Grey Candle Meaning: 5 Spiritual Uses

Grey candles are effective for intentions that aim to achieve stability and balance. They are also believed to block negative energy, provide spiritual protection, and enhance psychic abilities.

Grey is a color that represents objectivity, impartiality, protection, cleansing, and maturity.

When meditating, it is ideal to use grey candles to help you concentrate because they are believed to be able to clear your mind of distractions or disturbing thoughts.

Just like charcoal is supposedly effective at driving out impurities from the body, grey candles are also used by some people to purge unclean influences from your surroundings.

These candles are also sometimes used by people who need to make a critical decision because they are said to clarify your thoughts. They may also help simplify complex ideas that are hindering your decision-making process.

Grey Candle Meaning

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What Do Grey Candles Symbolize?

Grey candles represent harmony, balance, stability, wisdom, maturity, and spirituality. They can also stand for indecisiveness and confusion, but at the same time, it is also possible for grey candles to symbolize mental clarity, discernment, and sharpness of vision.

As the color that stands between white and black, two opposing shades, grey signifies a neutral space where everything is of equal value.

In this way, grey candles represent the balance between life and death or between yin and yang. Aside from this, they can indicate either impartiality when you refuse to take one side over another or indecisiveness since you find it difficult to make a firm stand.

On the other hand, grey candles could also symbolize the wisdom and maturity that comes with age because they bring to mind the time when a person’s hair changes color as he grows older. Thus, these candles stand for knowledge, critical thinking, and insight as well.

Spiritual Uses of Grey Candles

As the candle color of goddesses and deities, grey candles are used in almost all spiritual activities.

However, certain intentions are more effective with the use of grey candles. Here are some examples:

1. To Improve Concentration

Grey candles are said to help clear the mind and drive out elements that may cause confusion or distraction.

Thus, they are useful for activities requiring immense concentration, such as studying, meditation, or strategic planning.

For the same reason, grey candles can also help enhance psychic abilities and are suitable for activities that involve the mystical realm.

2. To Gain Discernment And Wisdom

When you find yourself having a hard time making a decision or coming to a conclusion about something that you have been investigating, light up a grey candle in your room as you sort out your thoughts.

The warmth and essence from the burning candle may help you figure out some details that may have initially escaped your notice.

3. To Achieve Inner Harmony And Balance

During those times when you are feeling agitated, confused, anxious, or restless, grey candles can help you regulate these tumultuous emotions.

Grey is a neutral color that is very effective at stabilizing chaos, which is why grey candles are said to be perfect for these situations.

4. To Find Something That Was Lost

Grey candles can point you in the right direction if you hard time looking for an object, person, or place, grey  may be some clues that you have overlooked or critical details that you have missed while you were busy with your search. These candles can also be used to look for something outside the physical world, such as a lost spirit or the wandering soul of a loved one.

5. To Resolve Conflict

As a neutral color, grey has the power to counteract negative energy. Grey candles also have this effect, which can be useful when you have disagreements with someone close to you, such as your friend, colleague, or family member. 

Grey Candles in Astrology and Magic

It is common to see a grey candle being used in magical rituals because it represents goddesses and serves as a link to the astral realm.

1. Grey Candles and the Moon

Grey is the color of the moon, so people use grey candles to enhance psychic abilities and the power of spells.

These candles are also used for spells that invoke healing, rest, wisdom, discernment, divination, and protection.

As a neutral color, grey represents balance and impartiality. This is why grey candles are used to counteract negative energy. At the same time, they are said to provide spiritual and psychic protection so you won’t be affected by dark magic that may be directed at you.

Grey candles are also said to be great at bringing clarity even to muddled minds, which is why they are used for spells that aim for discernment or mystic activities that require clear vision, such as divination.

These candles are also used for establishing communication with spirits, strengthening enchantments, and finding lost things.

2. Grey Candles and Saturn

Aside from the moon, grey candles are also associated with the planet Saturn.

Thus, grey candles are regularly used on Monday and Saturday, which are the days associated with these two heavenly bodies.

When it comes to Zodiac signs, grey candles are related to Capricorn, Scorpio, and Libra. 

The Meaning of Grey Candles in Dreams

Since grey is a neutral color, the appearance of grey candles in your dreams could be a visualization of your role as an observer in life. This could also be an indication that you have been too overprotective of your feelings and that you have become too detached and unfeeling.

If you see grey candles while dreaming, this could be your subconscious warning you that you are becoming too aloof, which is not good for your well-being. Perhaps you like to keep a distance from people and don’t let yourself get involved too deeply in the events that occur around you for fear of getting hurt.

However, you cannot keep yourself isolated from the rest of the world. You need to step outside your bubble and experience the ups and downs of life like everybody else.

Another possibility is that you have been anxious or scared lately but cannot pinpoint the reason why. Your subconscious could be struggling to escape this suffocating feeling, and this may be why you are seeing grey candles in your dreams.

Finally, grey candles could be a sign of your emotional, spiritual, or intellectual growth because grey as a color symbolizes maturity. On the other hand, it could also mean that you are confused and undecided about a major decision or event in your life.


Grey candles can be quite contradicting because they represent wisdom and clarity of thought but can also stand for confusion and indecisiveness. This is because grey as a color is positioned in the middle of two opposing shades, which are black and white. On the upside, because of their neutral color, grey candles are useful in any magical or spiritual activity. However, they are particularly suited for spells that achieve balance, stability, and conflict resolution. Grey is also associated with the moon and Saturn, which is why these candles are most effective on Monday or Saturday.

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