White Candle Meaning: 4 Times to Burn Them

White candles are closely associated with peace, serenity, new beginnings, creativity, loyalty, healing, purity, chastity, joy, and inclusive love. They are said to have a calming effect, making them ideal for when you feel anxious, scared, or agitated. These candles also represent truth, clarity, and enlightenment.

White candles reflect the essence of their shade, which often stands for cleanliness and purity. These candles will remind you of bright and open spaces which can inspire creativity and trigger the imagination.

Aside from this, the shade of white represents the love between family members, so white candles can also be used to strengthen family ties, promote intimacy, and develop better relationships among relatives.

White Candle Meaning

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White Candles in Spirituality, Astrology, and Magic

The moon is the astrological body with the strongest connection to white candles, and this is why these candles are most effective when used on a Monday.

Among the Zodiac signs, Cancer has the closest association with white candles because they both stand for intuition and loyalty.

White is a neutral shade; thus, white candles can replace any candle color when used in spiritual activities.

It is also the shade of ceremonial magic, which means that it is supposed to be always present in any ceremony and ritual in the mystical realm.

Despite being an all-around item for ceremonies, these candles are said to be most effective with spells that request for healing or ones that ask for blessing and protection. They can be used to encourage peace, promote serenity, or invoke purification.

Candles in white shade are said to be able to invoke the power of the moon to tap one’s highest level of consciousness.

Aside from lighting up white candles on a Monday, another way to maximize their effect is to place them in the part of the room or the house that faces the west direction. This is because this direction has the strongest affinity to metal, which in turn is related to the color white.

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Meaning of White Candles in Dreams

When white candles appear in your dreams, it could hint at your own personal and spiritual improvement. If you have been seeking enlightenment or asking for spiritual guidance, this dream may signify your growth in this area.

On the other hand, if you are going through a rough patch in your life, the appearance of a white candle in your dream could refer to a need to find balance or start anew.

Seeing white candles in your dream could be a positive omen as it may indicate that good things are about to come. It could also mean that you are feeling peaceful and that everything in your life is going according to your plan.

Another possibility is that you are worried about someone in your family and are thinking of ways to reach out to restore harmony in the relationship.

Because the color white is associated with truth, clarity, and enlightenment while candles indicate light and guidance, the appearance of a white candle in your dream could be a sign that you need to seek answers for things troubling you.

Some people close to you may be hiding an important secret or are withholding important information, possibly for your well-being. Regardless of the reason, this has started bothering you, and your subconscious pushes you to follow the clues and uncover the truth.

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Spiritual Uses of White Candles

White candles can be used for practically any spiritual or mystical purpose because of their neutral color.

However, certain intentions are more effective with white candles when used properly and with the right timing. Here is a list of the most compatible spiritual intentions for white candles:

1. To Cleanse The Mind And Spirit

White candles are ideal for rites of passage such as birth and marriage or any purification ritual whenever you feel unclean in your mind and spirit.

It represents innocence and everything good in the world, which is why it can be used to help get rid of negative influences on an individual and his immediate surroundings. The color white also stands for virtue and morality, making white candles a perfect medium for purification.

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2. To Request For Healing And Protection

If you need spiritual healing and protection, light a white candle in your room for a few consecutive days. Because white is a combination of all colors in the spectrum, it is believed to hold the power of all the colors.

However, one of its strongest effects is said to be in the area of protection. White candles are believed to be able to connect you with your guardian angel or spirit guide, who you can in turn ask to protect you from evil beings and negative energy that might harm or threaten your spiritual well-being.

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3. To Ask For Spiritual Guidance Or Enlightenment

When you feel lost, confused, or unsure, white candles may be able to provide enlightenment and lead you in the right direction.

White signifies the divine, which is why these candles can light up the way for you when you need spiritual guidance.

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4. To Call For Hope And Balance

White candles can also soothe your mind when you are feeling anxious or are getting overwhelmed by negative thoughts.

They have a calming effect and will help restore harmony to your troubled mind. These candles can instead attract positive energy to help you achieve a more balanced perspective.

When you begin to feel desperate about your circumstances, a white candle might be able to bring back hope and help you continue to fight for a better future.

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What Do White Candles Symbolize?

White candles symbolize hope, new beginnings, purification, peace, and harmony. They also represent divinity, morality, and higher consciousness, making them the ideal choice for religious practices or to express your religious beliefs.

The shade of white stands for purity and morality, which is why white candles are often used for prayers and other religious rituals. They are also related to spiritual cleansing, purification, and protection because they can drive out any harmful negative energy.

White is a symbol of divine powers, and candles in this shade represent this as well. Thus, many religious rituals often involve the use of these candles.

A white candle would often be seen in the middle in the traditional Christmas wreath. This represents the joy and purity of the season and is symbolic of the birth of Christ, the spiritual leader of the Christian religion.

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White candles take on their shade’s power, representing peace, virtue, and purity. It is the shade most often associated with divine entities, which is why you would often see white candles used in religious rituals. The light from a white candle is said to have the ability to provide spiritual guidance and enlightenment when you are feeling lost or confused, as well as give you hope when you find yourself in a desperate situation. Because white is a neutral shade and is the sum of all shades combined, white candles can be used to replace other candle colors in practically any spiritual or mystical activity.

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