Mercury in Sagittarius Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Mercury in Sagittarius Woman

The Mercury in Sagittarius woman is a restless being who finds it hard to stay calm.

She is like the forest fire that is always moving around and consuming anything around it.

However, do not try to tame her or quench her fire else she will consume you and scatter your ashes!

Mercury in Sagittarius Woman Personality

Her personality is made up of certain strengths and weaknesses as depicted below;

Mercury in Sagittarius Woman Strengths

1. She’s straightforward

The woman born with her Mercury in Sagittarius is very straightforward and does not beat around the bush.

If she has something to say to you, rest assured that she will not waste your time blabbering around.

She is the woman who knows what she wants and does not try to hide that from the rest. She does not try to pretend to be somebody that she is not and this makes her stand out from the others.

While most people are afraid of hurting others with the truth, she prefers the bitter truth rather than consoling someone with sweet lies. She is a symbol of authenticity in terms of her personality thus people find it easy to relate well with her.

Although people have different opinions about straightforwardness, people who value the truth appreciate her and they are glad to have her in their circle.

2. She’s energetic

The Mercury in Sagittarius woman is passionate about life and she treasures every moment of her existence.

She is bubbly and strives to make every moment of her life breath-taking.

You cannot frustrate her because she understands that she is responsible for the joy and happiness in her life. No matter how much people try to disappoint her, she never loses her enthusiasm in life.

Even in a world where people are hopeless and they have no drive to keep on living, this woman lets nothing rob of her joy. When thrown into the fire, she comes out stronger because the fire does not consume her. She is forged in that fire

Mercury in Sagittarius Woman Weaknesses

1. She’s too distracted

The Mercury in Sagittarius woman tends to be distracted so easily and she finds it difficult to concentrate on a single task.

Her mind easily wanders and travels miles away even when she is in an environment that demands full concentration.

If she meets someone for the first time and they introduce themselves, she might have a hard time remembering the name and most people will find this to be rude.

The reality is that she is not rude, it is not her fault, the positioning of her mercury just makes her brain always burn with fire.

If you happen to engage in a conversation with her and it is interrupted, you will have to remind her what she was talking about since she will not remember.

However, it is funny how she will be quick to interrupt other people’s conversations and engage in a debate where her opinion was not called for.

Her distraction often puts her in trouble because she easily forgets and misplaces things. Do not blame her the next time she forgets your birthday, blame it on her mercury positioning!

2. She’s too loud

While airing one’s opinion is a good thing as it indicates freedom, the Mercury in Sagittarius woman is too loud.

If she happens to be your neighbor, brace yourself for the numerous times you will have to remind her to minimize the noise.

You will not want to discuss something important with her while in the public arena because it will be heard by everyone around you. It is funny how she does not even notice how loud she is and you have to keep on reminding her to lower her voice.

Without her in the party, her friends will notice that it was too quiet thus her absence is easily noticed. Ironically, even though people complain that she is too loud, she is basically the life of the party and without her it seems boring.

Mercury in Sagittarius Woman Ideal Careers

1. Media Spokesperson

With the loud voice that she has and the fire in her heart, a career that requires her to use her mouth best suits her.

Since she is very blunt and never afraid of speaking the truth, she will be able to represent her people in the best way possible and serve them without fear and favour.

The passion that burns in her heart will melt and flow in the form of words as she delivers her message. Her ability to catch attention implies that as a media spokesperson, she will gather a huge audience.

Her bubbly nature will attract more people to follow her and trigger their interest in what she has to offer to the world. Through media platforms, she will succeed in her spokesperson career.

2. Artist

Because of her inability to concentrate on a task for too long, the Mercury in Sagittarius woman is most suitable for a career that is exciting.

As an artist, she can be able to explore the world as she makes an income without suppressing her personality.

Her spontaneous nature is linked with her creativity thus a career as an artist allows her to make use of the energy that radiates in her. She has an eye for art which allows her to express herself and bring life to whatever she touches.

She is art herself and her hands are magic!

Mercury in Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

1. Most Compatible: Mercury in Leo Man

The Mercury in Sagittarius woman is most compatible with the man who has his Mercury in Leo.

She is the fire and he is the ice that melts and quenches her.

The woman will be attracted to the man because of his domineering nature and the intimidating aura that he possesses. She loves the way he takes responsibility and does not wait for instructions to step into the shoes of leadership.

The man on the other hand is attracted to her positive nature and the charisma in her that attracts people towards her.

Her approach to life and focus on the positive things of life amaze him and he seeks to find out the secret to her radiance. Not forgetting, he has a taste for women who are brutally honest.

When they get to know each other, the man takes control of the relationship and defines where it is headed and the woman does not mind his leadership. Even with her wild nature and fire, she is willing to submit to him and allow him to take the steering wheel.

On matters of intimacy, the man loves her wild side because she is full of passion and fire. She doesn’t even make an effort to be sexy, it comes naturally.

2. Least Compatible: Mercury in Virgo Man

The Mercury in Sagittarius woman is least compatible with the man with his Mercury in Virgo.

The main reason is because she is wild and she is calm thus they cannot tolerate each other.

The man is calm and chooses to look at life using logical lenses. He is a symbol of intelligence and he desires to interact with a woman who shares the same perspective.

For this reason, he finds the woman very unrealistic and in his mind, she can only be a lover and not a wife. He does not picture her as the mother of her kids because he does not want a woman he cannot control.

On the other hand, the woman is very adventurous and thus she will find the man very boring. She needs a man who can appreciate her and not try to clip her wings and stop her from flying.


In conclusion, the Mercury in Sagittarius woman is a unique personality and she ought to be appreciated just as she is.