Green Candle Meaning: 5 Times to Use Them

Green candles represent life, wealth, and prosperity. Candles of this shade have a close relationship with the environment, which means they can easily connect with the spirits of the earth and all plant life. Thus, they are said to be most effective in healing, prosperity, wealth, and victory spells.

Green shades are usually associated with nature, and as such, they have a strong affinity with life and living creatures. Because of this, candles of this shade are popularly used for spells and spiritual activities that promote survival, growth, and reproduction.

They also help stimulate creativity by giving you a spark of inspiration whenever you are running out of ideas. It is best to light up these green candles on a Friday and then place them in a corner facing southeast to let them showcase their full potential.

Green Candle Meaning

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What Do Green Candles Symbolize?

You can find the shade of green practically everywhere in nature. It is a part of the cycle of life. Thus, green candles symbolize renewal, growth, and fertility as well. In the same vein, candles with this shade are closely related to wealth, good fortune, blessings, and abundance.

Taking their color from nature, these candles also carry a spiritual link to the earth, particularly all plant life. This is why they can help you get in touch with the energies of the earth, which will give you strength, hope, and positive vibes.

At the same time, these candles symbolize life, reproduction, and growth. Thus, green candles are useful if you are trying to conceive or are looking for material wealth. They can also help you go through the process of renewal when you find yourself stuck in a rut or unable to move forward in your life.

Aside from these, the color green, as well as nature itself, represents healing. This includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery from the battle scars you have acquired after dealing with life everyday. Thus, lighting a green candle represents an acceptance of the past along with a willingness to step into the future with both arms wide open.

Spiritual Uses of Green Candles

Green candles are used for different purposes when included in spells and spiritual activities. Here is a list of their uses:

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1. To Usher in Wealth and Success

Light a candle with a shade of green when you are faced with financial difficulties, have to deal with business challenges or are currently losing money.

This may help improve your situation and turn your financial problems into successful ventures. It is also a good idea to burn the candle before you head out to accomplish something.

Some examples are when you are going for a job interview, about to take an exam, or are in line for a promotion.

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2. To Promote Healing

Nature represents an endless cycle of growth and recovery. This cycle is represented by the constantly changing seasons when flowers bloom after enduring cold winter months.

You could also see this in the sprouting and proliferation of plants after a drought.

Candles in the shade of green carry this energy from nature which can bolster the effects of prayers or meditation aimed at healing.

3. To Attract Good Fortune

Candles with green colors work well with spells that aim to bring in good fortune. Light a green candle when you want to attract positive energy or would like to request for abundance and prosperity.

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4. To Ask for a Fresh Start

Nature evokes youthfulness, new life, and new beginnings. Likewise, the color green has a similar effect: green candles make you feel younger, revitalized, and refreshed.

This effect applies not only to your physical health but also your mental and emotional state. Thus, if you are feeling stuck, in need of fresh ideas, or are looking forward to starting a clean slate, green candles are the way to go.

5. To Promote Relaxation

Light up a green candle whenever you are tired or stressed, and feel the revitalizing energy of the green candle wash over you.

Green candles are also recommended for those times when you are emotionally struggling, such as when handling unstable relationships, dealing with bouts of jealousy, or feeling overwhelmed by your surroundings.

Green Candles in Astrology and Black Magic

Taurus, an earth sign, is the Zodiac with a strong affinity with green candles. However, they are compatible with the air sign Gemini and the water sign Cancer. Green candles are best used in spells that aim to attract riches, success, good fortune, and personal development.

The right shade of green must be selected if you are going to use these candles for a spell. Those with dark green colors are ideal when trying to usher in financial success or when you want to get in touch with the spirits of the earth. On the other hand, candles with lighter shades of green are more suitable when intending to usher in harmony and peace of mind.

If you intend to include green candles when casting a spell, burn them for seven consecutive days to get the best results. It is recommended to use the candles in sets of three, which means you need to either burn three candles for every spell you cast or repeat the chant thrice.

Meaning of Green Candles in Dreams

Because of their strong association with nature, life, healing, and prosperity, the appearance of green candles in your dreams could signify your craving for a positive influence or experience.

This desire can be financial growth, physical health, or spiritual wellness. However, on the flip side, candles that appear in the shade of green can also hint at feelings of jealousy, guilt, or anxiety.

One of the more common reasons green candles would appear in your dreams is when you are feeling an internal desire for healing or growth, most probably due to some emotional or spiritual recovery.

It is possible that there are issues that you find challenging to solve, or you are still unable to move on from a trauma that you experienced before, and your mind is telling you to take some time off and face the problem head-on.

Another possibility is that you are trying to hide your insecurities or guilty feelings. These suppressed emotions will rise to the surface in the form of dreams when you are most relaxed, and your defenses are down while sleeping.


Candles inspired by the color of nature carry with them the revitalizing and refreshing power of plants and the earth in general. This is why green candles are useful for spells that aim for new beginnings or ones that are trying to attract harmony in the middle of chaos. Green candles can also usher in wealth and prosperity, promote healing, and invite good fortune.