Mercury in Scorpio Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Mercury in Scorpio Woman

Graceful as a swan and so beautiful is the woman with her Mercury Scorpio that she leaves a mark wherever she passes.

She is like a ray of light in the dark as her personality is as bright as the morning sun.

Mercury in Scorpio Woman Personality

The Mercury in Scorpio woman has a unique personality that forms the basis of who she is. Her strengths and weaknesses are discussed as below.

Mercury in Scorpio Woman Strengths

1. She’s emotionally intelligent

If you are planning on testing the limits of a Mercury in Scorpio woman, perhaps it is best if you gave up the idea and aborted that mission.

She is not the type of woman to exhibit drama in public just because you provoked her.

The woman born with her Mercury in Scorpio is emotionally intelligent. She is able to control her emotions and hide them deeper into her soul without showing any emotion on her face.

You might be having a conversation with her and you attempt to provoke her in the course of the discussion expecting that she will suddenly change her mood. The truth is that she will react as if she has not heard what you have said even when it has cut her deep like a sword.

It is rare to find a person who remains calm when insults are being hurled at her. Her emotional intelligence makes her admirable to people as she appears to be full of grace.

2. She’s highly intuitive

There are people whom you can easily convince and deceive because you are certain that they will never find out the truth.

However, do not attempt to pay tricks on the woman with her Mercury in Scorpio because it will only work against you.

You may think that you have succeeded in tricking her yet she already knows the truth. When she chooses to remain silent as you trick her, it is because she wants to measure the extent of how far you can go with your lies.

If you are friends with her and you choose to betray her, she will begin to sense as her conscience will warn her in advance. Her intuition will make her begin to suspect you even before you execute your plans.

Do not get surprised if she begins to distance herself from you, she is just following her intuition. The universe has already warned her of your evil intention and she has listened to it.

Mercury in Scorpio Woman Weaknesses

1. She’s very secretive

The Mercury in Scorpio woman is very secretive and thus finds it difficult to open up to anybody. She barely speaks her mouth even if she completely trusts somebody.

Her secretive nature does not mean that she cannot open up to anybody but it is based on the fact that she is a listener rather than a talker.

She tends to be a giver rather than a receiver and for this reason she hates to bother people by speaking about the issues facing her.

Many people entrust her with their darkest secrets thus she is a confidant to many. As much as this may seem like a good thing, it is not always the case.

Her secretive nature makes her lonely because she is able to solve other peoples’ problems yet her problems weigh her down. People assume she is alright even when she is breaking down thus it is easier for her to fall into depression.

Anybody with a Mercury in Scorpio woman in her circle ought to keep on checking up on her and ensure she is fine. She may not speak about her wounds only for you to find out later that she bled to death.

2. She’s easily emotionally attached

There are people who claim to be in love yet they easily part ways with their lovers after an argument.

The Mercury in Scorpio woman tends to invest her emotions in all her relationships.

This tends to work against her when she is betrayed and her relationships broken. She finds it difficult to let go of the people who have been in her life and she will put in extra efforts to ensure they do not part ways.

She is willing to compromise and sacrifice herself just to save her relationships and for this reason, people tend to take advantage of her. When they realise how dear relationships mean to her, they easily hurt her by playing with her emotions.

Before forming a relationship with her, understand that she is not there to play. If you are not ready for a long-term relationship, just let her live her life without interrupting her else the universe will not be kind to you when her tears flow endlessly.

Mercury in Scorpio Woman Ideal Careers

1. Psychologist

Her intuitive nature makes her most suitable for a career in psychology.

She has the ability to read minds thus know what people are thinking about even without saying a word.

Being a keen observer, she is able to assess the situation of her clients even where the clients cannot express themselves. Her evaluation is important in being able to treat her patients.

She is very empathetic and people easily confide in her thus her patients will be able to open up to her as a psychologist. She is able to relate well and radiate her positive energy to her patients to facilitate quick healing.

2. Forensic Investigator

A forensic investigator should be someone keen and intelligent enough to unmask the hidden truths.

It is a risky career but rewarding for the right person who happens to be the Mercury in Scorpio woman.

She is very intuitive and keen which implies that she will be able to listen to her intuition and follow up by conducting scientific research to ensure she gets accurate results.

By being intelligent, she is able to understand that there is more than what meets the eye and thus avoid traps that are easily set in her career path.

Mercury in Scorpio Woman Compatibility

1. Most Compatible:Mercury in Virgo

The Mercury in Scorpio woman is most compatible with the Man born with his Mercury in Virgo.

They are both empathetic which makes them understand each other with ease.

The man is attracted to the woman’s sense of grace and understanding nature. The woman on the other hand is attracted to the man’s intelligence.

On matters of intimacy, they might be shy at the beginning of the relationship but once they are well acquainted the romance flows naturally. Making love to them is not just physical but it involves a deeper connection where their souls connect.

2. Least Compatible: Mercury in Leo

The man born with his Mercury in Leo is least compatible with the Mercury in Scorpio woman based on their differences.

The man wants to be the alpha while the woman is very bossy.

If the two meet, the woman may be attracted to the man’s chivalry and eloquence. On the other hand, the man may be attracted to the woman’s charisma and charm.

However, if they get into a relationship, conflicts may not be absent because they both want to be dominant. Making decisions becomes tedious because they both want their choices to be considered.

Unless they are willing to make compromises for the sake of the relationship, the Mercury in Leo man and Mercury in Scorpio woman can only be friends or partners-purely platonic!


In conclusion, the Mercury in Scorpio woman is a woman who knows her worth and she will not compromise it at any cost. Regardless of the circumstances she is in, she walks with her head held up high.

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