10 Traits of Mars in an Aries Man

10 Traits of Mars in an Aries Man

The planet Mars represents masculine energy in astrology. It reflects your deepest desires and passions, as well as your aggression, energy, action, and sexuality. It also affects the way you handle strong emotions like anger and vexation. Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by Mars, which gives it a competitive, ambitious, and aggressive personality.

Astrologers often use the Sun signsor the Zodiac signs to determine basic information about a person’s core characteristics, and preferences.Your sun sign is based on the sun’s position at the date and time of your birth, andcan also give you hints about your romantic and interpersonal relationships. It can also point outyour innate gifts and possible weaknesses.

However, these Zodiac signs cannot give you a full picture of your celestial profile unless they are studied together with other astrological elements. One of these is the position of the planets during your birth, which astrologers say has an influence on the different aspects of your personality.

According to astrologers, each planet has its own characteristics which can affect the different signs of the Zodiac depending on the planet’s position. While the planets do have an effect onall the Zodiac signs, each planet rules overonly one particular Zodiac and has the strongest influence over that sign.

Mars and Aries in Astrology

Mars is known as the fiery,red-hot planet not only physically but also in terms of its characteristics. In astrology, it represents your primal instincts which include your passion, desire, aggression, ambition, courage, and determination. At the same time, it also can also affect your behavior when you are angry or get infuriated.

Since it moves only about half a degree each day while in orbit, Mars spends a total of 2 months in each sign before going into retrograde after 26 months. It rules over Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, which is also known for its passionate, confident, motivated, and relentless nature.

10 Mars Traits in Aries

Because it is the ruling planet of Aries, Mars has a very strong influence on people who were born under this sign.Here are common traits of Mars that you may observe in an Aries man:

1. Temperamental

The Aries man displays both the passion and the aggressiontypical of people who are under the influence of Mars. As a result, he has a quick temper which often leads to explosive outbursts. Fortunately, these displays of anger do not last long, and he would usually go back to his cheerfuland playful self after a while.

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2. Direct and Unreserved

With the masculine energy of Mars, the Aries man hasa straightforward nature that does not like complications and exhaustive details. Thus, hewould often go for the quick and direct approach in the way he handles his matters, including conversations and relationships. The Aries man would rather be frank and outspoken rather than wasting time going around in circles.

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3. Highly Competitive

To the Aries man, being number one is extremely important. After all, Aries is already the first sign in the Zodiac. Influenced by the aggressive nature of Mars, the Aries man loves facing off with quality competitors while high-pressure situations bring out his best self.This is why you will constantly see him in a car race, a sports field, or a martial arts arena. Fittingly symbolized by the head of a ram, the typical Aries man will barrel his way through a challenge until he comes out as the winner.

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4. Impulsive

Driven bythe fearless, go-getter character of Mars, Aries tends to dive head first into situations without ample preparation. Fueled by blind optimism, he would bravely wander in an unfamiliar territory, which often gets him in trouble. However, he has the ability to turn things around while picking up valuable lessons along the way.His impulsive nature and zest for lifealso makes him sparkle in his own unique way.

5. Determined

Because of his competitive nature, the Aries man remains steadfast in the face of adversity. The passionate nature of Mars strongly influences him in this area, which makes him continue to forge ahead tenaciously even when the going gets tough. He is skilled enough to get things doneand end up surprising critics with his accomplishments.

6. Ambitious

Compromise is not in the vocabulary of an Aries man because he has his sights set high. He has big goals and ambitions, which he will not easily let go of in exchange for comfort or convenience. With the go-getter energy of Mars, the Aries always puts his plans into action as he continuously strives for bigger and better things while moving forward in life.


Considering the ambitious nature of Mars, it is no wonder that the Aries man enjoys being in a position of authority. He will often voluntarily take charge when he finds himselfin challenging situations. However, this is not always well received,as some people may feel offended from his commanding attitude and will deliberately refuse to follow his lead.

8. Independent

Influenced by the aggressive and action-driven character of Mars, the Aries man likes to take matters into his own hands. He is independent and does not like to wait for other people before making a move.While he can work well with a team, he can also work on projects by himself if this can help him finish faster.

9. Confident

What enables the Aries man to continue pushing forward despite opposition is his personal conviction. With absolute confidence in his skills and decisions, he won’t let anything stand in his way. However, this can sometimes be a challenge when he has to work in a group settingbecause he can come off as a perfectionist who will not listen to other people’s recommendations.

10. Innovative

Under the passionate, determined, and ambitious influence of Mars, the Aries man has a talent for putting innovative ideas to work. The roadblocks that he faces as he fights for his goals only motivate him to look for more creative solutions to his problems. 


With Mars as its ruling planet, Aries strongly embodies its fiery, passionate, ambitious, and aggressive nature. Since the Aries man he prefers to deal with things in a direct and straightforward manner, he can sometimes come off as snobbish or offensive. But if he can keep this brash side under control, he has the potential to achieve great things with his strong determination, ambition, and passion.

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