Mercury in Taurus Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Mercury in Taurus Woman

The woman born when the planet Mercury enters Taurus absorbs the energy of the universe and her reasoning is top-notch. She is focused on whatever she puts her head into and ensures she leaves a mark.

Mercury in Taurus Woman Personality

Her personality can be summarized by the term “simply amazing” because of the way she puts anyone in awe upon getting to know her. Outlined below are her strengths and weaknesses.

Mercury in Taurus Woman Strengths

1. She’s wise

The Mercury in Taurus woman is wise beyond her years. When in a group of friends, they always turn to her for advice as well as seeking opinions on certain matters.

She is naturally wise and that also surprises her. She might be young when considering her age, but her insight proves that she is an old soul finding her space in the universe.

However, her wisdom sometimes makes her feel out of place, and among her peers, she lacks a sense of belonging due to her different perspective on life.

If she can utilize her gift of wisdom to make her life and that of other people better then she will be very instrumental in making the world a better place.

2. She’s focused

There are people who set goals and hope to achieve them without putting in any effort.

Then there is another category of people who set goals and begin working towards them only to lose focus midway and resume their normal operations.

The other category is the type of people who set goals and stop at nothing until they achieve them.

The Mercury is Taurus woman is the quintessential focused woman who sets a goal and never takes her eyes away from it until she actualizes it. She does not tolerate any distractions when she is on the road to actualizing her goals.

She will cut off anything and even anybody who tries to distract her because her eyes are on the final prize. If you are in her team and she is the team leader, brace yourself for sleepless nights and long days because she will ensure that nothing will stop you from achieving your objective as the team.

However, you will appreciate the hard work and effort it has taken you once you taste the reward of success since you are guaranteed success.

Mercury in Taurus Woman Weaknesses

1. She’s very stubborn

No matter how much to try to convince her to do something or change her perspective about something, the Mercury in Taurus woman is very stubborn.

If she believes something is wrong, she will never change her mind and perceive it as right no matter the shreds of evidence and facts that are presented before her.

For example, supposing she read that the earth is spherical in shape yet you have that debate and conclude that it is circular.

You present to her the scientific evidence and data supporting the statement but she claims she is certain that what she studied is correct.

No amount of convincing will make her change even a little bit. With stubbornness as a weakness, it puts her at a disadvantage since she is not in a position to appreciate the flexibility of life.

When change happens abruptly, it takes longer for her to adjust because she has not yet opened up her mind to take in and appreciate new opinions. 

2. She’s poor at communication

Communication may seem very easy for everyone yet the Mercury in Taurus woman struggles to hack it.

Unlike expert communicators, she doesn’t know how to catch the attention of her audience in the first few seconds before they divert their attention. Without even her conscience, she finds herself interrupting others especially if they are having a debate.

This behavior is irritating because it is rude and most people perceive her as an uncivilized woman. If you are having a conversation with her, she tends to avoid eye contact and if you are talking, she may seem to be paying attention yet her concentration is miles away.

To counter this weakness, the Mercury in Taurus woman needs to lower her ego and change her perspective about communication. She ought to begin enjoying holding up eye contact and take it easy.

Mercury in Taurus Woman Ideal Careers

1. Agriculture

The Mercury in Taurus woman is more likely to succeed in agriculture because of her focused nature.

If she is into farming and plants some crops, she will not rest until they have reached maturity and yielded high returns.

If the crops are attacked by pests or they dry up due to climatic changes, she is not the kind to give up. In her wisdom, she is able to understand that not all seasons are favourable thus she will change the technique and try again.

Unlike the majority of the people who easily give up, her focus will see her build a successful career in Agriculture.

2. Managers

Her ability to focus and lead a team makes her most likely to succeed in a management career.

As a manager, she is in charge of a team hence she provides a sense of direction to the team. She is able to recognize the abilities of every member of the team thus bringing out the best in them and ensuring the team succeeds.

Mercury in Taurus Woman Compatibility

1. Most Compatible: Mercury in Virgo

She is most compatible with the Mercury earth sign, Virgo man.

The Mercury in Virgo man is very intelligent and possesses great wit. He is able to judge someone’s character within the first five minutes of interacting with them and most of it always turns out to be the truth.

The Mercury in Taurus woman is drawn to his wit and his view of the world makes her mesmerized thus she craves to interact with him more.

While the man may seem a little bit shy before approaching her, the reality is that he is taking his time to study her since he would not like to make any mistakes out of ignorance.

Once the man is convinced that she is good enough and suits her, he approaches her, and instead of focusing on complimenting her brain, he compliments her thinking.

This leaves the Mercury in Taurus woman dazzled and creating fairy tales in her brain. Once in a relationship, they are able to commit to each other and they work hard to ensure the union lasts for none of them enjoys short-term commitment and especially in love.

2. Least Compatible: Mercury in Aquarius

The man born under Mercury in Aquarius is least compatible with the Mercury in Taurus woman because of the possibility of numerous conflicts in their relationship.

They are less likely to respect each other and respect their opinions.

If they get into a relationship, there may be cases such as this:

The woman may come up with a good idea and share it with the man who may feel that perhaps there would be better ways of doing things. Things may heat up as the woman may feel as if her idea is being rejected because the man is threatened and the man may feel insecure. With both of them being poor in communication, they may evoke bitter feelings making the relationship go south.


In conclusion, the Mercury in Taurus woman is marked by her wisdom and focus. If she is able to use her stubborn nature to her advantage as opposed to the negative thighs, then she will be in a position to open plenty of doors and windows of opportunities thus making her future bright.