Dream of Putting out a Fire: Symbolic Meanings

Dreaming about putting out a fire often signifies that you have overcome something challenging in your life and you are succeeding.

It may also indicate that something negative has been removed from your life, or that you have come out the other side of a bad time.

Understanding what fire represents in your dreams can help you recognize what’s going on in your life and what thoughts are weighing on your subconscious.

Dream interpretation is subjective, unscientific, and highly personal. The below information is some possible symbolic interpretations people have had – but there’s no evidence that your dream determines your future and no one can say exactly what the dream means. The ultimate interpretation is up to you!

Dream of Putting out a Fire meaning

How Fires Represent Overcoming A Challenge

If you have recently been facing up to something difficult that has been weighing heavily on your mind, you might start dreaming of putting out a fire.

If you have this dream a lot, it potentially indicates that your subconscious is focusing on this difficulty and on ways to deal with it.

It makes sense that fire can represent such issues; many people are afraid of fires and see them as overwhelming, uncontrollable, and dangerous.

Fires can burn and destroy almost anything, and in some ways, they are the ultimate powerful force, so your brain may use them to represent major challenges in your life.

That means that when you face up to a problem, you might feel as though you are facing up to something as dangerous and wild as a fire.

However, if you are putting the fire out in your dream, rather than running from it or being trapped by it, there’s a chance that this signifies you are managing to overcome the obstacle.

It may also signify that you are confident you can overcome it, and you may take this as a positive sign for the future.

Pay Attention to What Is On Fire

In some cases, it’s worth noticing specifically what has caught on fire in your dream.

If your home has caught on fire, this might signify that you are grappling with fears surrounding your security there, perhaps because of debt or because of home intrusions. Many people genuinely fear their houses burning down, which could feed into this sort of dream.

Alternatively, if some of your possessions are on fire, this might indicate that you feel something material in your life is being threatened. Putting the fire out can indicate that you are defending this and successfully dealing with the threat.

Fires in the natural world could link to fears about global warming, concerns about your local environment, or something similar.

Forest fires are major catastrophes and this may feed into your subconscious. As long as you are putting the fire out, this possibly indicates that you are in control and you feel positive about the situation.

If you think the fire is linked to fears about the environment, you might want to consider taking practical action in your everyday life. Getting involved with a tree planting project, cutting back on the amount of fuel you use, or making efforts to recycle more could all help to reduce these dreams.

Think About How the Fire Behaves

Some people dream that they are putting out a fire but the fire is continually progressing away from them.

No matter how hard they try to catch up to it, the fire gets further and further from them, and although they are successful in putting out the parts they can reach, the rest keeps spreading.

If you have experienced this in your dreams, it might indicate that you are dealing with problems that keep escalating. You are addressing them and mitigating their impact, but you don’t have much sense of progress, and the fire keeps spreading no matter what you do.

However, if you persevere with the real life problems, you may find that these dreams fade. Eventually, you should triumph over the issues that are triggering the dreams, and then you may succeed in putting all of the fire out.

You Are Confident About Your Control

Sometimes, dreaming about putting out a fire doesn’t represent a narrow aspect of your life, where you have solved one problem. Instead, this dream indicates that you are confident about your ability to deal with problems as a whole.

This suggests that whenever you are faced with a problem (a fire), you believe that you will be able to overcome it (put it out). Such confidence may stem from experience, or from building yourself up and telling yourself that you can do it.

In such cases, you should be aware that you foresee problems, but you believe that you have the ability to overcome them. This is a good mental state to be in, so it’s worth being aware of it.

Think About How the Fire Behaves

Paying attention to how the fire behaves can also give you insight into your subconscious.

Remember that the fire is often seen as representative of a problem, so if you’re seeing the fire as very aggressive and dangerous, this may indicate that the problem is potentially overwhelming, or at least challenging.

In other cases, the fire might be a little calmer and less wild, and this also gives you information about how you view the problem. Minor problems will often be represented by small fires that burn more quietly, and show less aggression.

Exploring how the fire behaves may make it easier to determine what parts of your life and what issues it might represent. This can help you to work out what exactly is prompting the fire dreams and what you might need to pay more attention to.


On the whole, dreaming about putting out a fire is generally interpreted as a good thing and it signifies a sense of control and strength against adversity. If you regularly dream about putting out fires, this indicates that you feel strong and empowered, capable of dealing with the challenges that you face in life. However, it is still worth identifying what difficulties might be triggering these dreams and whether you can do more to give yourself peace about the issues, or whether you are happy with the way you are addressing them.