Mercury in Leo Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Mercury in Leo Woman

The woman with her Mercury in Leo is easily distinguishable amid other women because of her brave personality.

She seeks to be the leader in the team and the Mercury in her Leo sees to it that her communication skills are exclusive thus she has no issues expressing herself.

Mercury in Leo Woman Personality

The Mercury in Leo woman is a blend of strengths and weaknesses that form the basis of who she is.

Mercury in Leo Woman Strengths

1. She’s confident

The Mercury in Leo woman has a high level of confidence as she is the kind of woman who knows what she wants.

She has gained clarity of purpose and set her mind to achieve her goals regardless of what it costs her. Unlike most people who have goals but do not know how to achieve them, she already has a plan in place.

She doesn’t mind having to make sacrifices along the way just so she can actualize her dreams. In matters of seeking approval, she knows that she is responsible for the manner in which her life turns out.

She does not seek approval from others and unlike women who dream of getting married to rich men, she is confident in acquiring wealth through her abilities.

She doesn’t care about what people say behind her back because she believes that her happiness is her responsibility and nobody can make her lose the confidence in her without her approval. She is not afraid to speak out what is in her mind even though it offends others.

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2. She’s intelligent

The Mercury in Leo woman does not shy away from pursuing the opportunities that she encounters.

Her intelligence is honed by the tendency to pursue and choose growth over comfort. She is hungry for knowledge which makes her consume anything that she can, be it books, magazines, documentaries among others.

She is also inquisitive because she seeks to discover more and this equips her with a lot of knowledge on diverse fields. Something else that contributes to her intelligence is her keen nature.

She is very observant thus it is difficult for her to miss out on key information. This enables her to assess situations logically and come up with ideal decisions.

Mercury in Leo Woman Weaknesses

1. She’s domineering

The Mercury in Leo woman is very domineering and this is characterised by exhibiting behaviours such as:

  • criticizing the way other people dress and speak,
  • intimidating others,
  • seeking to control the rest,
  • creating drama,
  • trying to change others,
  • being abusive.

For example,as a boss, the Mercury in Leo woman might deny an employee permission to attend a party claiming that work is more important than mere celebrations.

She might make the employee feel bad for valuing family relationships over career growth. Since she is not sensitive, she tends to find empathetic people very weak.

When with her, you will not feel comfortable being yourself but you tend to act in a manner that aligns with her interests.

2. She’s Proud

The Mercury in Leo woman tends to have a high sense of entitlement that pushes people away from her and ends up disappointing her.

She holds herself in high regard thus she feels that she can only fit in certain classes.

This aspect makes it difficult for people to advise her because they are afraid she might turn them away. Her high pride comes from the failure to draw a line between having high standards and feeling special while comparing herself with the rest.

Her pride makes her arrogant as she feels superior while compared to others meaning that she tends to take advantage of them. She believes that her interests have to come first hence fails to notice that the people around her are suffering.

To work on this weakness, the Mercury in Leo woman should try to walk in the shoes of the people around her so she may understand how her pride affects them. By doing so, she will be able to appreciate them and become more sensitive.

Mercury in Leo Woman Ideal Careers

1. Marketing

The Mercury in her Leo gives her the ability to voice her opinions by articulating issues audibly.

She is likely to succeed in a career in marketing because she has the ability to pitch to potential buyers.

She has the potential to make the potential buyers discover that they have certain needs and offer her product as the solution that they need.

She does this in a logical manner and it has a positive impact on the buyers. Most people find marketing challenging because one is not guaranteed of making sales thus it is easy to give up.

The confidence in the Mercury in Leo woman makes her believe that even though she made no sales on that day, tomorrow will be better. If she sets a target, she will not rest until she has achieved it.

2. Motivational Speaker

The Mercury in Leo woman can be a great motivational speaker because of her great oratory skills.

Her intelligence allows her to identify a target audience that she is certain will suit her interests.

Since she is a reader, she never goes out of content for her audience. She is gifted with the ability to inspire others based on her strong leadership skills. The manner in which she presents her message leaves her audience yearning for more.

As a go-getter, she dares her audience to look at life in a broader perspective, leave their comfort zones and seek to become the best version of themselves for they are capable.

She transfers her confidence aura to her audience and those listening to her leave the room with a strong belief in themselves.

Mercury in Leo Woman Compatibility

1. Most Compatible: Mercury in Sagittarius

The Mercury in Leo woman is most compatible with the Mercury in Sagittarius man.

Both of them are very blunt, hence if any of them make jokes about anything with each other, nobody will be mad or take it personally. The woman is bold and thus she is attracted to a man who can handle without feeling insecure.

With the man being easy-going and adventurous, he attracts the woman who is amazed by his tendency to live life as it comes-each day at a time without unnecessary pressure. On matters of intimacy, these two experience hot love making as they are not afraid to explore and discover new ways of satisfying each other.

2. Least Compatible: Mercury in Gemini

The Mercury in Gemini man is very sensitive and her kind nature is strange to the Mercury in Leo woman.

She wants a man with a masculine taste who will make her feel secure but she finds the gemini man much softer than she wants.

The man may be attracted to her but hesitate to make a move yet she wants a man who will utter sweet words to her and sweet her off her feet even if they just met.

Her boldness makes her desire the man who has the audacity to approach her and ask her out. For example, she might be a senior person in an organization or even a politician meaning she wields a lot of power which makes people find her intimidating.

If a man asks her out, her interest will be sparked because his guts make her want to discover what kind of person he is. Well, the Mercury in Gemini man lacks the guts!


In conclusion, the Mercury in Leo woman should continue being confident for the world is hers to conquer. However, she needs to begin to perceive other people as human beings hence let go of her sense of entitlement.

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