Mercury in Aquarius Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Mercury in Aquarius Woman

An epitome of power is the Mercury in Aquarius woman and she leads her life with grace and fearlessness that makes her stand out.

Mercury in Aquarius Woman Personality

The woman born with her Mercury in Aquarius is a blend of certain strengths and weaknesses that define her. They are depicted as shown below;

Mercury in Aquarius Woman Strengths

1. She’s strong and influential

While most women seek protection and they lead their lives under the protection of men, the woman born with her Mercury in Aquarius is different as she exhibits strength.

She is a warrior who is not afraid of what might happen if she walks along a certain path.

It is difficult to break her down because she has built a wall around her heart that ensures that she fights whatever is thrown at her. No matter the challenges that life throws at her, she will always conquer.

She has a natural ability to bounce back whenever she falls without waiting for someone to stretch out their hands to her. She believes in and practices the saying “turning lemons into lemonade.”

Due to her strength, most people look up to her with admiration and they desire to follow her path. Based on this reason, she can command a following thus she is highly influential.

2. She’s logical and aggressive

The Mercury in Aquarius woman is very logical in the sense that she looks at the practical aspect of life.

Facts are more important to her than guesswork thus she will use data and evidence to enhance her decision-making.

She tends to pay attention even to the minute decisions that most people overlook and this enables her to identify important details. Do not think of confusing her with words because she not only listens to what you have to say but takes note of the tone that you use.

In matters of what she wants in life, she is very aggressive as she chases her dreams. She knows what she wants and for this reason, she will not allow anybody to come in between her and her goals.

Once she sets her eyes on something, she does not divert her attention. She becomes like a lion spotting and chasing a certain animal until she gets to it.

Mercury in Aquarius Woman Weaknesses

1. She’s arrogant to the core

The Mercury in Aquarius woman has a high sense of self-worth but she does not know where the limits are.

She crosses the line and acts as though she is superior to the others.

She tends to look down upon others and treat them as though they are far less important than she is. When they voice out their opinions, she quickly dismisses them even without giving them a single chance.

In the workplace, she opts to take up a job where she is in charge as it elevates her status and massages her ego.

As a superior, she rarely gives her subordinates a chance to speak because she assumes she is always right. It is either her way or the highway!

When someone attempts to correct her, she is quick to dismiss them because she cannot accept that she is wrong. Well, maybe she needs to be more friendly to others and acknowledge them.

2. She’s insensitive

The Mercury in Aquarius woman does not put herself in the shoes of other people and understand how they feel.

She is constantly making fun of others and making them feel inferior.

When someone is speaking, she is quick to interrupt them without giving a thought to how they will feel. Her interruption makes other people shy away from participating in a discussion where she is present because she makes it look as if she has a more important point than them.

If she has a meeting with someone, she will take all her time and appear very late without a valid reason. To make the situation worse, she will not make an apology or even make it look as though she is in the wrong.

Her insensitivity makes it difficult for her to establish meaningful relationships with other people. They do not want her negative energy around them or someone who makes them question their worth.

Mercury in Aquarius Woman Ideal Careers

1. Information Technology Expert

The Mercury in Aquarius woman is best suited for a career in Information Technology since she is very smart and intelligent.

Her logical approach to life enables her to constantly be on the quest for solving problems which is the foundation of a career in information technology.

The nature of this career demands that she will interact with computers more as opposed to human beings. This best suits her personality because she is very arrogant to other people and cares less about their feelings.

Due to her insensitivity to other people and the fact that she fails to peacefully coexist with them, working with machines will help her identify the importance of people.

The more she spends time with machines and far away from people, the more she understands that everybody is different and unique and thus she ought to be more sensitive and understanding. 

2. Security Officer

The Security industry may seem male-dominated yet the Mercury in Aquarius woman is best suited for a job as a security officer.

Her strength makes her stand out from others since she cannot be intimidated so easily.

Due to her aggressive nature, she will waste no time in creating a name for herself in the industry. She does not wait for instructions or rag around before making decisions which is a characteristic critical for this job.

This career requires someone who thinks critically and can make sane decisions. The fact that she is not driven by emotions allows her to make decisions that are valid and reasonable.

She happens to adapt to changes very fast which helps her gain a high edge in this career. Assuming that there was a sudden invasion in a certain area, it requires people who can think and act very fast so that the damages and casualties may be minimized.

Mercury in Aquarius Woman Compatibility

1. Most Compatible: Mercury in Libra

The Mercury in Aquarius woman is most compatible with the man who has his Mercury in Libra.

The positioning of their mercury in these air signs makes it easier for them to establish a connection.

The woman is attracted to the man because he is charming and easily draws all attention to himself whenever he walks in somewhere. He is friendly and easy-going thus people will not find it hard to approach him.

However, he will take too much time to make decisions because he needs to evaluate the options at hand and come up with a valid and logical decision.

The man on the other hand finds it attractive that she is a strong woman who is not defined by her gender. He cannot seem to stop being amazed by the fact that she is a go-getter who will stop at nothing less than what she wants and deserves.

2. Least Compatible: Mercury in Aries

The Mercury in Aquarius woman is least compatible with the Man with his Mercury in Aries.

She is the air that hovers around without being seen while he is the fire that consumes everything is encounters.

The man is impatient and the woman is insensitive and arrogant which means that if they get into a relationship, they will know no peace unless they are both willing to change.

On matters of intimacy, the man desires a woman who is so deep into romance, and for this reason, he will find her to be boring.


In conclusion, the Mercury in Aquarius woman is a strong leader in the making who ought to work on her self-esteem and learn to appreciate the people around her.