their light. And faster than one can imagine, they will kick out anyone who brings hostility into their lives.

Overall, a relationship with Leo is a red-hot blend of love, drama, and spice. 

Conflicts are a commonality in their relationships, as it can be tough for a Leo to genuinely listen and obey, and share their spotlight.

Leos have big roaring feelings crowned with ego. They just want to have a good time when they aren’t ashamed to express their emotions. It can be a total turn-off for them if their partners try to upstage them or dim their radiance by any means.


Leos are confident, outspoken, generous, and positive fellows who love to take the center stage. They can be competitive, arrogant, snobbish, and child-like, especially when they don’t hear the applause. Leos aren’t afraid to work hard and prove their worth to the people who try to categorize them as someone who is only good at stealing attention and acting needy.

Unless they are planning to add some fake diamonds to their portfolio, Leos are not pros at lying. It makes them uncomfortable and honestly, catching them red-handed is a matter of seconds. They live a grand life, but behind all that, there hides a fragile Leo who is easily shakable. They are not the ones to hide an elephant, still, Leos keep their private life away from the spotlight. When it comes to their dating life, this Sun sign shines brighter with love and a positive outlook.