Mercury in Pisces Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Mercury in Pisces Woman

The Mercury in Pisces woman is a highly intuitive human being with a heart of gold. In a world that has embraced cruelty, she is a rare gem to find.

Mercury in Pisces Woman Personality

Her personality is a blend of various strengths that make her stand out as well as specific weaknesses that she needs to work on as depicted below;

Mercury in Pisces Woman Strengths

1. She’s creative

The Mercury in Pisces woman is curious which has a positive effect on her creativity.

She is always daydreaming, building castles in the air, and living a parallel life in a fantasy world.

Her creativity does not allow her to follow a certain trail of thought or be guided by a plan. She may come up with a schedule to follow but the truth is that she will not follow it.

If she goes to a new place that seems dead, she is quick to notice the improvements that can be in place to make it more lively. In a group, she is the one who comes up with new ideas to make the interaction fun.

She loves adventure, so you can be sure that if you invite her for an adventurous activity, she will cancel her former plans and move along with you.

To her, life is more of a trip to be enjoyed and she is the person who allows herself to “move with the flow…wherever the winds blow her.”

2. She’s Generous

The woman born with her Mercury in Pisces is very generous and she thinks highly of others.

Despite living in a cruel world, she does not let the world rob her of her generous nature.

If she has a surplus, she will always share it with those who lack it. While the majority of the people seek to fend for themselves first without caring about depleting the rest, she seeks to ensure that there is enough for everyone.

When she encounters a person in need, it is very difficult for her not to help the person out. She says “yes” numerous times to the calls and pleas for help in the world.

This woman will go to any extent to help her loved ones who are in need and this generous nature attracts more people to her. The goodness in her heart makes her glow with beauty and splendour.

Mercury in Pisces Woman Weaknesses

1. She’s too sensitive

The Mercury in Pisces woman is very sensitive as she feels deeper than others.

If you speak demeaning words to her, she will take them to heart and they will deeply affect her.

She is not the kind of woman to joke around with and play with her feelings since to her every word cuts deeper into her soul. If you make a cruel joke on her, she will analyze every word and live to remember it.

Her sensitivity makes her overthink even in situations where words are said on a light note. She is not able to take criticisms positively instead, they weigh her down.

She is very emotional, which works against her since she easily falls for traps where a person may play the victim card and use the emotional appeal to buy her sympathy.

Well, you cannot blame her for falling for it, she is just a woman who feels drawn to humanity more than others.

2. She’s poor in communication

The Mercury in Pisces woman is poor in communication in the sense that she is not able to articulate herself properly.

She is unable to express what she thinks and this affects her self-esteem where she chooses to be quiet in most cases.

When speaking to someone she is easily distracted and unable to maintain eye contact. This makes her listener lose interest in her so quickly thus their conversation is fruitless.

In a group discussion, she is the quietest person and her presence is not easily noticed.

Without a good group leader who understands the group dynamics and allows her to speak, she will not contribute anything even when she has great ideas.

When speaking in public, she misses out on catching the attention of her audience since she fails to use body language as appropriate. Well, she needs to sharpen her communication to ensure the world does not miss out on her brilliant ideas.

Mercury in Pisces Woman Ideal Careers

1. Tailor

The Mercury in Pisces woman is best suited to work in the cloth-making industry.

Her creative nature allows her to come up with beautiful and unique designs that are likely to interest her clients and increase her demand.

As a tailor, the nature of her work will involve dealing with garments thus her poor communication skills will not easily be noticed. However, she will be required to listen to her clients and get to understand what they are looking for.

Her sensitivity allows her to put herself in the shoes of her clients and get to understand what they expect from her. She is thus able to establish a good relationship with her customers.

Since the garment-making industry requires somebody who will look at the clients and visualise what they need even before they can ask for it, she is most suited for the job since she has an eye for trendy things.

2. Poet

The Mercury in Pisces woman is best suited to be a poet because she has a unique flow of words.

She is creative enough to draft interesting poems in a very short period.

Poetry is the best medicine for a lonely soul and she is the doctor. With her generosity and kindness to everyone she encounters, she will share a part of herself in the form of words with the world.

When she sets out to write poems, she does it so passionately that she is lost in the poetry world. She immerses her entire being in the poem she is writing and ensures that the reader will feel the poem.

Due to her ability to feel the pain of other people, she can heal them by emitting positive energy. Poetry provides her with the opportunity to heal the world as any person is lucky to come across her rich poems.

Mercury in Pisces Woman Compatibility

1. Most Compatible: Mercury in Cancer

The Mercury in Pisces woman is most compatible with the Mercury in Cancer man because of their ability to understand each other.

The man is very sensitive and understands the feelings of other people thus he will understand the woman’s feelings and give her the treatment that she deserves.

He is attracted to her because of the generosity in her heart and her kind nature that sees her share the light within her to those in the dark.

When in a relationship, the man with his Mercury in Cancer is able to establish a balance in the relationship in the sense that he serves logic where emotions have clouded the woman’s sense of judgement.

On matters of intimacy, they both value connecting at a deeper level that involves their souls as opposed to physical intimacy thus they understand better what each wants.

2. Least Compatible: Mercury in Taurus

The Mercury in Pisces woman is least compatible with the man who has his Mercury in Taurus.

He is rigid when it comes to making decisions and cares less about the impact of his decisions on other people. This does not work well with the woman who cares more about others as opposed to herself.

He is a logical person who is addicted to facts yet she is a dreamer who wants to live every fantasy she has ever come across thus they have conflicting interests when it comes to intimacy.


In conclusion, the Mercury in Pisces womans need to work on her communication skills and losen up putting in mind that not every word ought to be taken to heart.